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Carbohydrates are very important for athletes, as they are the main fuel for the body. The lack of carbohydrates affects not only the strength of athletes, but also the work of the body as a whole. Deficiency of carbohydrates can lead to weakness, drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, a decrease in the intensity of the training process and even the development of certain diseases, as carbohydrates are needed by all our organs and systems. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the most useful for athletes are slow carbohydrates (complex), which are able to maintain a sufficiently long time the strength of the body at an appropriate level. These carbohydrates have a low glycemic index and do not cause a significant rise in insulin.

Slow or complex carbohydrates Are polysaccharides: glycogen, starch, chitin, dextrin, glucomannan, cellulose. Their molecules contain from three to several thousand monosaccharides, so their assimilation occurs gradually, as energy is consumed in the body.

At least 50% of the daily caloric intake should be carbohydrates. The most important complex carbohydrates should be taken at least 40X before starting workout. They are digested slowly, for several hours, and evenly saturate the blood with glucose, which ensures a constant level of sugar in the blood of the athlete. Studies have shown that the endurance of athletes increases, and fat is better burned when consuming slow carbohydrates just before the start of training.

Slow carbohydrates maintain a steady level of energy and help maintain a sense of satiety for a long time after eating. Also at their expense you can reduce the amount of calories consumed, which will help you lose weight, but at the same time have enough energy for training.

Sources of slow carbohydrates are products with a high content of starch, having a less sweet taste.

Slow carbohydrates

Products containing slow carbohydrates

Slow carbohydrates are taken for 30-60 minutes before training and throughout the day.

Slow carbohydrates

Slow carbohydrates

Slow carbohydrates

Slow carbohydrates

Slow carbohydrates

Evaluate pliz correctly I do everything to burn fat with minimal muscle loss ?: Breakfast = muesli on milk Breakfast2 = 4 boiled eggs Lunch = soup, cutlet Lunch2 = Cutlet + rice Workout. After her banana Dinner = chicken breast Supper2 = curd fat-free Sleep 9 hours and all for a new one. Three strength training sessions and two cardio sessions per week

and how much per day do you need to consume calories to lose weight?

and yet some people write: "Eat potatoes, there is starch there! ", While others do not eat it, they get better from it! How is this to be understood? explain please

I'm very thin (the growth of 160, the weight of 38-39-40, unsteadily jumps) I really want to get better, but do not get (I'm pretty much), please tell me something .

Drink brewer's yeast.

Eat more flour, sweet, fat and get well.

and be sure to count the calories, it's easy. Start with 1800kkl per day, a week later, if not, add another 200kkl, then another. The main thing to do sports, and then all carbohydrates will go to fat.

It's simple. Eat 3 times a day for 300-500kkl, fish is very desirable, it is very caloric and the main useful, absolute good, unlike meat and pork, eat chicken. 2 times a day you drink 2 a glass of kefir with fructose (2 spoons in a glass) (total 4 glass = 800ml per day, you can 400 drink, calories less 2 times) Kefir absorbed 40-60min, milk is very hard to digest, and benefits in the difference from kefir in it is almost none (about calcium do not say, this is a stereotype, calcium bones are needed as well as all other minerals, so bones need both proteins and fats, do not falter). You can buy oatmeal and drink it in a shaker with water and fructose (2 spoons) 2 daily for 50g. With milk I do not advise to interfere, tk. milk is very long absorbed, the oatmeal is also absorbed for a long time (which is good, because low GI), in total they will not be assimilated at all. With the protein, too, do not mix, in general, with any dairy they say it is better not to interfere with any cereals. Protein I drink an hour before the oatmeal. About the fiber more details on YouTube "Technological geyner independently (Old Russian recipe)" by Boris. I really start to punch the beginning so I have stopped with the fiber, but a very effective thing, I strongly advise. The usual water (not tea, not juice, not soup !!) to drink 1.5l per day, not more than 1 for sure, for your weight more and do not need it yet, unless the trenches are zhetskikh. Be sure to keep a diary in which at least put a tick that they ate.

and rice to cook on milk or on water?

"If you want to lose weight quickly, get an expressive muscle relief, you should give preference to products with a glycemic index below 60" – this is a guideline that would lose weight . But the very-recommended table in which there are positions I do not understand . Milk chocolate – 35 (Glekemichesky index), Pelmeni-65 . .. And there are neponyatki . People how to understand this? Maybe someone will tell you .

Dmitry, I go in for sports, go to the gym, run, I'm interested in how to eat properly, not only not to recover, but also to lose extra pounds. I understand slow carbohydrates in the morning, in the second squirrel? If it's not difficult for you, please write to me. Thank you so much .

Ani, we have a good article on this topic: a diet for weight loss.

A huge you spaibo Dmitry Already 4 weeks as I sit on the child and in my result is.

Thank you so much! Food is the foundation of the sport!

Useful information, Thank you!

tell or say pozhalusta what carbohydrates it is necessary prinemat for a set of mass? (fast or slow)

Can fruits be referred to as slow carbohydrates?

Depends on the glycemic index. Some can be attributed, some – no.

All the same about potatoes they write that it refers more to slow carbohydrates, but you write it in fast ones? Proofs?

Boiled potatoes, for example, the glycemic index 82, and baked 111. Much depends on the variety of potatoes, however, it can definitely be attributed to fast carbohydrates. Source: Harvard Medical School Research

Thank you, Dmitry, I already figured it out myself. Turning to beans, in principle, well-cooked, it is absorbed with no less appetite. Well, aerobic exercise (running) added to regular training, such things .

Thank you. For me, the discovery in the field of products.

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