Skinny diet: the secrets of rapid weight loss

To look perfect and attractive, many women are ready to starve for weeks to get rid of excess weight. They are not at all interested in the consequences that hunger strikes give as a "bonus". The main thing for them is to achieve their goals and it does not matter how they will be achieved.

Today among these women, who are not afraid of any change in life, "lean diet" has become very popular. It lasts only one week, but even for such a short period of time you can reset to 5 extra kilograms. It is worth noting that this diet is very tight. During its observance, there may be headaches and dizziness, as well as severe pain in the lower abdomen and bloating. Also, many women "sitting" on a lean diet, noted rapid fatigue, weakness and a constant feeling of nausea.

Therefore, during the diet, you must carefully listen to your body and when you have a general malaise and severe pain, abandon it.

Before observing the diet, we recommend that you undergo a checkup at a medical center and consult a doctor. Such a diet can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases and the emergence of new ones.

Also, you should prepare for the possibility that your hair will begin to fall out, and your nails will become brittle. As a rule, this is a temporary phenomenon, which gradually passes after a return to the usual diet. This is due to the lack of vitamins in the diet menu.

The main rules of a lean diet

Like all nutrition programs aimed at reducing weight, lean diet has its own rules, non-observance of which can lead to a decrease in its effectiveness. Such rules include:

  • strict observance of the menu;
  • adherence to the drinking regime: a large amount of liquid must be drunk a day. It can be any liquid: ordinary drinking water, mineral water, juices, teas and herbal infusions. The main thing is that they would not contain sugar and gas;
  • there is for 3 hours before sleep is prohibited, it affects the body badly and slows the process of metabolism.

If you use juices as a liquid, you need to know that it should be fresh squeezed juices, and not storey ones, as they contain a lot of harmful substances that are added to increase their shelf life, and there are absolutely no vitamins and microelements so how all the fruits are thermally treated when making the beverage.

And vitamins in this case you just will be needed. Since the lean menu diet is very rigid and it practically lacks the substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Banana juice and grape juice should be excluded, they are considered high-calorie. It is also not recommended to drink pomegranate juice, since it negatively affects the stomach condition.

Menu of skinny diet

The lean diet has a very monotonous and boring menu. Therefore, you will have to be psychologically tuned before sticking to this diet, as a fresh and monotonous menu can cause your return to the previous diet.

The diet menu is as follows:

If you follow this diet is to abandon physical activity. However, a complete lack of activity can lead to worse results. You can walk along the street or visit the pools. The load should not be strong, as this can lead to dizziness and loss of consciousness.

More than 7 days for this menu "sit" on a diet can not. This will negatively affect the state of your health. You can repeat the diet only once every two to three months.

Quitting the diet

Exit from the diet should be gradual. Do not immediately lean on fatty and high-calorie food, as this can lead to a rapid return of lost pounds.

Caloric content of the diet should be increased gradually. In this case, you will need to eat foods without salt for two to three weeks. It delays fluid in the body, which can lead to a quick set of 2 – 3 kg.

It is recommended to drink kefir every day. It's best if this drink replaces your dinner for a few weeks. If you could withstand this diet, then to refuse dinner for you will not be difficult.

It is also recommended to increase physical activity. They will allow you to tighten the body, because rapid weight loss entails a sagging skin. Therefore, if you want to look attractive and sexy, you will still have to pull up your body.

In addition, you need to after the end of the diet to take vitamin complexes to replenish vitamins in the body. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, they contain a huge amount of useful micro and macro elements.

Do not forget about the observance of the drinking regime. This will prevent the slowing of metabolism, resulting in a gradual weight loss after the end of the diet.

Reviews about lean diet

And for example, when after a long winter I bring my weight in order, I never lean on diets alone. No, on a lean diet, it's good to sit, but without moving the diet quickly does not help to lose weight. The weight is then reset, but then again and again he can return. And so that this does not happen, I jump on a rope every day, even ten minutes a day. Well, of course, the diet, but what about without it? One time I was sitting on the Kremlin diet, but then I wanted something new, more effective. And I switched to a lean diet. Helps flawlessly! I advise you to test, girls! I suffer from thyroid gland, many diets do not suit me. And with this there are no problems. And yet, the main thing after a diet is not to eat plenty, you need to gradually get out of it. Otherwise, damage to the body and less use.

I really like seafood and, apparently, this "lean diet", just like me. I adhere to a diet according to the instruction described in this article and I do everything exactly so. I really started to lose weight in a week, which I noticed on the scales. Probably this diet is not suitable for those who have stomach problems, but I, fortunately, have it all right ..

Tried such a "brutal" attack on excess weight only once in a lifetime. What can I say? The result was even more serious than planned, a lean diet helped me to lose 6,8 kg. And this for a week! Favorite jeans after such extreme weight loss had to be worn with a belt. But the diet just can not be called. I want to eat all week and very much. Vitamins are then necessary! I drank Supradin (this is a vitamin complex). And one more tip: do not listen to relatives (you will be dissuaded).

The lean diet really works. I did not believe it until I tried it myself. It turned out to be a positive effect, dropped an entire 7 kilogram in three weeks, before that I had a weight in place for a very long time (I'm very glad that I finally found what I need. Now I feel very easy, only I had to resort to such a diet Now my diet is painted completely and I'm sure in the future

When I understand that I have run myself a little, then a lean diet always helps me out! Certainly a bit difficult, but when you see the first results, you realize that the result is worth all the effort. The main thing is not to forget to drink vitamins, to watch for well-being, to connect sports, and also to get out of the diet and try to refuse gingerbread, biscuits and chips! Although, when after a lean diet you look at yourself beautiful in the mirror, well, you do not want all these nasty things!

I was sitting on a lean diet before the new year. You know, I did not expect such a result. Yes, it was hard. But it was worth it. On the corporate husband looked best. Wives of other employees even got a little tired of idiotic questions: how? Fast?

And one more plus was the money saved) the money that I used to spend on cafes and restaurants I spent on a fitness room.

Girls, the diet works. Has thrown off superfluous kgs, now it is happy and I am proud of myself! I ate strictly on this menu, drank a lot of water and did not eat anything for 3 hours before sleep. The first days were insanely hard, I thought I would surrender. But no! As soon as I saw the first results, immediately there were forces and I was able to do it! The main thing is to get out of the diet! Follow the instructions and do not lean on fatty food right away! All the best!

Oh girls, the diet is heavy but effective! After giving birth 21 kg, imagine !? The first time just adhered to the usual diet, but through 3 kg weight just got up, eventually decided to turn to an endocrinologist. She also advised me to "skinny diet", as during this diet the body feels stress and begins to rebuild sharply and that gives impulses to weight loss. The main thing is to endure the first two days, the other five pass quietly. For a week, I lost 4,5 kg, so blow but carefully)

There was a period when, after a heavy weight loss and weight loss, with the help of an active lifestyle and apple diet, there was an event in life that knocked out of the rut. I did not notice how I recovered. And she began to gain weight actively, but in time recovering, not without the help of relatives. I decided to try a lean diet. Knowingly it refers to the list of one of the most effective. In general, for a couple of weeks, I was able to practically reach the desired result. Be careful not to run yourself. All the happiness and love.

Literally for a couple of months in the summer typed 20 kg, and it was necessary to immediately relieve at least part of the weight. The diet is very stiff so it is necessary to sit on it only with strong health, able to withstand the load. However, the effect is seen literally at a glance, -5kg per week. The most important thing in an alkaline diet is willpower, because without it simply does not last a week with such harsh conditions.

Many thanks to the author for a chewy diet)))))


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