Squats with dumbbells

Squats with dumbbells – technique of the exercise:

  1. Stand straight, holding a dumbbell in each hand. The palms are facing inwards.
  2. Legs on the width of the shoulders, socks slightly unfolded outward. Keep your head raised during the whole exercise. The back is straight. This will be your starting position.
  3. On inhalation, begin to crouch slowly, bending the knees and pulling the pelvis back. Keep holding your back. Continue down until the hips are parallel to the floor. Tip: When properly exercised, the knees should create an imaginary straight line with the toes of the feet and be perpendicular to the trunk line.
  4. On exhalation perform lifting, straightening legs, pushing away from the floor, returning to the starting position.
  5. Carry out the necessary number of repetitions.

Caution: make sure that the back is bent in the lower back during the whole exercise, otherwise you can injure your back. If you have doubts about the chosen weight, it is better to take less than a greater weight. You can use the straps for the wrists.

Variations: also you can perform this exercise using the barbell.

How long does it take to wait between approaches?

Can I do a deep squat with dumbbells?

And what affects?

It is better not to squat deeply, because a great load on the joints, and, like, the priest does not look aesthetically pleasing.

Yes, you can generally replace all the exercises by riding a stationary bike, and if you also equip yourself with an aipad, then it will not be boring to XDD

Hello. Can this exercise be replaced, for example, by riding a stationary bike?

It depends in what context.

I drive this way – 4 approach for 10 min. each, at the maximum load at an average speed of 25-26 km / h.

I mean how squats apply. If they are used for mass gathering (for example, 4 approach for 8 sit-ups with dumbbells 45 kg), then the replacement will be absolutely not equivalent. And if, say, they are used for warm-up, then why not.


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