Rice diet for weight loss on 3, 7 and 9 days

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Rice diet is a rigid diet that can be used to get rid of extra pounds, as well as to treat various diseases. The program of losing weight with the help of rice was created back in 1939 year. Its goals were the elimination of obesity and kidney disease, the normalization of high blood pressure, the fight against diabetes. The menu of the rice diet presupposes the restriction of salt and sugar, which further speeds up the process of losing weight.

The testimonies of people who have experienced a rice diet show that it is very effective and allows you to reset for 30 days to 14 kg.

With the help of the rice diet from excess weight, not only women, but also men, and of very different age get rid. Rice is equally useful to both sexes, people have known about it since ancient times. On 80% the croup consists of complex carbohydrates and only on 8% of protein. In rice there is no gluten, which very often provokes allergic reactions of the body. Few in the croup of fiber (no more than 3%), so it is ideal for weight loss.

Thanks to the rice diet, the work of the nervous system can be normal, since rice is rich in B vitamins. Due to lecithin from rice, it is possible to stimulate the work of the brain. Rice is an excellent absorbent, which absorbs all harmful substances, removes excess fluid from the body, accelerates metabolism and thus starts the active weight loss process.

The undoubted benefit of the rice diet is the following:

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Rice has a relatively low calorie content. Its use in food allows you to remain full for a long time, despite the restrictions in the menu.

Rice is able to absorb not only excess water, but also harmful substances, gently pulling them out. As a result, the intestines will be cleaned without using an enema.

In rice, there are many useful micro- and macroelements, including phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, iron and calcium. Therefore, rice diet will saturate the body with the right ingredients.

In the composition of rice there is a substance that allows enveloping the gastric wall, creating a protective film on its inner surface. This property of rice is necessary for those people who suffer from increased acidity of gastric juice and from gastritis.

In rice contains the following set of B vitamins: thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), nicotinic acid (B3), vitamin B6. In addition, the croup contains amino acids, which are necessary for the cells of the body to divide. There is protein in rice, but its a little – no more than 7-8%. Groats do not contain gluten, which is present in almost all other cereals.

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Useful qualities of rice are also determined by the following components of its chemical composition:

Lecithin. This substance is necessary for the normal operation of the brain.

Oligosaccharides, allowing to adjust the work of the intestines.

Potassium, which removes from the cells excess fluid and salt.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid. It allows you to normalize high blood pressure.

Caloric content of rice on 100 g is 323 kcal.

Rice diet involves the following rules:

The morning must necessarily begin with the reception of rice. It is prepared according to the prescription specified in the diet.

Before you start the next meal, you need half an hour before this process to drink a glass of water. Next time, you can take liquid one hour after eating. This rule must be observed in order not to adversely affect the ability of rice to absorb toxins.

For a day you need to drink at least 1,5 l of water, since rice has the property of fastening a chair.

From the use of salt it is better to refuse altogether or to reduce its quantity in the diet to a minimum.

To improve the taste of dishes can not be complemented with mayonnaise and various sauces. For this purpose, you can use only vegetable oil.

That together with harmful substances from an organism the potassium was not deduced, it is necessary to use during a diet products in which it is present. It can be apples, pumpkin, raisins.

Before you start the diet, it is better to prepare in advance. To do this, for two days before the start of the diet should be used for food on 3-4 a spoonful of boiled rice. You need to do this on an empty stomach.

If you stick to a rigid rice diet, then for 3 days you will be able to lose 2-4 kg of excess weight. But do not get involved in such a program of weight loss. Repeat it will be possible not earlier than after 30 days. Otherwise, such a sharp restriction in the menu threatens the exhaustion of the body with the loss of fat rather than fat, and muscle tissue.

Monodiet on 3 day assumes the following recommendations:

Rice for cooking must be taken brown. On 1 day it will take about 400 g of raw cereal.

Rice is boiled in water until softened completely.

The resulting volume of porridge should be divided into five portions.

Rice during cooking and before eating do not salt, do not add spices and seasonings to it.

If the feeling of hunger becomes unbearable, then it is allowed to eat two apples. Preference should be given to fruits of green color.

In a day, you must drink at least 2 liters of clean water. You can also drink green tea, but do not add sugar to it.

If a person does sports, then during a diet, training should not be too intense.

Breakfast: a serving of rice without salt with the addition of lemon peel + green apple.

Lunch: 150 g salad of fresh vegetables with lemon juice dressing, but without oil + a plate of vegetable broth without salt + a serving of boiled rice with herbs and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Dinner: a serving of rice + boiled carrots + vegetable broth.

Breakfast: rice with a teaspoon of fat-free sour cream and greens + orange.

Lunch: a serving of rice + boiled vegetables.

