Slag-free diet

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The effectiveness of instrumental methods of examination of various parts of the large intestine, in particular colonoscopy, and timely diagnosis of pathology in their conduct is largely due to the quality of cleaning the intestine. Despite the obviousness and understanding by patients of the importance of adequate preliminary preparation of the intestine, endoscopists often encounter poor visualization during colonoscopy, which is the reason for missing a pathological focus or neoplasms, and also insufficiently precise determination of the boundaries of its localization.

An obligatory stage of preparation of the intestine and organs of the abdominal cavity for examination (colonoscopy, before the MRI of the abdominal cavity, before ultrasound), and before the operation on the intestine is a slag-free diet. If the diet is not adhered to or improperly carried out, all efforts to prepare the intestine, even with the most effective oral preparations, will not give the desired result.

What is a slag-free diet? This is a short-term nutritional diet, in which foods and foods that create a minimum amount of solid excrement are included in the diet and contribute to the excretion of feces from the body and the maximum cleansing of the intestine from slags.

When preparing for colonoscopy, the main task is to maximize the clearance of the intestinal and mucosal lumen from dense undigested remnants of food and mucus. At the same time, a slag-free diet before colonoscopy not only cleans the intestine, but also restores physiologically normal peristalsis, improves metabolism and overall well-being, since dietary nutrition also provides cleansing of the body from slags and toxins. The diet, in most cases, is prescribed for 3 days before the colonoscopy procedure, however, in the presence of a number of indications (bowel anomalies, regular constipation) the term can vary from 3 to 7 days.

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Basic principles of the diet:

  • The diet is unbalanced and physiologically inferior, so it can only be prescribed for a short period of time.
  • Diet in front of colonoscopy of the intestine should maximally maintain the water balance and provide the body vitamins, microelements and a small amount of energy.
  • In the food menu, hard-to-digest products containing a lot of fiber or promoting the development of fermentation processes in the intestine are completely excluded: wiry and fatty meats, sausages, fats, canned food, marinades, smoked products, fresh vegetables, greens and mushrooms. Do not allow any legumes, coarse cereals, bran and rye bread, nuts, seeds, whole milk and dairy products, alcohol, rye flour products.
  • The basis of the diet is made up of broths, low-fat diet meat in small quantities, liquid soups, cereals.
  • Drinking regime – 1,5-2,0 liter of free liquid per day.
  • Products are steamed or boiled. It is forbidden to eat all fried foods, especially with crust.
  • Too much salty and spicy food and products are excluded.
  • Fractional food intake in small portions.
  • The day before the examination, you should switch completely to liquid food: vegetable soups, tea with honey, juice diluted with water, low-fat yogurt / kefir.

Colonoscopy or other methods of instrumental examination (as directed by a doctor).

In the diet menu, lean broths and clear soups based on vegetables, chicken and beef meat, chicken meat, rabbit meat, turkey, lean fish, steamed fish (cod, pike perch, perch, pike), manna and corn cereals, eggs in the form of omelets or cooked soft-boiled, cheese, olive, sunflower and butter, white rice, high-quality pasta, boiled and canned vegetables without peel and seeds (cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms), fruit juice without pulp, ripe melon, peaches , apricots, purified non-carbonated pi water, tea black and green, coffee without cream and milk, jelly, compotes without thick, natural syrups and jellies, honey, dairy products (low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt without additives, kefir, skim milk), dry without yeast dietary cookies (without fruit additives), crackers, bread crumbs of white bread.

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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