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Before colonoscopy, the large intestine must be completely cleared, as this is a necessary condition for a successful process. Compliance with dietary recommendations is usually required for one to two days and a slag-free diet before colonoscopy – this is a measure that will allow you to properly prepare for the procedure.

In addition, when it is necessary to check the presence of latent colon cancer with the help of a colonoscopy, then some preparation is required, which takes an average of 16 hours, which is much more than the process itself. But the most unpleasant is certainly laxative potent remedies, which must be taken before the procedure and which cause severe diarrhea.

Indications for the appointment of a slag-free diet

Diet before colonoscopy of the intestine – this is a special diet, aimed at “unloading” the body, by using only neutral products and a large number of liquids.

A slagaceous ration is necessary when preparing for a colonoscopy, but it can also be used for other purposes:

  • weight loss;
  • getting rid of cellulite;
  • cleansing of the intestines from slags;
  • skin cleansing

If you were prescribed a colonoscopy, then you need to prepare for it in a few days with a special diet and laxatives.

Colonoscopy is prescribed to detect small cancers of the colon, as long as they are treatable, and before they spread to other parts of the body. It also helps to detect and remove polyps, small sprouts that can develop into colon cancer.

Cancer of the colon and rectum (known as colorectal cancer) is the third most common type of cancer in men and women and the second cause of death.

Basic principles of a slag-free diet before colonoscopy

Emptying the contents of the colon is a key condition for successful colonoscopy. If the preparation of the intestine does not correspond to the nominal value, polyps and lesions may be missed. For this reason, the procedure may take longer (increasing the risk of complications) or you may need to repeat or re-plan the entire process, which means the preparation of the bowel anew.

It is important to observe hydration before the procedure. Water, sports energy drinks, clarified juices and broths are ideal for the day before the procedure. They also feed your body with the right balance of electrolytes. Lollipops, gelatin and transparent hard candies are also allowed for a slag-free diet. Avoid red or violet fluids, because their color can be interpreted as the presence of blood in the colon during the procedure. When drying the mouth, suck the crushed ice.

Various medical centers recommend different ways of preparing the colon for colonoscopy. There are two parts: a diet and a drinking liquid for cleansing the intestines. Here are some of the basic strategies.

What can you eat before the procedure?

A few days before the procedure, start using low-viscous fiber: without whole grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and raw fruits or vegetables.

The day before the procedure, do not eat solid food. Instead, consume only light liquids, such as broth or compote, green tea, clarified juices (apple, white grapes), clear non-alcoholic or sports drinks.

Red, orange or purple drinks can leave a colored precipitate on the walls of the colon, and this deposit may look like blood in a colonoscopy, so these drinks should be avoided for two days before the test begins. In addition, you should not consume dark gelatin, since this can have the same effect.

The diet menu on 3 days and on the 1 week

Patients should focus on eating only easily digestible foods three to four days before the colonoscopy. These options include boiled chicken, potato without skin, cheese, eggs, steamed white fish and white soups.

Avoid eating fatty foods, such as red meat, and you should not consume high fiber foods on days preceding colonoscopy, as this can increase activity in the colon, reducing visibility for the doctor. High fiber foods can include certain vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole grains, cereals, bran and seeds.

Example of the menu before colonoscopy of the intestine:

  1. Breakfast can include a glass of apple juice, 1 serving of jelly and 1 cup of coffee with sugar.
  2. For dinner, eat 1 a glass of chicken broth, a cup of ginger tea, 1 a portion of fruit slug and hot tea with sugar.
  3. Afternoon snacks can consist of one or two hard candies that do not contain chocolate or dark food colors.
  4. An approximate dinner can include 1 glass of beef broth, a glass of juice, 1 a glass of lemon jelly and hot tea with sugar and lemon.

Consume only clean liquids, starting the day before the colonoscopy procedure and continuing until six to eight hours before the procedure. Permitted liquids are clear dishes that have room temperature, you can have tea and coffee, but without adding milk or cream.

Diet before colonoscopy in combination with Fortrans

In the afternoon or evening, before colonoscopy, drink a liquid that will cause diarrhea of ​​the intestine. Doctors for this purpose usually appoint “Fortrans”. The exact instructions for cooking depend on the doctor’s advice, the time and type of the procedure, and any previous experience that you had.

A preferred method is known as divided dosing. You take the medicine in the 2 or 3 approach, depending on your weight and diluting each sachet in a liter of water. The first liter should be taken the night before the procedure, and the second – six hours before it. Fortrans can cleanse the inside more thoroughly than the enema.

Contact your endoscopist to discuss the appropriate remedy that best suits you, its doses and the timing of the application.

Preparing for a colonoscopy can be uncomfortable and time consuming, but this should not be a test.

Here are some things that you can do to make the preparation as smooth and comfortable as possible:

  1. Make sure that you have received instructions for the preparation for the colonoscopy long before the date of the procedure and read them completely. It’s time to contact the endoscopist for any questions and buy a prescribed medication for the intestines.
  2. Stock up with moist baby napkins and soothing cream that will be very useful when you start diarrhea and will reduce the local irritating factor.
  3. Organize the time and confidentiality necessary to complete the preparation, with minimum stress. Clean the schedule and be at home on time to begin preparation. If you have children or elderly parents who need attention, let someone else be with them until you are free.

Drink plenty of liquid before, during and after the preparation of the intestine (usually up to several hours before the procedure), and also after a colonoscopy.

To facilitate swallowing a liquid preparation, such as Fortrans, try one or more of the following if it is not tasteless:

  • add lemon or ginger;
  • be sure to cool the drink before use;
  • Drink it through a straw, placed deep on the tongue;
  • pinch your nose while swallowing;
  • lick a slice of lemon after another portion with the medicine;
  • keep lemon or lime near the nose while you drink.

Wear loose clothing and stay near the bathroom. Even better, as soon as preparation begins, stay in the bathroom – as during the urge it can be difficult to hold back. Think about the convenience of the bathroom for a long time – with music, laptop, magazines and books near the toilet.

Pros and cons of a slag-free diet

Advantages of colonoscopy are as follows:

  • the most effective way to identify colorectal cancer;
  • reveals the presence of such problems as irritable bowel syndrome, polyps, ulcers and other inflammations.
  • highly informative method of visualizing the surface and appearance of the colon.
  • It is an invasive procedure that involves mechanical interference and discomfort;
  • purification of the intestine involves the washing away of beneficial microflora and disrupts peristalsis;
  • sometimes the procedure provokes hemorrhoidal bleeding.

There are also non-invasive procedures, such as colonoscopy of computed tomography, which can be used instead of it.


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