Reviews and results of the Maggi diet

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There are many reviews of the Maggi diet on the Internet. There are even separate forums that are completely devoted to this method of nutrition. In people, the diet Maggi called “minus 25 kg per month.” And the name of the diet was not without reason, because there are real people who have achieved such stunning indicators for a month. Of course, from the abundance of eggs eaten for 28 days, you can “cram”, joke many losing weight, but the result is worth it. Be that as it may, the reviews can be found in a variety of ways, both positive and negative.

All methods of weight loss, which involve a violation of the ratio of “fat-protein-carbohydrates,” cause dietitians disapproval. Artificially created imbalances can adversely affect health. Diet Maggi involves eating large amounts of protein and a very small amount of fat. Therefore, doctors are in no hurry to recommend this method of losing weight to their patients.

Doctor-endocrinologist Valery Voloshin: “Maggi’s diet is not balanced. The foods that people eat can not completely cover up the damage that it does to the body. Moreover, it takes us quite a long time to limit ourselves – for four weeks.

I always have a desire to diversify the menu with cereals, reduce the number of eggs consumed in food. In its pure form, the Maggi diet is not healthy. The stronger a person grows, the more he harms his own health. Weight should go away slowly, without causing a malfunction in the metabolism. Only in this way will we be able to maintain our own health. ”

The doctor-nutritionist Elena Mironenko:“In order to understand whether a particular diet is suitable for a particular person, one must listen to one’s own organism. If there is a disturbance of health, dizziness and other symptoms of malaise, the diet should be discontinued. You need to lose weight properly, without disturbing the harmony in which there is an organism. In the case when the state of health does not deteriorate, then you can bring the diet to its logical conclusion. However, one must remember the sense of proportion. ”

Positive feedback on the Maggi diet

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Writes Catherine, 25 years. Expressed obesity I never had, but here with the growth of 162 cm, I weighed almost 70 kg. It always seemed to me a real problem, because of which I could not even build relationships with the guys normally. So I decided to lose weight with the help of the Maggi diet. I stopped on the curdled version, because I do not like eggs very much.

At first it was rather difficult without fat and sweet. I admit, in the morning I ate a few slices of chocolate tiles. Maybe it’s not quite right, but the chocolate allowed me not to break. Cottage cheese occasionally, I also replaced meat, but only boiled. Among other things, I was engaged in exercises for D. Michaels and drank a lot of water with the addition of lemon juice and mint, as well as clean water. In just 14 days I managed to get rid of 6 kg of excess weight, which I was very satisfied with. I decided to continue to lose weight, after another 14 days plummet was 4 kg. In total, I lost 10 kg, the result is very satisfied.

The doctor-nutritionist comments: Drinking water with lemon and mint, as well as ordinary water – is the right decision. Thus, Catherine accelerated her own metabolism, which helped to lose weight faster. Nevertheless, serious mistakes were made. So, during a diet you can not eat chocolate. If the feeling of hunger persists on an ongoing basis, then it is best to replace sweets with fruit. It is much more useful and does not lead to the formation of cellulite.

Separately, I will speak about the program of D. Michaels: it is too complicated to perform it during the Maggi diet. It is best to give preference to less intense physical exertion.

Natalia writes, 41 year: I wanted to lose weight before the wedding of my eldest son. I love cottage cheese, so I decided to stay on the curdled diet Maggi. Four weeks passed very quickly and easily for me. At this time I was just on vacation. I did not do special exercises, but I had to clean the apartment and go shopping. Drank enough water, because it is necessary when eating a lot of protein foods. As a result, for a month has dropped 7 kg. My initial weight was 68 kg. At the waist left 7 cm and the same in the hips. For me, this is a very good result.

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The doctor-nutritionist comments: During the shopping trip and during the classroom, household chores managed to burn part of the kilocalories, so this physical activity can not be discounted. The right decision from Natalia was to drink a lot of water. It allows you to excrete excess uric acid from the body, which is produced by the breakdown of protein products. Especially since for people older than 40 years this is quite an actual problem.

The plumb line is small, although for Natalia’s initial weight this is an excellent result. After all, on the eve of menopause, metabolism always becomes slower.

Writes Alain, 33 year: I wanted to try the Maggi diet, since I could not solve the problem of excess weight with the help of proper nutrition. The mark on the scales stopped at the digit 63 kg.

I brought the diet to its logical conclusion, although several times I broke down and consumed sweets, as well as crackers and chocolate. To prevent these harmful products from being deposited in fat stores, they visited the gym. For 4 weeks it was possible to reset 8 kg, and 5 cm left from the waist and on 8 cm became less than the hip. I want to say that the diet was given to me hard, and sometimes there were dizziness.

The doctor-nutritionist comments: The result is pretty good. Failures would not occur if Alena refused intensive training in the gym. During classes, much energy is expended, so the body required to fill it with food.

Writes Anastasia: I adhered to the egg and curd diets, each of them lasted 4 weeks. During the egg diet, I managed to lose 15 kg of excess weight (the initial mass of the body was 97 kg), after the diet was completed, I continued to lose weight and for 6 months I got rid of 12 kg.

Although the diet is strict, it is not hungry. Then I decided to try the cheese diet of Maggie, I got fed up with the eggs. For 1,5 weeks left 5 kg!

Cottage cheese diet is simply gorgeous, every day I ate delicious and healthy cottage cheese and fruit. In addition, meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and eggs can be eaten.

From myself I want to give some advice:

If the usual curd with a low percentage of fat content is slightly dry, then the Valio cheese cheese is very delicate. I advise you to use it.

