Squats with dumbbells in the hands for girls and men

Each girl dreams of a tight figure and elastic buttocks. And every man – about the broad shoulders and strong muscles. Dumbbell exercises are suitable for any of these purposes. Such training will help strengthen the figure, lead the muscles into tonus, and also can overcome stress and disorders in the functioning of metabolism. These exercises are equally in demand among both beginners and in the circle of professionals, since only increasing the weight of a dumbbell can change the entire exercise.

What is the use of squats with dumbbells? What kinds of exercises exist? Is there a range of activities for men and women? About this and many other things we will tell below.

Before you start the basic workout, you need to warm up. This will help stretch the muscles and prepare them for heavier loads. An important point is the completion of the training. After the intensive part, you should complete the final and calming tasks aimed at stretching and toning the muscles. Good classes with fitball, or some poses from yoga are good.

In order for the exercises to bring maximum benefit to the figure and health, it is necessary to carry them out correctly. Consider the rules for simple sit-ups. Such exercises can be performed at the beginning of training, as the preparation of muscles for the subsequent load.

  • Adopt standing position, feet shoulder width apart;
  • Slowly lower the trunk, simultaneously pushing the hips back, as if sitting on a chair;
  • Do squats as deep as possible, then stand up with your legs straight;
  • Important: during the training, move the center of gravity to the feet;
  • Take a breath while lowering the body, exhale – when lifting.

One course of exercises with deep squats can significantly improve not only the figure, but also the state of health in general. So, after intensive studies, the following changes appear:

  • Muscles of the pelvis, waist, thighs are visibly tightened;
  • Normalized metabolic processes in the body;
  • Sometimes there is normalization of the hormonal background. After active squats in the body increases the production of testosterone. People with a shortage of this hormone are shown these exercises;
  • Joints become more flexible and mobile;
  • The load is removed from the spine. The peculiarity of squats is that they are able to strain the muscles of the legs without stress on the back;
  • The body is prepared for intensive muscle building. After squats, it's much easier to build muscle;
  • There is a rush of vivacity, increased efficiency.

Squats with dumbbells for girls

A feature of training with dumbbells for girls is that when they are performed, the gluteus maximus muscle, thighs, quadriceps, calf muscles are treated. Also, muscles of the upper arm, the press, arms and back (the so-called muscle stabilizers) come into tonus.

Let's take a closer look at the most popular types of sit-ups with dumbbells for girls:

During these exercises, swinging the hamstrings, buttocks, quadriceps. The technique includes such movements:

  1. Lower arms with dumbbells along the trunk;
  2. feet to arrange and fix;
  3. the back is straight;
  4. on exhalation perform a squat before forming a right angle in the knees, dumbbells should reach the calves;
  5. stay in position for a few seconds;
  6. On inhalation return to the initial position.

The exercise is aimed at training the hips and buttocks.

  1. the starting position is standing, the back is straight, the elbows are bent;
  2. With both hands take the dumbbell and place it in the area of ​​the chest;
  3. hands are pressed to the chest or shoulders;
  4. crouch on exhalation, get up on inspiration;
  5. so that the weight is better kept, you can point your elbows up.

This exercise is designed for the gluteal muscles and for the group of the anterior muscles of the thigh.

  1. from the standing position to make a big step forward so that when performing the subsequent squatting the leg bends to an angle of 90 degrees;

dumbbells in both hands, lowered along the trunk;

  1. During the squats, the leg that is in front works is mostly;
  2. The back foot serves for balance;
  3. crouch to actively, before touching the knee of the rear floor foot;
  4. crouch – exhale, rise – breath;

Squats for hamstrings and buttocks

  1. stand upright, feet shoulder width apart, chest forward, back should be bent;
  2. dumbbells in both hands are located along the trunk;
  3. it is important not to start burdening inside or out, also do not pull the arms forward, do not pull back;
  4. brush with weight goes roughly to the heel;
  5. on the inspiration sit as low as possible, on exhalation to rise;
  6. Do not tear the feet off the floor.

These include suomo squats, plie, with weight on the shoulders. Depending on sex, training experience and physical fitness, you can increase or decrease the number of approaches and weight of dumbbells.

This name was given to this kind of exercises because of the similar position with the position of sumo wrestlers during the battle.

  1. spread legs widely;
  2. dumbbells to fix in the arms extended along the body;
  3. You can perform the exercise with one dumbbell, placing it between the legs and taking it with both hands;
  4. the back is straight, the sight is directed forward;
  5. on inhalation, slowly sit down until a right angle is formed in the knees;
  6. stay in tension for a few seconds, then exhale back into the starting position;
  7. at the beginning of training to perform no more than 12 repetitions. Then the amount can be increased.

Exercise is designed mainly for women, but also suitable for beginners and men. These sit-ups can pull up the body, and also teach the technique of correct squats with weight. During training, the muscles of the buttocks and the inner surface of the thigh are actively developed.


