Short diets: lose weight quickly and effectively!


Diets short or, as they are called, fast diets, are aimed at a strong weight loss in a short time. As a rule, such diets do not last more than 7 days. The result, which they give, is stunning, with strict observance of all the rules, you can lose every day by 1 kg. They are suitable for those who have the will power and who set a goal to reach the maximum in the minimum period.

However, it is worth noting that by choosing short-term diet for weight loss, you put your body in great stress, which can lead to various diseases or to exacerbate chronic diseases (if any). The constant feeling of hunger, does not allow to forget about food, which naturally affects the psyche, the mood, sleep and efficiency worsen.

In addition, the menstrual cycle can also be disturbed, so girls under 16 years are not recommended to follow such diets. It may also worsen the work of some organs and systems, so you should think in advance and prepare yourself psychologically, adjust your body to the forthcoming hunger strike.

So, if you do not have time to lose weight, sticking to long-term diets, and you need to lose weight quickly, then you can easily take advantage of a short diet, but only if you do not have serious health problems.

We bring to your attention several variants of short-term diets, from which you can choose for yourself exactly the one that you can withstand.

Short diet on 1 day

A short diet for weight loss on 1 day will allow you to lose an average of 1 kg in weight. We warn you immediately, you will have a hard time, it will be necessary throughout the day to eat only boiled cereals without salt, butter and any other additives that improve the taste of the dish.

The best option would be if you are eating buckwheat or rice. Prepare yourself in the morning rump and divide it into 4 – 5 meals. In this case, in one meal the amount of cereal should not be more than 200.

Between meals you need to drink water, at least 2-liters per day. However, it should also be drunk properly, if you want the result to be exactly what this diet promises. About 30 minutes before a meal you need to drink one glass of warm water, you can add a little lemon juice or a teaspoon of honey, it will muffle the feeling of hunger and speed up the process of metabolism in the body.

Short diets: lose weight quickly and effectively!

After a meal, you can not drink water for an hour, as it helps slow the metabolic processes in the body. To adhere to such a diet more than 1 day is not worth it, but to repeat it 1 once a week, that is, arrange for your body unloading days, you can.

Short diet on 3 days

This option of a short effective diet allows you to lose two to three kilograms of weight. The diet lasts, as you already guessed, 3 days. The diet is more varied than in the first version, and looks something like this:

  • 1 day: boiled cereals without salt and butter not more than 300 g for the whole day and either kefir (no more than 0,5l) or dried fruit (no more than 0,5 kg). Products should be alternated, that is, you ate porridge in the morning, and at lunch either drank yogurt or ate dried fruit. Meals also 4 – 5;
  • 2 day: Alternatively, you can alternate cottage cheese with apples, while the amount of cottage cheese should not exceed 0,6 kg, and the number of apples should not exceed 1 kg;
  • 3-th day of a diet can be the same as the first, or you can drink one kefir throughout the day, no more than 1,5 L per day.

During the diet, it is also necessary to observe the water regime. In a day, you also need to drink at least 2-xL of water. Drinking it is necessary according to the same scheme as in the first version.

Short diet for 5 days

This diet is the most effective short diet, since only 5 days can lose up to 6 kg in weight. You can eat only boiled rice and white fish. Products can not be combined, that is, they need to be alternated as well as in the second version of the diet. That is, in the morning you eat rice, at lunch fish, and for dinner again rice, etc.

Fish must be cooked either steamed or boiled in a small amount of water. Do not use salt and other additives. But you can add to the dish greens, such as parsley or coriander. Meals should also be at least 4. Between them it is necessary to drink water in the same quantity and according to the same scheme as in the previous versions.

Short diets: lose weight quickly and effectively!

Short diet for 7 days

This version of the short diet allows you to reset from 4 to 7 kg in weight. It lasts exactly one week. In this case, it completely eliminates fats, salt, sugar and spices. If you decide to try this diet, then you will have to adhere to the following diet:

  • 1 day: only milk with a low fat content and not more than 1,5 l per duck is allowed to drink;
  • 2-th day: only kefir with 1% fat content is permitted not more than 1,5 l per day;
  • 3 day: you can only eat chicken eggs, boiled hard, not more than 6 pieces per day;
  • 4 day: for the whole day you can eat only boiled beef or veal meat, while it should be lean, and when preparing it, do not use any seasonings, including salt;
  • 5-th day: it is allowed to eat only vegetables, any, but not more than 600 g, you can cook a vinaigrette;
  • 6 day: 2 kg of fruit, bananas and citrus fruits are not allowed;
  • 7 day: 2 kg of fruit, bananas and citrus fruits are not allowed.

Here such short-term diets will help you to lose those extra pounds quickly and efficiently. However, it is worth remembering that since the body is weakened during a diet, exercise can not be done. Also, from short-term diets, you should go out cautiously. You can not immediately lean on greasy and salty foods, it is not safe for your health and weight.

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