Strange diets. Part of 2

In the first part of the article, we considered diets that appeared before the middle of the 20 century, when mankind did not possess modern knowledge in the field of dietetics. However, some more modern diets cause us to doubt that their inventors are familiar with the basic principles of dietetics. Judge for yourself.

Diet Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty Diet)

The idea of ​​fighting appetite for a few days with a sleeping pill can compete only with a drink of vinegar or with a cigarette diet. However, in 1976, the sleeping beauty diet has become quite popular due to Elvis Presley. How it affected the figure of a star, I think, it is not necessary to tell.

Diet on protein drinks (Liquid protein diet)

An alternative to the sleeping beauty diet was a diet with such a high protein (protein) content that the protein was even part of the cocktail. The pursuit of a slender figure and relief muscles turned for some to a fatal outcome due to the disturbed balance of sodium and potassium in the blood, which adversely affected the work of the heart muscle, and the excess protein with premature aging worn the digestive system. In addition, the main sources of protein – animal products – are usually poor in vitamins and minerals, but are rich in cholesterol and fat, which in no way can contribute to weight loss.

The diet of negative calories (Negative Calorie Diet)

Everyone knows that some foods contain fewer calories than are necessary for their digestion and assimilation. These are all kinds of cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach and many other green vegetables. For example, a stalk of celery, containing only 5 calories, will require 95 calories for digestion. It sounds tempting, but excess fiber with a lack of fats and proteins (like any imbalance in nutrition) will soon lead to sad consequences – muscle contraction and deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins – A, E, K and D. Of course, green vegetables should be included in the diet, but they should not be the basis of nutrition.

The "Calories Do not Count"

The diet of Dr. Herman Taller (Dr. Herman Taller) appeared as a protest against the mass enthusiasm for calculating calories. But not everything is so simple with Dr. Tuller – calories do not have to be counted only if you do not eat carbohydrates: fruits, vegetables, bread and alcohol. Without restrictions, you can eat meat, milk, fish, vegetable oils and green vegetables. The main secret of the diet was "magic pills", for the distribution of which Dr. Tuller was fined and received a suspended sentence. Of course, after that Dr. Thaller's theory was not taken seriously and was not confirmed or disproved by scientific research.

Diet of the last chance (The last chance diet)

Another extravagant diet is the end of 70. Its creator, Dr. Roger Lynn, developed Prolinn, a "miracle drink for weight loss" based on bones, horns, hoofs, tendons, skins and other wastes of slaughterhouses. In addition to these extremely useful ingredients, Prolinn contained dyes, flavors and a variety of enzymes that promote digestion. It is not surprising that Dr. Linn's drink was soon recognized as harmful to health, although he did his job well.

Diet Beverly Hills

In 1981, a book by Judy Meisel was published – The Beverly Hills Diet, promising the loss of 6-7 kg of extra weight per month. The main principle of the diet – the use of a large number of enzymes, without which food turns into fat – is already causing a smile from specialists. To obtain a sufficient number of enzymes, this diet provides for the nutrition of one fruit for 10 days. Another disadvantage of the Beverly Hills diet is only about 800 calories per day and almost complete absence of fats and proteins when eating tropical fruits. The author of the diet, having experienced it on her own, decided to soften strict requirements. As a result, the new diet of Beverly Hills promises to reduce weight by only 4-5 kg for 42 days and focuses on a competent combination of products. Progress towards a balanced diet is obvious, the only problem – not everyone can afford tropical fruits, even for the sake of a slim figure.

Nutrition by blood type

American doctor Peter D'Adamo (Peter J. D'Adamo) has developed the optimal, in his opinion, food based on the blood group. So, people with I blood group are recommended to eat, like ancient hunters and gatherers, avoiding dairy products, potatoes and some vegetables. II blood group provides mainly vegetarian food, III group – dairy products. IV group – the most "omnivorous", but also the most capricious. The basis of nutrition of people with IV blood group should be sour-milk products, lean meat, vegetables and fruits.

The principle of nutrition by blood group does not find support in official medicine. To finally prove the effectiveness of this diet, long-term observations are necessary, but for now its followers have to put experiments on themselves.

Dietary cookies (Cookie diet)

Among American actors and celebrities, Dr. Sanford Siegal's diet is popular, based on a special biscuit baked on a secret recipe. The concept of a diet is simple – eat as little as possible, and in order not to feel hunger, buy the miraculous cookies of Dr. Seagal, which only Hollywood stars can afford. Large-scale studies of this diet has not been conducted, so that only a few celebrities can talk about its benefits, which, incidentally, promotes the sales of cookies much better than the recommendations of nutritionists.

Cheater's Diet

The most convenient diet for the lazy. Judge for yourself – during the working week you need to eat balanced, and at the weekend you can not deny yourself anything! And the wolves (that is – you) are full, and the sheep (self-esteem and, possibly, a slim figure) are intact. The catch is that it's very difficult to calculate the correct ratio of a diet and a belly holiday, and hearty dishes after a week of poor nutrition can be dangerous for the stomach. However, this is not the worst diet in the article.

Progress does not stand still. Every year, there are new "sensational" diets, "based on the latest discoveries," but aimed primarily at the purses of gullible fighters with weight. Finally – a few tips on how not to fall for the bait of scammers offering a miracle plan for losing weight:

  • No diet will help to quickly lose weight without harming one's health;
  • To date, there is no known method that helps to lose weight without radical changes in the diet, so do not believe that you can not deny yourself anything and lose weight with a pill;
  • Healthy eating implies the presence of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in the diet, no group can be excluded, so avoid diets that completely exclude carbohydrates or fats;
  • Any imbalance in nutrition is dangerous, so there is no reason to trust mono-diets based on chocolate, kefir, pineapple, maple syrup or coconut;
  • There is no diet ideal for everyone. To find the optimal plan for weight loss, it will require expert advice, the ability to listen to yourself and patience.

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