Separate diet for weight loss – menu for a week


Separate diet for weight loss - menu for a week

With separate nutrition, a person for losing weight does not need to give up many products, the main thing is to choose the right combination. To maintain the strength of the body, the diet should be made not just for every day, but for a week or even a month.

The program is made taking into account how the losing weight is going to lose weight: at home or by visiting the gym in addition, since training requires additional energy.

Separate diet for weight loss – how to make a menu?

The main principle of separate nutrition is based on the theory of product compatibility.

All of them are divided into groups:

  • fatty (of any origin);
  • carbohydrate (potato, other);
  • protein (fish, others);
  • green vegetable;
  • not starchy;
  • a starchy vegetable.

A separate group is represented by sweet vegetables, fruits, berries, and there is also a cluster of acidic vegetables. Each group in relation to the other, compatible, incompatible, neutral.

Separate diet rules indicate that a person who wants to lose weight should not simultaneously take products related to incompatible groups. For example, fats, proteins, combined in one dish, one meal.

Also, a healthy diet requires each of the following rules:

  1. Since fats should not be combined with proteins, it is necessary for the diet to choose lean meat, low-fat fish.
  2. To all kinds of carbohydrates, proteins are great for vegetables. This combination will ensure a healthy diet, and for every day.
  3. The protein product can not be included in the diet with sour fruits. For example, chicken with a tomato is not the right and completely unbalanced diet. Therefore, each such recipe must be excluded from the diet.
  4. The combination of two types of protein is no longer a diet, so you can not do it.
  5. The plan for the week should never include one product more than 3 times, there is no exception. Healthy, proper eating at home, in any other without the fulfillment of this item is impossible.
  6. Melon, watermelon should be eaten separately – lovers of healthy, proper food must take into account that melons are incompatible with anything.
  7. Nuts can be used in any program that provides weight loss together with berries, fruits. But the food will be even healthier, more regular, separate, if nuts are eaten separately.
  8. From the diet should be excluded every product to which there is an individual intolerance. You can not use a prescription that implies the use of such products, since the diet will not help.

Separate food is an effective solution, if not overeat, eat regularly (every 3 hours) and correctly.

Product Compatibility Chart:

Menu for the week

The program for losing weight should include a menu for a long period, that is, the diet should be planned. You always need to pay attention to the features. For example, it should be taken into account whether the diet will be used for a person who is constantly at home or who wants to lose weight, will attend training in some gym, go for fitness sports nutrition, somewhat different from the usual.

Separate diet for weight loss – menu for the week:

As a drink, give preference to green and black tea, periodically replacing them with decoctions of chamomile, acacia, linden, etc.

  • breakfast – porridge from oat flakes on water with granular cottage cheese;
  • snack – pear;
  • dinner – 150 g fish (boiled walleye pollack or hake) with spinach, cucumbers and lettuce leaves;
  • afternoon snack – walnuts;
  • dinner – baked pike with stewed vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts).
  • omelet with sweet pepper;
  • unsweetened natural yogurt;
  • soup with potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, green peas,
  • 2 apple;
  • boiled turkey meat with herbs (spinach, parsley, lettuce leaves).
  • buckwheat on the water (you can with cottage cheese);
  • dried apricots;
  • stewed vegetables (beets, eggplants, zucchini, potatoes, parsley root);
  • fruit smoothies – raspberry, strawberry, apple, pear;
  • rabbit and steamed vegetables (broccoli and asparagus).
  • rice with vegetable small, carrots, green peas and beets;
  • 3 the tomato;
  • lentil soup;
  • a glass of milk;
  • chicken breast with cucumber and spinach.
  • corn porridge;
  • yoghurt;
  • salad from baked potatoes, zucchini, eggplant;
  • Strawberry Raspberry;
  • meat quail with baked aubergines.
  • oatmeal on water with cottage cheese;
  • an Apple;
  • bean soup;
  • watermelon or melon;
  • salad with tuna, lettuce, cucumber, sweet pepper.
  • rice with green peas;
  • pear;
  • vegetables for a couple – broccoli, Brussels sprouts, sweet peppers;
  • 3 tomato;
  • shrimps baked with asparagus.

Thus, you can make the menu yourself, the main thing to consider the rule of compatibility of products. The diet is the same for women and men. Therefore, it is possible to form a correct, separate, healthy and even sports nutrition for every available day, for a week and a month. That is, the principles are universal for all.

Fractional power

Separate diet for weight loss - menu for a week

Dietary fractional menu, with the correct, divided for a month, for a week, for every day, anyone who wants to lose weight can make himself. For this, it is necessary to use the following scheme of six meals a day.

Fractional diet for weight loss – how to make a menu for the month:

  1. In the morning, the menu includes carbohydrates (honey, cereals, fruit), and without a difference for women preparing food or men.
  2. After 3 hours, the diet is supplemented with yogurt, yogurt, it is convenient, as it is suitable for losing weight not at home, for example, before going to workout in the gym.
  3. The lunch menu for weight loss should be saturated with protein products, especially if it is a sports diet. The program of healthy fractional nutrition should include boiled meat, vegetables.
  4. Snack, time for fruits, nuts, vegetables, salads from them. The diet is the same for women, men, and it does not matter whether they have a sporty regime or diet will be performed at home without hiking for training in any gym.
  5. Dinner, time for stewed vegetables, fish.

