Shake the press, and all for nothing? The theory of a big mistake!

Do you want to become the owner of a luxurious abdominal press? Desperately strive for six dice? Tom Venuto will share his secrets and give detailed recommendations regarding the training program and diet.

Author: Tom Venuto

I have already been 18 years in the world of fitness, and the problem of "how to become the owner of a luxurious abdominal press" still leads the list of frequently asked questions with a huge margin. Every month more than 30000 emails come to my office, and more often than not people are dealing with this problem. Undoubtedly, the reason lies in the fact that the abdominal press is that part of the body that most often does not correspond to our ideas about the ideal. And, despite the fact that questions can sound different, and each case seems unique, my answer to the question "how to become the owner of a luxurious abdominal press" almost always sounds the same . and very soon you will hear it .

"1000 torso ups and twists every day – and all to no avail!"

One of the questions I received really caught my attention. The young man said that he daily performs 1000 lifts of the torso and twists, but still does not see the abdominal muscles. He wrote:

"Tom: I've been working on this for about a year, and I never managed to bring the lower part of the abdominal press into any kind of shape. The top press is gradually starting to appear, which can not but rejoice, but despite more than 900 different twists, exercises with a press roller and 100 torso lifts four times a week in combination with standard strength training, I still have a layer of fat in lower abdomen. What else can I do? "

What did I answer him? He received the same answer as thousands of people over the years, because this is the only "secret" of the luxurious abdominal press .

You can raise the intensity of the training process, raise your functional training to the extreme, PUMP the abdominal muscles, but SEE the relief cubes, as well as other muscle groups, you can only with low body fat content.

This may seem paradoxical, but if you do not see the abdominal muscles, the problem is not at all in the level of "muscle development." Just in your body, too much fat, which obscures the abdominal muscles. And the lower part of the abdomen is the area in which the adipose tissue accumulates most actively, especially in men.

Scientific explanation of why fat in the lower abdomen leaves last: abdominal fat is a serious problem

In most of us, fat is distributed unevenly in the body. Just like the color of the eyes or hair, each of us inherited certain genetic characteristics and hormone-mediated mechanisms of fat accumulation. In other words, adipose tissue chooses strictly defined areas of our body.

This phenomenon can be found scientific explanation. Your fat cells are not just passive "fat bunkers" with a reserve fuel reserve. It is also the endocrine glands that send certain signals to the entire body. We can say that fat cells "talk with the body", and "the body responds to fat cells." This occurs with the participation of certain hormones and receptors.

To the body began to get rid of fat, you must force fat cells (adipocytes) to release fats into the systemic bloodstream. Then free fatty acids must be delivered to the working muscles, where they will be used as an energy source.

To release the fat from the "bunkers", you need a release of the hormone adrenaline, which gives the appropriate signal to the fat cells. Fat cells receive this hormonal signal through receptors to adrenaline, which are called adrenoreceptors.

On the surface of fat cells are adrenoreceptors of two types: beta 1 (B1) and alpha 2 (A2). The 1 receptors are "good guys". They activate hormone-dependent lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fats and allows them to be released into the systemic circulation for further utilization. But Axnumx is "bad guys". They block enzymes that break down fats in fat cells, and thus contribute to the accumulation of adipose tissue.

How does the distribution of adipose tissue affect your attempts to manifest abdominal cube?

What significance do all these physiological processes have for us? The most direct! It turned out that men in the lower abdomen are dominated by A2 adrenergic receptors, and this explains why this region accumulates fatty tissue among the first, and part with the fat accumulations of the latter. Incidentally, in women in the hips and buttocks, adipose tissue also contains predominantly A2 adrenergic receptors. It turns out that our problems are explained by the genetic predisposition and peculiarities of the hormonal and enzymatic mechanisms that we just discussed.

Now imagine that the muscles of the press are a deep part of the swimming pool. No matter how hard you try, you can not release water from this part of the basin without draining the shallow water first. But it should not upset you. Fat in the lower abdomen will definitely go away, just he will make it last. The abdomen is the first to accumulate fat and the last to part with its supplies.

This explains why exercises for the press have very little impact on fat burning. If you think that hundreds and thousands of twists will help to burn fat in the lower abdomen, you are very wrong. The only way to get rid of fat, and throughout the body, is to create a calorie deficit by reducing the energy value of the diet, increasing physical activity or a combination of both factors .

To a young man who was looking for answers to his questions, I recommended dramatically reducing the training for the press, and the time he wasted for endless twists to devote to intense cardio loads that burn hundreds of calories and power train different target muscle groups. I also suggested that he analyze his diet and, if necessary, adjust the menu, reducing the total calorie content.

As it turned out, his food was completely messy, and as experts in the field of dietetics like to say: "You can never defeat a lousy diet."

You are deeply mistaken if you think that 1000 repetitions of exercises for the press every day will take you to the top, while your diet is a real natural disaster and leads to the accumulation of fats. Notice, I'm not saying that training for the abdominals is not important. I just want to focus on the fact that even all the exercises in the world will not help you, as long as the muscles are covered with a thick layer of fat. You can not "remove the fat point" with the help of exercises for the press, and YOU DO NOT SEE THE CUBES THROUGH THE LAYER OF FATTY FABRICS.

