Slopes to the side with a barbell

Tilts to the side with the bar – technique of the exercise:

  1. Stand straight by holding the bar on your shoulders (just below the neck). Legs shoulder width apart. This will be your starting position.
  2. Continuing to keep your back straight, and head straight, take a breath at the waist in the right side as low as you can. Hold in this position, on exhalation return to the starting position. Tip: watch the motionless body, performing movement only in the waist.
  3. Repeat the slope to the left. Pause and go back to the starting position.
  4. Carry out the necessary number of repetitions.

Attention: be careful when performing this exercise, if you have problems with the lower back, or refrain from doing it.

Variations: you can perform this exercise sitting on a bench or with dumbbells instead of a bar.


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