Sea kale for weight loss: the energy of the sea against excess weight

It's not a secret for anyone that seafood is an important component of a healthy diet. Acting as a source of many useful substances, seafood not only increases immunity and strengthens health, but also allows you to easily get rid of extra pounds. That is why, diets based on the use of seafood, are considered the most useful and effective. One of the most popular and popular "sea" methods of weight loss is the sea kale diet.

Sea kale and its useful properties

Laminaria or sea kale is an edible sea brown seaweed, extracted in the northern seas and on the coast of the Far East. For the first time, this unsightly at first glance plant was used as food in ancient China. And in the 18 century, the People's Republic of China even issued a decree obliging all citizens to use kelp for the prevention of various diseases. For these purposes, the brown alga at the state expense was delivered from the places of its growth into the settlements. Gradually, the sea kale began to appear in the diet of the rest of the world, and then it reached our country.

Scientific name of brown seaweed – kelp, sea cabbage it is called for an external resemblance to chopped leaves of cabbage, which has undergone initial treatment. In the shops you can often find canned laminaria or sea kale in the form of a dried extract, which allows for a short period of time to prepare a useful dish to your taste.

The benefits of sea kale can be spoken endlessly. This unique product contains a full range of vitamins and microelements needed by the human body. The brown sea leaves contain a huge amount of iodine, bromine, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, cobalt, a number of micro and macro elements, vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, D, C and E, as well as pantothenic, alginic and folicum acid. In addition, kelp is rich in vegetable protein, polysaccharides and fructose.

In view of the fact that kelp is a natural source of iodine and dietary fiber, its presence in the diet has a beneficial effect on raising mental and physical activity, the work of the central nervous system and overall well-being of the person. Iodine, contained in the algae, removes toxins, radionuclides and heavy metals from the body, as well as contributes to the treatment and prevention of thyroid diseases. Laminaria is an effective remedy for raising immunity, has excellent antiviral activity, helps in the treatment of female inflammation and male potency.

In addition, seaweed has a beneficial effect on digestion, lowers cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure and improves all metabolic processes in the body. The use of kelp helps normalize the activity of the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory system, lowers the tone of blood vessels and prevents the development of atherosclerosis. From the official data of Japanese researchers it is known that the substance contained in the filamentary roots of the kelp suppresses the growth of breast tumors.

Sea kale for losing weight: arguments and facts

Sea kale is the ideal product for healthy weight loss, the calorie content of which is only 24,9 kcal, with nutritional value: proteins – 0,9 g, carbohydrates – 3 g. And fats – 0,2.

The popularity of the use of kelp during weight loss is explained by many factors. This useful algae causes a sense of satiety, absorbs excess fluid, and while saturating the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, without depleting it during the diet.

The iodine contained in the kelp is responsible not only for the thyroid gland function, but also ensures the coordination of the entire endocrine system. And the presence in its composition of dietary fiber suppresses the feeling of hunger, providing a rapid saturation, which prevents overeating.

Diet with sea cabbage is an excellent balanced low-calorie diet, allowing you to eat delicious and healthy food. The main principle of this program of weight loss is the daily use of kelp in canned or dried form. Duration of the diet is 1 a week, after which you can get rid of 4-5 kilograms of excess weight. The daily dietary diet assumes the consumption of 300 grams of sea kale in combination with 300 grams of any seafood. The daily volume of this food is divided into 4-5 receptions, which are supplemented by an abundant drinking regime – at least 2 liters of liquid.

There is also a more sparing version of the diet on sea kale, allowing besides laminaria to eat vegetables, fruits, eggs and lean boiled meat (no more than 120 grams per day of turkey, chicken, rabbit or beef).

Diet "sea kale": plus for minus

Like any other weight loss program, the diet on kelp has its positive and negative sides. Let's start with the advantages:

  • Thanks to the unique vitamin and mineral composition, sea kale reduces appetite and suppresses hunger, hence, the diet is very effective and easy to perform.
  • Dietary "cabbage" diet saturates the body with the necessary vitamins, microelements and dietary fiber, which provides not only a comfortable weight loss, but also an improvement in the general condition and appearance of a person.
  • The lack of salt and preservatives in dried sea kale allows you to remove swelling and remove excess fluid from the body. You can eat enough food and not get fat, adhering to a sparing diet option.

Disadvantages of the diet on sea kale

  • Inadequate intake of protein in the body for people with a body weight of more than 60 kilogram.
  • The presence of contraindications: pregnancy, tuberculosis, nephritis, nephrosis, allergies, sensitivity to iodine, a period of exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, some diseases of the thyroid gland.

Rules for the use of sea kale

To exclude the possibility of purchasing a substandard product, kelp should be purchased in specialized stores or pharmacies. Before consumption, dried sea kale should be filled with water 1: 8 and left in a cool place for 10 hours. Then the alga should be rinsed with cool water and refill with lemon juice, boil 10 minutes. Laminaria is ready for use!

Sea kale for weight loss: reviews of losing weight and the opinion of nutritionists

Laminaria is widely recognized as a product for effective weight loss. As evidenced by numerous reviews, drinking algae always gives a positive effect of getting rid of excess weight. The amount of weight dropped depends on the duration of consumption of sea kale, on the accompanying diet products, as well as on the physical activity of a person.

From the point of view of official dietology, kelp has a high enough efficiency for slimming and shaping a person's figure. Brown alga contains a minimum amount of calories and a sufficient amount of fiber, so it is included in the diet of virtually all effective diets.

In view of the fact that the frequent cause of excess weight is not only overeating or lack of physical activity, but also poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract, the use of sea kale with losing weight is priceless. Alginic acid, contained in kelp, ensures normal functioning of the intestines, relieving the body of toxins and toxins and forcing it to work in full-fledged mode. Getting into the intestines, alginates are not digested, but swell, and turn into a kind of sponge, stimulating peristalsis and gently cleaning all harmful substances.

Thus, kelp is an excellent dietary food, allowing you to reduce weight without exhausting hunger strikes and prolonged diets.

Nutritionists recommend the use of sea cabbage in small quantities throughout the year, paying special attention to this product in the winter months during a lack of vitamins.

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Reviews of seaweed for weight loss

I love sea kale, pulls on it in the winter. When there is almost no sun, only artificial light. Unusual taste in her, but it's a lot of use

An indispensable product in providing the body with vitamins, especially vitamin E. I buy sea kale, not often, though.

I love sea kale. I would eat all day one of it :)) Just kidding, but I love her very much.


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