  1. in a standing position, pull dumbbells in front of him parallel to the floor;
  2. you can use one load, placing it between the legs;
  3. legs should be placed wider than shoulders, keep your back straight, look forward;
  4. on inhalation, squat down to an angle of 90 degrees in the knees;
  5. strongly strain the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, linger not 5 seconds;
  6. on an exhalation to rise.

Squats with dumbbells on the shoulders

Their peculiarity is that besides the tension of the lower part of the body, there is also a load on the muscles of the shoulders and back, which has a tonic and strengthening effect.

The sequence of the exercises:

  1. stand up, legs apart at shoulder level, socks are deployed to the sides;
  2. fix the load in the lower part of the shoulders;
  3. elbows should be parallel to the floor, between the elbows and the body should be a right angle;
  4. back and head are straight;
  5. take a deep breath and slowly sit down so that the thigh line becomes parallel to the horizontal surface;
  6. on exhalation return to the initial position;
  7. it is best to breathe in with your nose during exercise, and exhale with your mouth.

Their feature is that during training you need to squat as low as possible, before touching the buttocks with heels, then the effect of squats will be maximum. Also, you can not tear your heels off the floor, and during the sit-ups strain the buttocks. The most popular exercises for training buttocks:

  • Put the back of the chair and do squats before touching the buttocks to the chair. Keep dumbbells along the trunk;
  • Crouch on one leg. Stand up straight, one leg back and put it on a chair. After a few repetitions, change your legs. Keep dumbbells in both hands along the trunk. Do not forget about the straight back.

Secrets and tweaks when doing sit-ups

  1. The narrower the distance between the legs, the higher the load on the muscles during training;
  2. If you notice during the exercises that the heels are lifting, or it is simply difficult to hold the foot, then you can use the stand (2 cm), but you do not need to get used to it, it is desirable to learn how to perform movements correctly, without additional facilitating devices;
  3. The more the body tilts, the higher the load on the back and lower on the legs;
  4. Execute approaches after no more than 1 minutes after the previous one;
  5. The lower the squatting, the stronger the load on the muscles of the buttocks;
  6. During squats, you can not take your knees in;
  7. Do not lower your head down, your gaze should be pointed forward, not at your feet;
  8. When the squat reached its peak, at the bottom point you can make a push with your heels and begin to rise;
  9. If the weight of the dumbbell is high enough, you will need a wrist strap to hold it;
  10. The most optimal is training with 12-15 repetitions and 3-5 repetitions.

Frequent errors when doing sit-ups with dumbbells

Of course, exercises using a dumbbell, not a bar, are less traumatic. However, even for such occupations there are certain prescriptions. For example, you can not start training if you have recently suffered a knee or lower back injury. Contraindicated in such exercises with radiculitis and hernia of the spine. Also, if the wrist joints are damaged, you can not heavily weight them.

Here such mistakes are most often allowed:

  1. The center of gravity is transferred to the socks. This is wrong, because it increases the likelihood that you can swing forward. Correct is the center of gravity in the heel or the outside of the foot;
  2. Knees are turned inside. So do not follow. When doing sit-ups with weights, it is best to deploy the socks a little apart and direct the knees towards the socks;
  3. Stooped back. In the root, it is wrong to stoop your back. The back should be kept straight, slightly bent in the lower back. The head should also be straight, it is best to look forward;
  4. Not trained forearms. Remember, any load on the muscles should be increased gradually. If the muscles of the forearm are not yet developed, it is wise to start with a minimum weight of the dumbbell. When increasing the load, it is better to use a safety net to avoid injury;
  5. Strongly divorced in the direction of socks. As noted earlier, socks during exercises are better to breed apart. But you can not overdo it, because it can turn out the opposite result. Spread the socks should not more than 20 degrees;
  6. Weak muscle tension bark. When carrying out the downward movement, one must constantly keep the tension in these muscles. This will make the posture more stable, and also protect against possible injuries of the spine;
  7. Wrong squat depth. Men are recommended to do lowering to 90 degrees in their knees, and women – until they stop in the heels. This is due to the fact that in women's complexes the main emphasis is on the muscles of the buttocks. This rule helps to achieve the desired results in a short time.

The technique of doing sit-ups with dumbbells is presented in the following video:

So, if you want a slim and fit body, then squats with dumbbells is an excellent option! For women, such training is very important, as they help to pull up the figure and gain elastic buttocks. Simultaneously, the spine is strengthened, shoulders are straightened.

In some cases, training with dumbbells can restore the hormonal background of a woman. In general, training with weights are beneficial for the whole body, increase efficiency and normalize the metabolic processes of the whole organism.

Men are also shown classes with dumbbells. This is ideal for beginners in sports. Squats with a load will help to develop the habit of correctly performing movements, develop endurance and prepare muscles for reinforced complexes with rods. It is noted that squats with a dumbbell is a great start before building muscle mass. The exercises themselves are unlikely to help increase it, but after a course of training, classes with bars give a greater result.

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