Dinner: rice + steamed vegetables.

Breakfast: rice with cinnamon + grapefruit.

Lunch: rice + 150 g stewed mushrooms + salad with fresh vegetables with olive oil dressing (teaspoon) + vegetable broth (200 ml).

Dinner: boiled rice + steamed broccoli (150 g) + vegetable broth.

If there is a desire to stay on the rice diet for more than 3 days, then it is worth choosing a sparing version of getting rid of excess weight. The program is designed for a week and apart from rice involves the consumption of other foods. This will make the diet more balanced and easier to transfer restrictions in food.

Rice should be brewed, its use in food can be combined with a set of dishes, such as:

Vegetable salads with greens;

Low-fat fish and meat;

It is important during the seven-day weight loss program to adhere to the following recommendations:

All dishes should be cooked only for a couple or cook.

For the day you need to eat at least 5-6 times. In this case, portions should be small.

Proportion of rice and fruit: 0,5 kg to 0,2 kg. If hunger suffers, then the amount of fruit can be brought to 0,5 kg.

Salt or other seasonings to rice can not be added.

Necessarily 1 once a day you need to eat a product containing acid. It can be orange, apple, lemon, berries.

Do not forget about sufficient intake of clean water into the body. In a day you need to drink at least 2 liters of fluid. It is also allowed to drink green tea, but it can not be sweetened.

Breakfast. For breakfast, cook 60 r. Rice. You can add lemon juice to taste. For dessert, one apple and green tea or infusion of herbs.

Dinner. For lunch, broth and vegetable salad before 150 and 60 boiled rice. For taste, you can add a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a little greens.

Dinner. For dinner, cook yourself a vegetable broth and cook 60 rice. To the rice, add vegetables, for example, carrots or zucchini, steamed.

Breakfast. For breakfast 60 boiled rice with lean sour cream. And one grapefruit.

Dinner. For lunch, vegetable broth and 60 boiled rice. Boiled vegetables. Cook a double serving, because the same will be for the evening.

Dinner. For dinner the same as at lunch

Breakfast. For breakfast, one pear and 60 boiled rice. For taste, sprinkle rice with cinnamon.

Dinner. For lunch, vegetable broth and 60 g of boiled rice. As well as fried mushrooms, no more than 150. Mushrooms should be fried in olive oil.

Dinner. For dinner, vegetable broth and 60 boiled rice and a portion of broccoli, steamed.

Breakfast. For breakfast, fruit salad and 60 boiled rice with milk.

Dinner. On the first vegetable broth, for the second 60 of boiled rice. Also radish and carrots, steamed.

Dinner. For dinner, vegetable salad and 60 boiled rice and a few sunflower seeds.

Breakfast. For breakfast 60 boiled rice with raisins. And half a glass of yogurt.

Dinner. For lunch, vegetable broth and 60 boiled rice with greens. And some vegetables cooked for a couple.

Dinner. For dinner, vegetable broth and 60 boiled rice with crumbled walnuts and a little spinach, steamed.

Breakfast. For breakfast 60 boiled rice with several walnuts and fig fruits. And one apple or pear.

Dinner. For lunch, vegetable broth and a few vegetables in raw form and, of course, 60 boiled rice.

Dinner. For dinner, vegetable broth and 60 boiled rice. In the rice, add 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream, as well as a couple of apples or pears.

Breakfast. For breakfast 60 boiled rice and one apple or pear. For taste, you can add a little lemon juice or honey to the rice.

Dinner. On the first vegetable broth and 100 of the green salad. On the second 60 of boiled rice. For the dessert beans and tomatoes, steamed.

Dinner. For dinner, vegetable broth and 60 boiled rice with one teaspoon of olive oil. You can add a few olives and basil to the rice. For dessert, a few zucchini, steamed.

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The proposed diet is one of the easiest and most effective. Those kilograms that you can get rid of for 9 days of the rice slimming program will not return. The nine-day diet is carried quite easily, since it can not be called hungry.

During the process of weight loss the following products are allowed:

Fish of low-fat varieties.

Meat (beef and poultry).

Fresh fruits. You can not include only avocados, grapes and bananas in the menu.

Bread and bread made from whole-grain flour.

To ensure that the diet has achieved the desired results, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

For a day you need to eat about a pound of rice.

The groats are not salted and do not season.

The total mass of additional products should not exceed a pound, 200 g of which falls on meat dishes.

We must not forget about water.

A one-day menu of a rice diet on 9 days may look like this:

Breakfast: boiled rice with an apple.

Lunch: rice-mushroom soup, cucumber-tomato salad with the addition of Bulgarian pepper.

Dinner: rice boiled with beans and corn.

You can have a snack during the day with fruit.

For breakfast: boiled rice + apple.

