Slender waist for a couple of weeks – possible!

As a result of the survey of the male population, it turned out that men, no matter how strange it sounded, most of all women do not like big breasts and long legs, but the waist, namely a thin waist with an ideal tummy, without hanging sides and folds. It is for this reason that most women began to search the Internet for a special diet for a thin waist and abdomen.

But, unfortunately, there is no specially developed diet for this area, since the process of losing weight affects absolutely every part of the body, including the breast. In order to lose weight at the waist, you can use any effective diet for weight loss. The only rule is to exercise daily, focusing on the abdominal muscles. Only this way you can become the owner of a thin waist and a flat belly.

As a diet for weight loss, you can use the aspen waist diet, which allows you to quickly remove fat deposits in the abdominal region, resulting in a more pronounced muscle relief. The diet of an aspen waist implies compliance with certain rules, which we will describe to you below.

Rules of the diet aspen waist

  1. Flax and pastry, canned fish, fast food, fried and spicy dishes, marinades and soda water can be removed from the daily ration.
  2. Add to your diet fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and glucose;
  3. Incorporate in the daily diet in small quantities lean meat and fish, dairy and sour-milk products and various cereals.
  4. It is necessary to drink up to 2 liters of liquid daily, you can drink both ordinary non-carbonated mineral water and tea, preferably green, without the addition of sugar.
  5. During the diet, you can not drink alcoholic beverages;
  6. Regularly perform physical exercises.

Here are such a difficult rule you will have to fulfill if you want to lose weight at the waist. If you need to remove fat from the sides in just a couple of weeks and make the tummy flat and attractive, we suggest the following menu, which must be observed during 7 – 14 days (the duration of the diet depends on the result you want to achieve).

Sample menu

In total, you should have 4 meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. At the same time, dinner should be held no later than 18: 00.

1-th meal: 1 glass 1% kefir, one egg, hard-boiled, you can also drink a cup of tea, of course, unsweetened.

2-th meal: 150 g of vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice (without salt and butter) and 100 g boiled lean beef.

3-th meal: you can eat 1 any fruit (in priority apples) and drink one cup of tea.

4-th meal: vegetable salad with boiled lean meat (50 g) and a couple of slices of cheese of solid varieties.

Another menu option that can be used when observing a diet for the waist and abdomen:

  • breakfast: 1 green apple and 25 g oat flakes without sugar and oil;
  • lunch: vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice without salt, boiled chicken fillet without skin (50 g), a couple of slices of cheese;
  • dinner: lean meat, grilled and vegetable salad dressed 1 st. l. olive oil.

Observing such a menu, you can easily lose a few pounds, but without exercise you will not be able to achieve the desired results. First, without physical exercises, metabolic processes in the body will slow down, because of what the weight can stand on "one place". Secondly, without physical exercises after losing weight, your skin can sag. Well, thirdly, only physical exercises will help you to get a flat and beautiful tummy, since only they are able to pump the press.


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