If such a regime does not suppress the feeling of hunger, then a fractional diet can be supplemented with a snack between lunch and dinner. The diet can make up dried fruits, nuts. It is important to remember that the menu for a month, as well as for a week, for every single meal should be varied.

Proper nutrition for losing weight at home

Healthy diet for weight loss, menus for every day, for a week or for a month should consider the following:

  1. The basis of a healthy diet is always vegetables and fruits. And it does not matter for whom the menu is made: for women, men, whether you need a sports diet for attending workouts in the gym, just need a healthy diet at home.
  2. The diet in general, every recipe in particular should be rid of simple carbohydrates. Without this, no program, diet, regime as a whole will provide a healthy meal.
  3. Need to drink a lot.
  4. The best breakfast is porridge, no matter what program, diet is used or what kind of diet, people like the recipe.
  5. Habitual harmful products should be dislodged useful.

The basics of the menu

Separate diet for weight loss - menu for a week

The program, the menu for weight loss, proper separate food for a week, for a month you can make yourself.

Proper nutrition for weight loss – the basis of the menu for every day:

  1. You should think about the ration, each recipe to make a list of the desired products, then they should be distributed for each day.
  2. Breakfast can not be missed, and never – this is true for women and men losing weight at home, attending workout gym or at home. The best ration for the morning is porridge, a recipe that is simple enough – pour the croup with boiling water or simmer for 15 minutes.
  3. Evening menu for losing weight, proper, separate healthy food for women, men should make up proteins. This is especially true if the diet is athletic.
  4. Between the main meals, you definitely need snacks.
  5. It is necessary to take into account the level of activity, those who lead a passive lifestyle should eat less or less saturated with carbohydrates, that is, each diet should adapt.

The optimal diet of proper nutrition for weight loss for every day, for a week, for any month is made taking into account the above rules.

But always healthy, and if necessary, then adapting it to some kind of food intake, for example, by making a food program fractional, separate, sports, etc. Recipes are used familiar to everyone, for example, in the morning it is best to use porridges, they can be alternated with an omelette. The difference between any cereal for a proper, healthy diet is, moreover, always that it is better to cook only on water, adding milk, fats are excluded.

Omelette is baked in a dry frying pan. That is, proper nutrition differs from any other in that a person replaces not useful foods, recipes for useful foods, recipes, which is relevant for women, men.

The correct nutrition menu for one day may be as follows:

  • for breakfast – porridge (always on the water);
  • for dinner – some light soup (for example, soup);
  • for a mid-morning snack, you can cook – a casserole from low-calorie vegetables (for example, broccoli or cabbage);
  • for dinner – a baked chicken, boiled potatoes and a light carrot salad.

It does not matter for what period the menu is made: for a month, for a week, for every day, only diversity is always necessary. That is, the product of each species or prescription should not be used more often 10 times in a month, otherwise the food program will not fulfill the necessary requirements. For example, it will not be athletic or will not provide everyone with the necessary people permanently at home.

Sports nutrition for slimming women

Separate diet for weight loss - menu for a week

So-called, sports nutrition for women, has become in the post-Soviet space in demand. These products are a supplement to food, and their main task is to burn subcutaneous fats. To use all the anoretics on the market, blockers of carbohydrates, diuretics, you need physical exercise, for example, training in the gym or at home.

The program of nutrition and training for weight loss depends on the physical condition of the losing weight. But most experts recommend starting weight loss without major overloads, which are training in the gym.

Since a man who previously managed without any loads, spending his free time in comfortable home conditions, will get a significant load and quickly get tired, then he will simply quit what he started. It is best to start with the usual walking tours, and then determine the need, the capacity of the body. This is true for women and men.

The correct diet for weight loss, in classes, in principle nothing like the usual for women, men is no different. With the exception of one point – a sports person should regularly eat protein.

Example of training for weight loss:

  • The first day is chest and hands;
  • The second day – cardio training (swimming, running, sports games);
  • The third day – legs and shoulders;
  • The fourth day – aerobics and cardio;
  • Fifth day – back, press.

Proper nutrition for weight loss when training in the gym for women and men – an exemplary menu:

Breakfast: oatmeal porridge with cottage cheese and raspberries, green tea;

Snack: natural yogurt with a banana;

Lunch: 250 g chicken breast with salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, spinach);

Snack: a protein omelet from 4 eggs (4 protein, 2 yolk) and a glass of milk;

Dinner: protein cocktail – 300 grams of cottage cheese, a glass of milk, 2 protein scoop.

The rules for women say that their organisms should regularly receive a sufficient amount of protein. That is, any slimming program should include kefir, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurts, cheeses, dietary meat, seafood, fish, etc.

Although separate food is one of the currently sought after trends, but there is no unequivocal opinion about this method, in fact, as any other method of weight loss.

  1. Separate food intake gives the result, but this method is suitable only for patient, methodical, because this procedure is long. That is, if some diets are designed for a week or even for a couple of days, then a separate intake of food "take to the arm" far not even for a month – it is used for a long time.
  2. The result is more stable than any short-term diet.
  3. With a separate intake of food do without exhausting themselves with hunger, endure, that is, this diet is sparing.

Conclusion: this option for weight loss is viable. But only for people who are ready to achieve results in months.

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