Rules of the diet for gout

Gout is a disease caused by a metabolic disorder, so that the loss (salt of uric acid) is deposited in the joints, often the legs and hands. As a rule, the cause of gout is malnutrition (predominance in the diet of fatty, fried foods, meat, baking), as well as excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. One of the most important aspects in the treatment of this disease is a diet, which is also called Table No. 6, designed to ensure good health and prevent periods of exacerbations.

Diet for gout

The main provoking factors for the development of gout are: obesity, alcohol and meat abuse, stress, sedentary lifestyle, hypothermia. Also, the disease can develop against a background of another disease, for example, diabetes, or medication.

Diet for gout is aimed at normalizing the exchange of purines, reducing the formation of salts of uric acid and urine alkalinization. In most cases, a patient with gout should observe the indicated diet for a lifetime. The diet menu is made up from the table of products, based on the purine content in certain dishes.

For prolonged remission, it is also necessary to reduce weight. Slimming with gout should be gradual, no more than 3-5 kg per month. The daily caloric intake of diet for weight loss with a diet should be, on average, 2500-2700 Kcal.

6 dietary guidelines

Therapeutic diet Table № 6 dietary recommendations for gout:

  • Fractional power. Eat with gout follows 4-5 once a day in small portions. Overeating is unacceptable, as is fasting, which can provoke a relapse. People suffering from overweight with gout should gradually lose weight, without sudden fluctuations in weight.
  • The therapeutic diet 6 table provides for compliance with the water balance. Every day you should drink 1,5-2 liters of fluid, and in the period of attacks up to 3 liters (in the absence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver). It is recommended to drink purified water without gas, jelly, compote, tea (it is possible with lemon and milk), decoctions and herbal tinctures, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, not strong coffee.
  • During the exacerbation of the disease, unloading days are shown on kefir, vegetables, fruits.
  • There are restrictions on diet in the use of salt, the amount of which should be minimized in the diet.
  • Diet with gout means the exclusion from the diet of foods with a high content of purines and oxalic acid.
  • Reducing the consumption of fats and proteins, and with obesity and carbohydrates.
  • In the diet menu for complex gout, complex carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables, fruits, herbs) should predominate.
  • Low-fat varieties of meat, poultry and fish are allowed to be consumed during a diet with gout no more often than 3 once a week. The volume of one serving should not exceed 150-170 gr. Only 1 eggs per day are allowed (in the preferred cooking).
  • The diet for gout supposes the use of cooked and stewed steamed dishes. Meat should be boiled, and then cook various dishes from it (cutlets, meatballs). Vegetables can be consumed both in raw form and in thermally processed.

Products table

Diet for gout table of products:

Sample menu for the week

Sample menu for a week for a gout diet (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner):

  • Oatmeal. An Apple;
  • Green borsch. Draniki;
  • 1 cup of yogurt 1%;
  • Lenten cabbage rolls 200 gr.
  • Buckwheat. Grapefruit;
  • Cream soup with broccoli. Boiled chicken fillet 150 gr .;
  • 1 hard-boiled egg;
  • Lenten stuffed pepper 200 gr.
  • Milk soup;
  • Buckwheat pancakes. Vegetable stew;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Mashed potatoes. Cabbage salad.
  • Cheesecakes with sour cream;
  • Cutlets from turkey to pair 160 gr. Greek salad";
  • Carrot smoothies;
  • Omelet from 1 eggs and milk with tomato.
  • Cottage cheese casserole;
  • Plinth pilaf. Beet Salad;
  • Orange juice;
  • Okroshka.
  • Muesli. A glass of curdled milk;
  • Macaroni with low-fat cheese. Salad from grated carrots;
  • Fruit salad;
  • The vinaigrette. Rye bread 2 slices.
  • Milk soup with noodles;
  • Braised rabbit in tomato sauce 150 gr. Mashed potatoes;
  • 1 hard-boiled egg;
  • Beetroot. 2 a piece of whole grain bread.

Observing a diet for gout, you can use a weak brewed coffee with milk, tea with lemon, broths from berries, jelly, compotes, fruit drinks. Daily it is necessary to drink at least 1,5 liters of clean water without gas, and during the exacerbation of 2,5-3 liters. According to the diet for gout, it is necessary to drink liquid (water, tea, compotes) in between meals, one hour before and after meals.

Diet for gout and increased uric acid – what can and can not be

Allowed foods and meals on a diet for gout and increased uric acid:

  • Vegetarian soups and borsch (allowed with a diet with the addition of cereals);
  • Rye and wheat bread from flour 1 and 2 grades;
  • Pasta;
  • Low-fat meat (rabbit meat), poultry (turkey, chicken), fish (bream, pike, pike-perch);
  • Low-fat dairy and sour-milk products (cottage cheese, milk, kefir, natural yoghurt);
  • Chicken eggs (no more than 1 pcs per day for gout);
  • Cereals and cereals (oats, rice, buckwheat);
  • Vegetables;
  • Greenery ;
  • Fruit;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Sour cream, milk, tomato sauce;
  • Citric acid, bay leaf, vanillin, cinnamon;
  • Butter and vegetable oil;
  • Marmalade, natural honey, jam, pastille;
  • Kissels, compotes, decoctions of herbs and berries, not strong coffee and tea with lemon, milk.

Prohibited foods and meals on a diet for gout and increased uric acid:

  • Fish, meat and mushroom broths. Soups from spinach, sorrel, beans;
  • Sauces on fish, meat and mushroom broth;
  • Beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, sorrel, rhubarb, spinach, portolac;
  • Meat of young birds and animals;
  • By-products (kidney, liver, tongue);
  • Fish and meat canned food;
  • Sausages and smoked products;
  • Salted fish, caviar;
  • Beef and mutton fat;
  • Horseradish, mustard, pepper;
  • Flour products from dough;
  • Salted cheese;
  • Grapes, figs, raspberries, cranberries;
  • Chocolate;
  • Cocoa, strong coffee and tea;
  • Alcoholic beverages.

The diet menu for gout and increased uric acid should be made solely from allowable foods, which will have a positive effect on well-being. During the exacerbation of the disease, it is necessary to arrange a one-day diet – a fasting day, for example, on kefir or buckwheat with kefir, on green apples or vegetables.


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