Rice Diet: Feedbacks

Not all nutrition programs are suitable for most women, as many of them are based on expensive products. But rice diet is an excellent alternative. Affordable and very effective.

Experts recommend such a diet especially for those who need to clean the body of toxins. Thanks to these properties, rice is an indispensable product on the way to losing weight and cleansing.

Why is a rice diet advised for weight loss? Reviews

This program has gained great popularity among the slimming. This is due to the valuable qualities of rice.

In particular, grains of cereals are capable of removing liquid and salts from the body. In this case, even in the midst of a diet, a person experiences satiety and energy.

Often such a diet program is prescribed in detox-projects, when the slimming ones work more to cleanse their body, rather than reduce the body's volume. But, despite the goals, diet lovers get both.

Due to what cleansing occurs during the effective rice diet?

An important role is played by the method of preparation of cereals. After all, rice is an absorbing substance or a "magic recipe" for successful weight loss.

Before you cook a porridge from it, soak the rump in boiled water for 5 days. Every day water should be changed. During this period, part of the starch is washed out of rice.

One more important nuance!

During the diet should supplement the diet with potassium: products or a medical product. This must be done, because rice, along with toxins and toxins, also removes potassium from the body.

Please note that there are many in figs, dried fruits and potatoes. Though it is possible to be limited to consumption of multivitamins.

Advantages of rice diet: results

  1. Availability.

You do not need to buy expensive or rare products. Rice is sold at any grocery store or on the market. And importantly, the cost is not high.

Rice helps not only to get rid of excess centimeters in body volumes, but also takes care of health. It easily releases the body from the slag that we have clogged it with for many years.

Rice to cook quickly and very simply. It will not be necessary to stand at the stove for a long time to prepare a ration for a day.

Rice diet: harm and contraindications

  1. Rapidly addictive.

Unfortunately, for a long time to adhere to this nutrition program there is no sense. The organism quickly gets used to it. Because of this, the effectiveness of the diet is reduced.

Rice is often a product of a normal diet. And if after a diet you often cook yourself a porridge from this cereal, you can repeat the program only in 3 months.

But even these shortcomings do not in the least reduce the number of people who want to try this diet. After all, the numerous reports of losing weight indicate that the program is working successfully.

Rice diet: reviews and results of losing weight

There are few diets that not only guarantee getting rid of annoying extra pounds, but also have a healthier character.

And this two-week diet allows you to achieve several goals:

  1. Slimming at 10 kg and more.
  2. Getting rid of toxins, salts and toxins.
  3. Vigor and cheerfulness at the end of the day, even during the diet. After all, the body constantly receives carbohydrates and is stored up by energy.
  4. Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Improvement of skin condition. It will be more elastic, uniform and smooth.

If there are no contraindications to health, the best choice for weight loss will be a rice diet. Photos of those who lose weight prove once again that you can lose weight without feeling hungry and harming your health.


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