Rod as a gymnastics roller

The bar as a gymnastics roller is the technique of performing the exercise:

  1. To perform this exercise, you need to take the position for push-ups, but instead of focusing on the floor with your hands, lean on the bar of the Olympic bar loaded on each side of the 2-5 kg. This will be your starting position.
  2. On exhalation, roll the bar to the toes of the legs, lifting the hips. Tip: Keep your back in position during exercise. Your hands should be perpendicular to the floor, otherwise instead of loading the press you will load your back and shoulders.
  3. After a short pause, on inspiration, go back to the starting position.
  4. Carry out the desired number of repetitions.

Attention: exercise is only for people who do not have problems with their back.

Variations: like push-ups, the exercise can be performed in an emphasis not on the toes of the legs, but on the knees. This will greatly reduce the complexity.


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