For lunch: boiled rice + rye flour + vegetable salad + boiled turkey (150 g).

For dinner: boiled rice + vegetables stewed.

For breakfast: boiled rice + grapefruit.

For lunch: boiled rice + rye flour + vegetable salad + boiled fish (150 g).

For dinner: boiled rice + vegetables.

For breakfast: boiled rice + dried apricots.

For lunch: boiled rice + vegetable fat + boiled beef (150 g).

For dinner: boiled rice + vegetable broth + vegetables stewed.

For breakfast: boiled rice + banana.

For lunch: vegetable rice + rye flour + vegetable salad.

For dinner: boiled rice + yogurt.

For breakfast: boiled rice + prunes.

For lunch: boiled rice + rye flour + vegetable salad without butter + boiled chicken meat (150 g).

For dinner: boiled rice + grapefruit + banana.

For breakfast: boiled rice + raisins.

For lunch: boiled rice + vegetable broth + boiled beef (150 g).

For dinner: boiled rice + stewed vegetables + vegetable broth.

For breakfast: boiled rice with cinnamon + walnuts + dates.

For lunch: boiled rice + vegetable broth + boiled fish (150 g) + vegetable salad.

For dinner: boiled rice + yogurt.

For breakfast: boiled rice + dried fruits.

For lunch: boiled rice + vegetable salad + vegetable broth + boiled fish (150 g) + rye flour.

For breakfast: boiled rice + orange.

For lunch: boiled rice + vegetable broth + vegetable salad + boiled chicken meat (150 g).

For dinner: boiled rice + boiled vegetables.

Variants of rice diet for weight loss and body cleansing

To get rid of excess weight and body cleansing, it is not necessary to stick to a long rice diet. An excellent result can be obtained by practicing rice unloading days. It is enough once a week to choose a menu based on rice to keep your figure in shape and cleanse the body of toxins. Dieticians recommend eating boiled rice, supplementing it with kefir, buckwheat, apples. Of course, one should not forget about the use of clean water in sufficient quantities.

Kefir-rice diet involves the use of cereals and sour milk as main food products. Supplement the menu can be vegetables, fruits, lean fish or meat. Under absolute prohibition, salt, sugar, and coffee fall. Rigid kefir-rice diet is not recommended to adhere to more than five days, but a mild diet can be stretched for two weeks.

If you consider the strict kefir-rice menu, then it assumes the consumption of yogurt with rice for breakfast, boiled rice with vegetable salad for lunch and kefir with rice for dinner.

If the choice was stopped on a sparing kefir-rice diet, then the sample menu will look like this:

Breakfast: kefir + fruit or berries (to choose from: strawberry, apple, pear, grapefruit).

Lunch: 100 g of boiled rice + 100 g of meat (you can use lean fish or seafood) + bread from rye flour.

One hour before the night rest, you can drink a glass of yogurt or skim yogurt.

The program of growing thin on the basis of rice and apples was created by dietician D. Kempner (England). It involves eating only green apples and rice. Eat these products over the course of 3-5 days. Under the absolute prohibition of salt and spices. However, the rump can be cooked on milk.

The menu on 1 day assumes the use of a glass of rice in the boiled form. The whole volume should be divided into several portions and eaten throughout the day.

Also in the daily diet is 250 g of green apples, which can be eaten raw, or cook them compote with the addition of dried fruits.

A diet based on rice and buckwheat can last for 3-5 days. Experts advise to adhere to the menu on the basis of cereals, either at the very beginning of the period of getting rid of excess kilograms, or at the end of the process of losing weight. This will allow the body to “shake” and accelerate metabolism.

The balanced diet of the buckwheat-rice diet is as follows:

Breakfast: apple green (2 pcs.).

Snack: boiled buckwheat (4 st.l) + vegetable oil (1 item l).

Lunch: 5 tablespoons boiled rice + nuts + lemon juice.

Snack: a salad of vegetables.

Dinner: 3 tablespoons boiled rice + 100 grams of steamed meat (chicken fillet or lean fish) + 100 cottage cheese with nuts.

Rice with honey is good for the human body. All the medicinal qualities of rice are enhanced by this sweet addition to the menu. Honey allows to enrich the body with minerals and vitamins, and also acts as a natural antidepressant. If rice strengthens a chair, then honey, on the contrary, gently regulates the work of the intestine.

It is important during the diet to eat only a natural product that does not contain harmful preservatives and has not passed pasteurization. Necessarily in the daily menu there must be lemon juice, which in combination with honey will enable to accelerate the process of fat burning.

The menu assumes the use of the following products:

It is necessary to boil a pound of rice, which is divided into 5 portions and is eaten throughout the day.

