Rice diet for body cleansing

Rice is a traditional dish of East Asian people. It is no accident that people from this part of the world are notable for their harmony and good health. Rice diet can cleanse the body and help in the fight against osteochondrosis and the deposition of salts.

The Benefits of the Rice Diet

Rice groats are a valuable product for the human body. It contains calcium and iron, phosphorus and magnesium, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, rice grains are rich in vitamins of the group PP and B. The composition of rice includes cellulose, which helps the body to fight harmful toxins. It is she who normalizes metabolic processes and struggles with deposits in joints and other tissues.

Correct rice diet improves well-being and rejuvenates the body. Groats manage the edema well and have a positive effect on the liver and kidneys. Thanks to the beneficial minerals that are contained in rice, pain in joints disappears and skin condition improves.

What kind of rice is needed?

It is better to use whole brown rice. But if you do not find it, you can safely buy a round rice, which will have to be mixed with wheat bran in the proportion of 3 to 1. The point is that the grain has a crystal lattice. When you soak the croup and salt the water, starch will leave it, and cells will appear on the rice. After that, the porridge will not be digested in the stomach, it immediately gets into the duodenum. This is where the purification process begins – free cells will absorb salts, toxins and excess cholesterol, after which they will remove it from the body.

Rice Cleansing Diet

Now let's talk about the method itself. For a cleansing diet, you will need to prepare 4 glass jars. Number the jars to make it more convenient for you.

  • On the first day, wash three spoons of rice and put them in the jar number 1. Fill all with cold water, cover.
  • On the second day, change the water in the jar number 1. After that, put three tablespoons into the jar number 2. Pour in cool water.
  • On the third day, pour out the first two cans. Fill in the bank with the number 3.
  • On the fourth day, change the water in the first three jars, then pour the rice into a can of 4 and pour in cool water.
  • Starting from the fifth day, the contents of the jars are your breakfast. Eat cereal from the can number 1, and put three spoons of rice in the empty container. Fill with water and put in the queue again.

Croup can be cooked or steamed with boiling water, excluding salt, spices and butter. But for a better effect, it's better to eat it raw.

For half an hour before taking rice porridge, drink water or tea. After breakfast, stop eating and drinking for four hours.

During the rice diet of body cleansing, limit yourself to eating salty, hot and fatty foods. Give up sweets and alcohol.

Rice diet from salts

In fact, it is no different from a cleansing diet. To achieve the effect, you will need 40 days, during which you must completely exclude salt and any salt products from the diet. Excretion of salts can be done every six months. After a good cleaning procedure can be repeated once in 2-3 year.

Rice unloading diet

Take an 1 glass of rice (preferably unpolished) and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Then boil without adding salt. Do not bring the rice to the ready, leave it a little undercooked. Divide the dish into equal portions (not less than 5) and eat during the day. An hour after eating, drink a glass of clean water. You can arrange "unloading days" twice a week.

Rice diet for osteochondrosis

Rinse two tablespoons of rice six times, put it in a glass jar and fill it with cold water. Leave to infuse overnight. In the morning, thoroughly rinse the rice and put it on the fire. When the water boils, remove and rinse it again. Repeat this another 4 times. Then start breakfast. Note that you need to eat without salt, spices and oil. Wait for 4 hours before the next meal.


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