Soy diet for weight loss

To look slim and fit, you need to make maximum efforts. And it's not just about sports, although they also have a lot of important role in this matter, but also about special nutrition programs that are aimed at weight reduction.

Most diets pursue a simple goal – to eliminate excess fatty formations. But together with take off, muscle mass also decreases, which for undesirable athletes and sports fans is an undesirable process. Therefore, many of them use a special diet that avoids loss of muscle mass – a soy diet. About it now and talk.

Advantages of soy diet

Soy diet is one of the few that can provide the body with the necessary protein, even vegetable origin, which does not allow the muscle mass to decrease together with the fat cells. This, in turn, on condition of doing sports, makes the body of a man fit and slender, and its relief is pronounced and beautiful.

After all, soy is a product that consists of 45% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 36% fat. And the fat here is also of vegetable origin, meaning that it will be easily digested by the body, not having time to be stored in secluded places.

In addition, soy contains vitamins B and E, which leads to an improvement in the skin, hair and nails. And to all this, this product is low-calorie, which makes the soy diet just perfect for both men and women.

There are several options for soy diet. Let's consider each of them.

Option № 1

This variant of the diet implies the use of ordinary food. But when preparing it, it is very important to replace cheese, milk, meat, as well as other products with soya analogs. But it is worth remembering that you are trying to reduce weight, which means that there should not be any additives.

In addition, it is also worthwhile to introduce some restrictions on nutrition. Refuse desserts, flour, mayonnaise and other products that contain harmful fats and carbohydrates. As for dairy and fermented milk products, it is very important to ensure that their fat content does not exceed 1%.

Otherwise, there are no restrictions. The main thing is drink plenty of drinking water and unsweetened green tea.

Option № 2

This diet option is pretty strict. To observe it, you will need soy beans, which must be soaked for 10-12 hours (preferably done in the evening before going to bed), and then cook until ready (soy bean cooking time is 50-70 minutes).

For one day you will need to cook a total of 0,5 kg of beans, which then need to be divided into 4-5 equal portions and eat at regular intervals.

Soya diet results are good, but stick to it for more than 5 days (it's about the second option), it is not recommended. Soya has a specific taste and can not taste to everyone. Moreover, it is problematic to find it today on the shelves of grocery stores. And based on the reviews of those who have lost weight, we can conclude that soybean causes flatulence and bloating if it is eaten for more than 3 days.

Moreover, it is not logical to abandon fats of animal origin, because they also play an important role in the functioning of the body. If you completely eliminate them from your diet, you run the risk of your health. Do not forget that any diet, including soy, requires prior consultation with a specialist.


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