In order to avoid constipation every morning, drink an empty stomach of 100 ml of mineral water, and after half an hour to have breakfast. Problems with the chair just will not be.

If you do not like boiled vegetables, you can put them out together with seasonings, with garlic and leek. It turns out very tasty. Only add oil should not be.

Disadvantages of the diet, I did not find, and as for the merits, they are the following: the menu is quite diverse, the effect lasts for a long time, the weight leaves quickly.

Ekaterina writes: I sustained the diet completely, although during the first two weeks I was waiting for the third to diversify my menu. On Thursdays and Fridays I ate fish or meat, which was a real holiday for me.

At first the weight left very slowly, practically stood still, and then I even collected 0,5 kg. I was very upset, but I did not give up the diet.

Now there is 4 a week of diet, weighing already 49 kg. Of course, the result is very good, but I will bring my diet to the end. After all, I even 2 birthday celebrated during the hunger strike and did not break. Moreover, at 4 week you can eat fruits, meat, and vegetables. It is best to lose weight in the season, so as not to overpay for cucumbers and tomatoes. Moreover, at 4 week they need to eat a lot.

Writes Mila: I decided to put the figure in order before I left. For 4 weeks managed to part with 4 kg of excess weight. The diet was given me easily, it is very satisfying. However, there are so many eggs I’m still not used to, and I do not really like grapefruit. Another problem is the lack of the ability to add milk to coffee. But the result is very persistent, already for six months the weight keeps in the borders that I need. Although recently the arrow on the scales has crawled up, began to abuse sweet.

Irina writes: I started to lose weight with Maggie’s egg diet, but my right side got ill. Has gone on reception to the doctor and to me have diagnosed an inflammation of a cholic bubble. Therefore, the eggs had to be abandoned. I switched to a cheese version of the diet.

Asel writes: For 4 weeks I managed to get rid of 10 kg of excess weight. The result is very persistent and lasts for a year. There are no problems with digestion.

Olga writes: I have been “friends” with Maggi’s diet for two years. Weight goes away very quickly and back lost pounds do not return. I managed to reset 15 kg, which for me is just a great result. Earlier I hated diet, but Maggie came up perfectly.

Christina writes: During the Maggi diet, I’m really looking forward to the stage when you can eat tuna. Although the rest of the time I like to eat fruits, cottage cheese, meat. Thanks to the diet of Maggie, I managed not only to lose weight, but also to tidy my skin. I just looked younger at 5 for sure.

Anna writes: For me, the most difficult was 4 week, when you can not eat more than the norm. At this time, I wanted very much. But when I saw my result, I was very surprised. It turns out that for 4 weeks I managed to lose weight by 15 kg! It just shocked me, I did not expect such an excellent result.

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Negative reviews about the Maggi diet

Alina writes: The Maggi diet for me is definitely on the blacklist! I used to stick to a protein diet that perfectly solved all my problems. However, already on 10 days from the start of the Maggi diet, I fainted right at work. I managed to lose just 2,3 kg during this time. But on the exterior it is not positively affected.

The doctor-nutritionist comments: Most likely, the reason for the loss of consciousness is a lack of carbohydrates. Active work requires you to abandon the Maggi diet, or always have a bag of juice with you to eliminate dizziness. As for the visual effect, it is invisible due to the fact that at the initial stage of the Maggi diet, only excess fluid is removed from the body.

Vladlena writes: I stuck to Maggie’s egg diet for only a week. Already on 4 day strong pains in a stomach have begun – the gastritis has become aggravated! Therefore I had to switch to kefir and porridge. If you have stomach problems, do not waste time and do not sit on this diet. In addition, oranges provoked an allergy. For a week I managed to lose just 2 kg, which went off in the first 3 days, and then the weight rose.

Natalia writes: I could not keep on dieting longer than 14 days, the beginning of just getting sick of eggs. Those who have liver diseases should not stick to this diet, it will only get worse. I will not lose weight anymore with the help of diets!

Xenia writes: I could not stand the diet of Maggie, because for me it was too strict: you can not even deviate from the rules a little. Longer than 14 days, I could not stand it, and then I fell off. I’d rather starve a week, but not longer.

Writes Antonina: Although everyone calls the Maggie diet a satisfying, I always wanted to eat. And throughout all 4 weeks! Has sustained a diet somehow, has dumped 9 kg. More so my body will not test.

Diana writes: I’ve always been against any diets, but I still decided to try it. Honestly endured all 4 weeks, did not violate any regulations. In the end, we managed to lose only 3 kg! And, most likely, it is a merit of not a diet, but of my intensive training in the gym.

1 and 2 a week were easy for me, I did not feel hungry. However, the same applies to the third week. However, the euphoria passed, weight practically did not move. / p>

At 4 week, I have not lost a single kilogram, which is the most offensive. But there is also not particularly like. I can safely call a diet useless. If you do unloading days 1-2 times a week, you can lose a lot more. I can safely say – I wasted my time.

The Maggi diet is one of the varieties of the egg diet. It refers to protein low-carbohydrate diets. The popularity of this system of losing weight brought a departure from the constant counting of calories and starvation, present in almost all other diets. In addition to the fact that for four weeks of compliance with the diet of Maggie can.

The classic diet of Maggi is based on the use of a significant amount of protein food, namely, chicken eggs. However, vegetarians can not eat eggs, in addition, they can not be eaten by people with high cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, nutritionists offer an alternative method of weight loss, which involves the replacement of eggs with curd.

The Maggi diet is a method of losing weight, based on eating eggs. The diet is called its developer. Losing weight occurs due to the start-up in the body of a number of biochemical processes that occur when you consume a significant amount of protein.

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