My champion training for abdominal muscles

Personally, I give my abdominal muscles no more than 15 minutes twice a week and do 2-4 exercises for 10-25 repetitions for everyone. Forget about thousands of twists and torso lifts – it's a waste of time. My press looks the way it looks, not because of endless workouts, but thanks to reducing body fat to a minimum with a highly effective diet that promotes fat burning.

I'll talk about exercises for the press, which I use to improve the body and develop muscle. To this complex I return twice a week, and the exercises are changed about once a month, so that the muscles do not have time to get used to. I give preference to a little more repetitions than when working with other target groups, but as you can see, this is far from a thousand twists a day.

  • A1. Lifting the legs in the vise

Exercises of A1 and A2 inside the superset are performed without rest, we rest 60 seconds between supersets.

  • In1. Twisting on a fitball with weights (or twisting on a block with weights)

Exercises В1 and В2 inside the superset are performed without rest, we rest 60 seconds between supersets.

How to use cardio-loading for maximum fat burning?

In the 70 and 80-x years of the last century, aerobic and aerobic loads have undergone revolutionary changes, but much has changed since then. Over the years, aerobics was the "favorite child" of the fitness industry, and then scientists began to recognize and benefit from strength training – for everyone, not just for bodybuilders.

In recent years, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, and we increasingly began to hear the statements of fitness experts that cardio-operations should be reduced to a minimum, and even completely eliminated from the training program. Actually, in the world of fitness it is not uncommon – experts often rush from an extreme to an extreme and cardinally revise their recommendations. First they say "our cardio-operations are all", and then – "no cardio loads"!

I advise not to chase the fashion and listen to people who really know what they are talking about (for example, bodybuilders who are the world's most dried athletes). Doing nothing but cardio will be a big mistake. Completely deleting cardio-loads from its program is no less a mistake. The truth is somewhere in the middle: in order to achieve maximum fat burning, we must combine aerobic loads with power training.

If nature has awarded you an accelerated metabolism, it is enough to cut down the diet a little and remember a few times a week about cardio-operations. However, most owners of excess weight (such people are often called "endomorphs") simply can not burn enough calories and get the desired result. The only way out in this case will be an increase in physical activity to increase the intensity of energy metabolism.

For health purposes and for body weight control, I recommend three short cardio workouts per week, approximately 20-30 minutes each. But for maximum fat burning, I advise you to return to cardio-loads or other types of physical activity from 4 to 7 once a week for 30-45 minutes (depending on the results) with medium intensity. You can alternate cardiovascular variants, or you can stop on what you like more – an exercise bike, climbing a ladder, an orbitrek, a treadmill, fitness classes or other types of continuous and continuous loads. All of them are excellent fat burners, besides, it is not necessary to practice indoors or on cardio machines.

If you are limited in time, I recommend doing 2-3 cardio workouts at the maximum intensity of interval training – so you will achieve good results even from short training sessions. And the 20-25 minute session will bear fruit if it's really a high-intensity workout. Remember, you can see cubes of the abdominal press only with low body fat. Achieving a reduction in the percentage of fat mass can only be achieved by burning calories and creating a negative energy balance. Deficiency of calories is created by increasing the energy expenditure while reducing the calorie intake. Increasing the intensity of training is one way to burn more calories per unit of time.

Note. To create a sculpted physique with 3,7% fat mass that you see in my photos, I do cardio 7 days a week for 30-45 minutes in addition to 4 strength training per week.

So we got to the food. Knowledgeable people argue that "the abdominal muscles are created in the kitchen, and not in the gym", and in many respects it corresponds to reality. You can make thousands of twists every week, but if the diet is not balanced, you can forget about six cubes.

  1. The energy value of your diet should be at 15-20% below the daily requirement. If you use a more aggressive strategy and create a calorie deficit of the order of 25-30%, try not to maintain a long deficit for too long; Increase the caloric content of the diet to a daily requirement or even exceed it by 10-15% on 1-2 days a week.

1000 and more twists per day – a manifestation of stunning fortitude, that's just it will not lead to the appearance of relief and visible six cubes. If you are able to do 1000 repetitions a day on the press, you probably have already developed an excellent abdominal musculature and have definitely achieved great endurance. But, unfortunately, if your muscles are covered with a layer of fat, you will never see them, even if you do 10000 twists per day!

Develop and strengthen the abdominal muscles with special exercises . but the key to success is the reduction in fat mass!

Somehow I got a photo of a man who broke the Guinness World Record by the number of torso lifts. This may seem strange, but he did not have any abdominal muscles at all. I assure you, he did not suffer from obesity, he did not have excess weight, but a small layer of subcutaneous fat reliably hid the muscular relief. The best confirmation of the basic principles, which I spoke about in this article, can not be imagined.

A luxury press is the result of reducing body fat, and reducing the body fat can be by creating a calorie deficit through proper nutrition, stimulating metabolism and exercise that burn calories.

Throughout my career, which is more than 18 years and 28 bodybuilding competitions, I study the theory and practice the art of reducing fat mass in practice. I say this from the height of my experience, and my words do not differ from the case, as you can see by looking at my photos.

But 5 liters of water a day ?!

At me all so on 100% as it is written above. I do 1000 repetitions almost every day on the sides, on the press on 600, but the fat lives for a long time in the neighborhood with the navel. Which way should I go, Dmitri?

hello, could you help create a program to develop the press? it is desirable that you can do at home, I do not have fat, since I run a lot, but I eat a lot, I've been shaking the press for a long time, but everything is empty


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