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Steel draft with dumbbells for girls and men: technique of execution

The deadlift is one of the three basic exercises in bodybuilding as well as in powerlifting. Basic exercise means multi-joint involvement of the levers of the body and muscle groups – the deadlift has a complex effect on the body, loading absolutely every muscle fiber throughout the body. Do not underestimate the benefits of this exercise, but in order to protect yourself from negative consequences, you need to understand what is craving and how to pull correctly?

Why and who needs a deadlift with dumbbells?

One of the options is a deadlift with dumbbells, which allows you to centralize the load by placing weight on the sides of the body. Despite the change in the athletic projectile, the exercise uses the same muscle groups, but by adjusting the angle of the body or the straightness of the legs during execution, you can shift and vary the load, adjusting the thrust under him.

This exercise is ideal for beginners and girls, because with the right technique, traction allows you to achieve the necessary complex load, using even small weights, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Changing the projectile in the deadlift does not reduce the coefficient of the useful actions of the exercise, and even adds a couple of positive properties. The deadlift with dumbbells has the following advantages:

  • provides full-scale strengthening of muscle fibers,
  • starts an intensified synthesis of muscle mass,
  • strengthens the strength of muscular stabilizers,
  • as a basic exercise has a restorative and tonic effect,
  • helps to smooth the digestive metabolism and strengthens the central nervous system,
  • increases the amplitude of motion, which allows you to increase the load and intensity of the exercise,
  • opens the possibility of working with drop sets – quick change of the projectile allows you to load the muscles faster with a load,
  • Ideal for beginners, girls or sportsmen with problems in the back.

In addition, the draft with dumbbells eliminates the concept of uniformity of motion and will encourage and amaze muscle fibers, thereby increasing the load and launching the synthesis of protein fibers. This lesson is suitable for non-amateurs working with the barbell and athletes at the stage of recovery from injuries. Despite the large amplitude of the movement, draft with dumbbells, when properly executed, is more safe and convenient.

What muscle groups are involved in traction?

Since the exercise is basic, it has a general load effect on all body groups, but the greatest load is obtained by the gluteus maximus muscle, as well as the stabilizers and extensors of the back and muscles of the anterior surface of the thigh. In the embodiment on the straight legs, the load shifts to the rear surface of the thigh and buttocks.

With the help of a single deadlift, it is possible to load all the muscle groups considerably and keep the whole body toned, as well as normalize the functioning of all systems of human organs. This exercise will strengthen immunity, acquire a strong and healthy physique and develop endurance.

Seeing cravings: how to choose an exercise for yourself?

There are several types of exercises involving different bundles of trained muscle fibers:

  • traction on bent knees,
  • traction on straight legs,
  • Romanian thrust on one leg.

Classic version of deadlift – on bent legs. Often this option is called Romanian draft. This exercise is suitable for beginners and girls due to their unpretentious performance. Movement on straight legs is difficult to master at once, and thrust on the bent legs will allow to execute the approach even in the presence of poor stretching or lack of flexibility of the body. In this variant, the muscles of the thigh and buttocks get the greatest load.

Thrust on the straight legs is an ideal option that promotes a uniform loading of the nerve and muscle fibers of the gluteus muscle. Exercise is well developed musculature of the buttocks and gives them a rounded shape, and also strengthens the muscles of the torso and waist, gives the body relief. This type of traction is traumatic and is suitable only for experienced athletes, in addition, pulling on straight legs with large weights is contraindicated because of excessive loading of the joint fibers.

Thrust on one leg is a rather rare exercise, but it allows you to work out each group of gluteal muscle fibers in detail, giving a tightness and elasticity. With regular execution, traction on one leg eliminates muscular disharmony and evenly develops the buttocks.

What is good about deadlift with dumbbells? Advantages and advantages

Thrust with dumbbells is a subspecies of the classical version of the exercise and uses the same muscle atlas, but due to the insignificant difference in the projectile, it has the following advantages:

  • The location of gravity on the sides of the body makes it easier to carry weight and reduces the load on the joints, thanks to the anatomical structure of the body. In addition, when pulling with dumbbells increases the amplitude of motion, which increases the productivity of the exercise and develops endurance and flexibility of the body.
  • Exercise perfectly loads the gluteus muscle and allows you to achieve a round and tight priests for both girls and men. The strong angle of the leg bending includes the gluteal department in the work, and the acute angle loads the external part of the thigh – regularly changing the angle it is possible to achieve an equilateral development of the buttocks and thigh, rounding the ass and raising it due to the development of the hamstrings.
  • Dumbbell pulling is easier to feel than the classic version, so this exercise is ideal for both girls and beginners and will allow us to understand the mechanics of the process itself, minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Traction with dumbbells is suitable as a warm-up exercise for the classic version or for athletes with problems in the back. It should be remembered that before you start the exercise you need to do a couple of warm-up exercises and a couple of approaches of hyperextension.

Correct technique of exercise and traumatic danger of traction

How to pull correctly? This exercise has some difficulties in the performance of beginners and without fixing the correct safety precautions the transition to large scales will lead to uneven and asymmetrical strains on the muscles of the back and cervical region. Improper execution of the deadlift is fraught with a violation of posture, a fracture of the spine, the acquisition of hernias of the lumbar and cervical vertebral part and the flight of the vertebral discs.

