Sports diet for weight loss

Sport and diet are two whales, on which the state of health and ideal parameters of the figure are kept. Both women and men try to look irreproachable at any time of the year, but someone else wants to pump up their muscles. So the sports diet for weight loss includes proper nutrition and a set of regular physical exercises, fulfilling these prescriptions within two weeks, you can lose about 9-10 kg of excess weight and plunge into the world of lightness and cheerfulness.

Only for YOU – sports diet for women

  1. For 5 hours before the start of exercise, eating foods rich in protein is not recommended.
  2. Two hours before training and 2 hours after there is not, only water in limited quantities.
  3. Protein food is better absorbed and gives remarkable results after performing special exercises.
  4. It is not necessary to use a lot of liquid in the classes, it will only slow down the process of removing toxic substances from the body and will damage the kidney and liver system.

Water should be without gas, for 20 minutes before the start of training drink a glass of liquid, and during exercises one sip every 20 minutes.

Sample menu for every day 14 daytime sports diet for women

For breakfast: 100 g muesli, 2 eggs, 50 g low-fat cottage cheese and orange smoothies.

The second breakfast: a salad of fresh vegetables and fruits, a glass of unsweetened yogurt.

Lunch: 100 g cooked chicken meat and dark rice, salad of green vegetables, with a limited amount of salt and seasoned with lemon juice.

Snack: baked potatoes and unsweetened yogurt.

Dinner: 200 grams of shrimp, a salad of fresh vegetables and a green apple.

In the daily diet can be introduced boiled beef, fish, sour-milk products low-fat, seaweed, various vegetables and fruits.

During weight loss is not recommended to use:

  • Bakery and confectionery products.
  • Fried and fatty dishes.
  • Different types of conservation.
  • High-calorie vegetables and fruits, bananas are allowed to maintain muscle mass and increase energy for exercise.
  • Carbonated drinks and sour juices, which can cause fermentation in the digestive tract.
  • Seasonings, spices, spices.

Complex exercises for weight loss

  1. Lying on your back, bend your knees and throw your hands behind your back. Slightly rising, try to alternately get the left elbow right knee and vice versa. Breathe in your mouth, inhale – exhale. Gradually increase the number of times and duration of the procedure. 4-8 approaches 10 once a day will be enough. Exercise helps to remove fat folds in the waist and hips.
  2. Lying on your side, bend your arms in the elbows and put under your head. Further on exhalation we lift the upper leg, on a breath – we lower. On 10-15 time on each leg. Two weeks you will get slender and taut legs, podkachaete muscles of the surface of the thigh.
  3. We lay on our backs, stretch our arms along, our knees are bent, our legs are spread over the width of our shoulders. We raise the pelvis upward, without taking our hands off the floor. We do 10-15 times every 4 approach. Exercise helps to deflate the back muscles and make the buttocks elastic.
  4. We finish the lesson with sit-ups. 3 approach on 15 times, and you can say goodbye to the fat folds on your buttocks. Such simple exercises at home, if you follow the above diet, will give you an excellent state of health and a beautiful fit figure.

The main thing is to conduct classes on a regular basis, not to juggle, and to be purposeful.

Sports diet for men

The diet for men is very different from that for women:

The principle of nutrition is as follows:

  • 2 liter of liquid per day
  • Eat at least 6 once a day in small portions
  • There are stewed and boiled foods
  • Keep track of the amount of plant food, more protein, especially after regular exercise
  • In the preference of citrus and green apples
  • Brown rice, preferably steamed with a glass of boiling water
  • Natural juices in unlimited quantities.


  • STOP alcohol and cigarettes
  • Sweets are replaced with dried fruits
  • Do not pass, even if some of the foods from the diet can be eaten in unlimited doses
  • NO greasy, salty, baked products
  • Semi-prepared foods and canned food are banned.

Sample menu for every day 14 daytime sports diet for men

For breakfast: 200 g oatmeal porridge, 2 eggs (preferably protein), a glass of grapefruit juice and 50 grams of cottage cheese.

The second breakfast: fruit salad and 200 g low-fat yogurt.

We have lunch: 100 g of boiled beef and dark rice, salad of green vegetables, compote of their dried fruits.

Snack: baked potatoes and unsweetened yogurt.

Dinner: 200 g stewed fish, salad of green apples and carrots.

In the daily diet can be introduced boiled turkey, chicken, rabbit, fish, dairy products, shrimp, various vegetables and fruits.

Sports diet for weight gain

To grow muscle in the diet should prevail protein in a certain proportion – 2g protein per kilogram of your weight. For example, you weigh 80kg, then you must consume a minimum of 160g protein per day. Order 2,5 g for each kilogram of weight.

The more plant foods in the diet, the more there must be protein, which plays a major role in creating strong and inflated muscles.

During hard training, the body needs a vitamin and mineral complex, which must be used.

Sports diet for body drying

It is often used during training and athletes, athletes, bodybuilders.

The main goal is to remove the fat cells from the body and create all the conditions for increasing muscle mass.

The priority in nutrition is protein food, which can be eaten without restriction. Mandatory control of calories and plant foods, less fat and carbohydrates. Intensive exercise in the first place. Duration of the diet depends on the established parameters of the body and the target.

A trainer and a nutritionist must necessarily control the workload and the dietary diet system.


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