Stage 2 hypertension diet

Between the diet and the state of health of the patient, as you know, there is a relationship. Using it, you can effectively fight with ailments. Favorable results are easily achieved if, along with high-pressure medical treatment, a diet with hypertension is used.

Diet in hypertension 2 degree implies the minimum use of such products:

  1. Salt. The acceptable norm is 5 grams per day. It is recommended that dieticians salivate cooked meals. You can use the special salt “Prophylactic”. This product contains a reduced number of sodium ions. They are effectively replaced by useful ones: magnesium, potassium, iodine.
  2. Liquid. If possible, should be limited. Remember that the fluid complicates the work of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Consumption of fats (animals). In a large number of such products lead to arteriosclerosis of the vessels. As you know, this ailment predisposes to hypertension.
  4. Sugar. It also leads to atherosclerosis.
  5. Alcohol. In large quantities, alcohol-containing beverages are contraindicated. However, you can use a dry red wine.

It is very important, if the patient is prescribed a diet for hypertension 2 degree, to refuse the use of certain products. In fact they not only will not help or assist with treatment, but also are capable to put or render an organism harm.

From your diet, you should completely exclude the following foods:

  • spicy, salty foods;
  • smoked products, canned food, various spices;
  • products containing caffeine (this applies to tea and black, and green, cocoa);
  • fatty meat and fish;
  • ice cream;
  • baking, cakes, cakes (especially not recommended sweets containing oil cream);
  • offal (completely abandon the liver and kidneys, brains).

If the patient is diagnosed with the 2 stage of hypertension, then not only dizziness, weakness and nausea disturb him. These patients often have thrombosis, decreased vision. Even hemorrhages are possible. Diet in hypertension should ensure the normalization of pressure, improve metabolic and neural processes, help restore the disorders that have occurred in the body.

These goals allow to achieve the recommended list of products:

  1. Meat. Veal, chicken, beef, turkey, low-fat pork, rabbit. Fatty grades are completely excluded. Eat meat better in baked or boiled form.
  2. Cereals. Friable cereals, cooked on milk or water, are recommended for consumption. The most useful are buckwheat, oatmeal, millet. Pasta products are introduced into the diet no more than twice a week.
  3. Soups. The most useful are vegetarian. It is recommended to give preference to vegetable with a variety of cereals, broths. The diet includes beetroot, fruit soup, milk. It is necessary to completely abandon meat, fish (highly concentrated) and mushroom broths.
  4. Bread. These products can be consumed in a slightly dried form. Baking is completely excluded, fresh bread, pancakes.
  5. A fish. Exceptionally low-fat. Seafood. Salted and smoked fish is contraindicated. It is also recommended not to eat canned food.
  6. Dairy. The diet for hypertension contains dairy products, cottage cheese. The milk is useful. Fatty and sharp cheeses are subject to exclusion.
  7. Vegetables. Used in fresh, baked or boiled form. Salads are useful with the addition of vegetable oil, vinaigrette. Thus cabbage, mushrooms, green peas should be reduced to a minimum. Marinades, pickles and sauerkraut in general should be subject to an exception. Of fresh vegetables are not recommended onions, radish, sorrel.
  8. Fruit. Sweets. Fresh fruit is very useful. The diet includes dried fruits, compotes, kissels. You are allowed to use honey, jam.

To have a properly composed diet for a week with hypertension, you need to go to the doctor. Since each organism is an individual, it is very difficult to independently balance your diet most effectively. However, this is quite possible for a professional dietician. The doctor on the basis of your degree of ailment, and also features of an organism will pick up a diet suitable for you.


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