All the basic exercises are very similar to each other, but it is worth remembering that squatting with dumbbells or traction with straight legs are sub-types of exercises, and the classic version of deadlift with dumbbells is performed by one technique. The correct execution of technology for men and women are similar, however there are a couple of nuances.

How to pull a guy? For the male half, traction is a general physical exercise – the body of men is able to withstand high-intensity physical activity, due to which the deadlift brings invaluable benefits to the body. The correct technique is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to take in hand a dumbbell of small weight and straighten in the back, standing up straight. Dumbbells are recommended to take a neutral grip, palms inward. The initial position – the legs are located along the width of the shoulders, and the arms are straightened on the sides of the body. The back should be kept tight, stretched and not allow the spine to bend or curl. The head needs to be lifted upwards, and a sight to direct forward to remove a load from a cervical department.
  2. Beginning of the exercise follows a steady downward descent of the body, simultaneously and equally proportionally bending the knees and the pelvis. Keeping a smooth posture, you need to reach the bottom point smoothly with dumbbells on the outer surface of the thigh, then stay in the peak load phase and unbend the knees smoothly straighten, returning to its original position.

For girls, the technique is this:

  1. In the starting position, stand on the width of the shoulders, gently bend over and take the dumbbells with a neutral grip, straighten up. Before the exercise, hands must be bent in the elbows, and the shoulder blades should be brought together.
  2. Starting traction should smoothly move downward, bending the knees at an angle and simultaneously feeding the pelvis back by pulling back the buttocks in order to achieve verticalization of the spine. Retained at the point of peak load, you need to smoothly rise, straightening the corners of the knees and back. Girls should not go too low or touch dumbbells to the work surface, and also it is not recommended to feed the bodies forward, which will lead to loss of balance or twisting of the back.

When performing any kind of traction, it is necessary to carefully warm up the muscles of the back, lumbar, gluteal regions, as well as the hamstrings. Otherwise, injuries or discomfort the next day will be provided. The deadlift is one of the most complex exercises in bodybuilding and powerlifting, and without proper attitude, traction will do more harm than good.

Common Mistakes: How to Maintain Health?

The main problem for beginners is the hunched back, which is absolutely contraindicated during the exercise. It should be remembered that the back should remain straight during the whole task, with a sudden twisting of the spine with large weights, the risk of injury is almost guaranteed.

If the athlete can not properly bend, without bending his back, then there are errors in the inclination of the back or bending of the knees. In order to properly bend it is necessary to simultaneously pull the pelvis back and squat more strongly in the knees. At reverse movement always it is necessary to be straightened completely, differently the inadequate back is fraught with a trauma of a loin.

Also, when performing the sketch, it is recommended to adhere to the right breathing to reduce the load on the heart and not exceed blood pressure. With the wrong type of breathing, nosebleeds, fog in the head and loss of consciousness are possible. To rid yourself of such consequences, you need to inhale the full chest, expanding the diaphragm during descent downwards and exhaling during straightening movement. Proper breathing is the most important part of the exercise, without which the benefits of exercise are significantly reduced.

It is not necessary to chase large weights and strive to draw more weight with each training. The deadlift will be productive only with a properly honed technique of execution, without which all the benefit is to go to zero, and the exercise will only warp your body. Be sure to consult with the trainer before starting an independent draft. It will be nice to sharpen the technique for several weeks with a weight of up to 50 kilograms and only then gradually equals to proportionally increase weights.

It is necessary to pull only with a straight back and even posture, and the angles of all joints should not reach a right degree. At the slightest pains in the field of a loin or a back it is necessary to refuse exercise, and to practice draft it is recommended only in a protective belt of sufficient width. If the arms can not support the weight of the projectile, use straps.

Safety rules and all risks of traction

To minimize injuries, you need to choose the right place for the exercise. In the gym for this there are special platforms, and for self-fulfillment of traction at home it is recommended to prepare a working surface. For safe traction, you should:

  • Find a smooth wide section with a hard surface that will not spring and provide a proper foot rest. The optimal option for doing the exercise on the street is a concrete or asphalt surface, which should be dry, and for working out traction at home it is recommended to choose a hall. Usually the territory of the hall provides the necessary space, and the carpet corresponds to the rigidity. Do not pull on linoleum, tile, tiles in socks or on any wet surface.
  • It is necessary to pull only in comfortable fitting footwear with a rigid sole. Sneakers will be the best option, but the thrust in ballet shoes, sneakers or slaps will not provide the necessary adhesion to the surface and can cause stretching of the ligaments or the development of flat feet.

When drafting at home, ensure the flow of fresh air through natural ventilation. Also during training drink enough water for proper hydration, but do not drink before the approach to the projectile itself.

Technique and nuances of carrying out deadlift with dumbbells in the following video:

The deadlift with dumbbells is an excellent exercise, which has a restorative and tonic effect, can pump all muscle groups even at home, and also normalize the digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems. The deadlift is invaluable to the athlete's body – use the exercise to make the body sturdy and hardy. Draw on health and be athletic!

Kind time of day everyone! When the deadlift is properly performed with dumbbells on the straight legs, many muscles work. This is, so to speak, the basic exercise. Here, both legs and back and arms and almost the whole body works, but with the right technique without it, you can get injured quickly. And so this is a very good exercise shaping our body!

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