Every day you need to drink a honey-lemon drink (250 ml). For its preparation in a glass of warm water, it is necessary to dissolve according to 1 a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey.

Rice diet with chicken and vegetables for 9 days

One of the most correct and balanced diets is that slimming program, in the menu of which there is rice, chicken and vegetables. Throughout all 9 days the body receives a sufficient amount of microelements and vitamins to maintain life-supporting functions in the norm. Eat small meals, the break between the approaches to the table should be at least 2,5 hours. Dinner should be held not later than 19: 00. If you adhere to such a program of weight loss, you will not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body without harm to health.

The diet looks like this.

From the first to the third day, only boiled rice is eaten. The day is eaten on a glass of cereals.

From the third to the sixth day you can eat only chicken, removing the skin from it. For a day you can eat up to 1 kg of chicken.

From the sixth to the ninth day you can eat only vegetables. For a day it is allowed to eat up to 800 g different vegetables. They can not be marinated or salted.

Diets of a geisha on brown rice and green tea

Geisha figures always differed in harmony and stateness. It is therefore not surprising that women all over the world seek to learn the secret of their perfection. And the Geisham manages to preserve magnificent forms for the rest of his life. This is possible thanks to a diet that is built on a menu of brown rice and green tea. It is worth considering that diet geisha is not suitable for women with a weak body, or with insufficient willpower.

You can eat only brown rump and green tea. All other products are banned. Diet can last from 3 days to a week. The exact time depends on the aging of the losing woman and the condition of her body.

The menu is arranged as follows:

In the morning, you need to drink 0,5 l of green tea, in which you can add a little milk with a low percentage of fat.

At lunch, eat 250 mg of brown rice and again drink 0,5 l of green tea.

For dinner, the lunch menu is repeated.

Rules for getting out of the rice diet

Rice diet will not allow you to gain extra pounds after completing it only if you leave it competently.

For this, the following recommendations should be observed:

New products should be entered into the menu gradually and one at a time. The serving volume should be small.

The menu should not contain a lot of salt or sugar. Later the others need to enter meat dishes and milk.

Do not lean on fatty, fried or floury foods. It is better to refuse from such dishes at all.

Drink a lot of water, even after the rice diet is complete. This will keep the metabolism at a proper level.

Not everyone can stick to a rice diet.

Contraindicated such a program of weight loss in the presence of the following diseases:

Diseases of the digestive system.

It is not possible to practice the rice diet for pregnant and lactating women, and also during the recovery from previous colds.

Rice diet has certain disadvantages. Most often it causes constipation, which happens in almost every person who is losing weight on this crop. To avoid such a problem, nutritionists recommend drinking laxative teas. However, they also have some contraindications and do not always cope with the task assigned to them.

If you take too long to stick to a rice diet, then a jump in insulin in the blood, which is also a negative thing.

In addition, that rice absorbs toxic substances, it simultaneously removes calcium from the body.

Salt rice is not allowed, so the taste of the main dish will be soft. Due to the fact that the body does not receive salt, it will leave the liquid. Therefore, you should not completely abandon salt. Otherwise, there may be problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Nutritionists are unequivocally convinced that rice diet is a great way to cleanse the body of harmful substances and lose weight. However, to leave the kilograms are not returned back, you need to move as much as possible. Well, if you can exercise, fitness, dance, visit the pool. This will support the muscles in a tonus and charge the body with energy.

Studies have established that a rigid rice mono-diet, which lasts for 2 or more days, leads to various health problems. In particular, the body increases the level of cortisol (a stress hormone), which adversely affects endurance. Moreover, almost all those who lose weight notice deterioration in general health, the occurrence of headaches and fainting.

To support your body, it is recommended every day to use 2 mg fish oil. This will make up for the deficiency of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is also possible during the diet to additionally take vitamin-mineral complexes, which will replenish the stores of nutrients and allow maintaining the normal salt balance of the body cells.

Rice is an excellent product that helps to get rid of excess weight. This is possible due to the fact that the croup acts as a powerful sorbent. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, rice grains absorb all unnecessary and unnecessary organism. This contributes to its qualitative purification.

Buckwheat diet, so it is called so that you can eat only buckwheat and nothing more. But in unlimited quantity.

A diet lasting a week is a wonderful solution to the eternal problem! Scientists have proved that it is this term that the body needs to maximize the positive effect of experiments with weight loss. At first glance, this is not a long time, however, from the psychological point of view, it has a great deal.

Rigid diets are almost useless for anyone, because a cardinal and abrupt diet change leads to serious stress and negatively affects the mood and well-being. Women always want to quickly lose excess pounds before a solemn event or before the beach season.

The information on the site is intended for acquaintance and does not call for independent treatment, the doctor’s consultation is obligatory!

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