Street Workout Program

Does the whole day's work lock you in? A training program on the street will allow you to enjoy the summer sun and beautiful weather!

Primary goal: Weight Loss

Level of training: RЅR ° C ‡ ‰ ReRЅR ° SЋS PEP number

Number of workouts per week: 3

Necessary equipment: horizontal bar, sports ground

Audience: men and women

Author: Brad Borland

Traditional training in gyms is rapidly losing ground in the list of fashionable fitness trends, and it's not surprising. People are looking for more effective and more interesting ways to improve the figure, and the training systems are not in a position to offer them.

Although any kind of physical activity is a step towards a healthy lifestyle, today we are stronger than ever choosing not only what we want to do, but also where we want to do it.

The popularity of training on the street in recent years has increased dramatically. The development of strength and control over your body can lead you to a beautiful physical form.

By combining exercises with body weight with the elements of the vorouth, you will get a terrific tandem of motivation and efficiency. And in this training on the sports grounds are unrivaled. You get the best from both worlds: outdoor activities and minimum equipment requirements.

What is the beauty of training on the street? The first thing to mention is the money issue – you do not need to pay for a subscription. There are places for training practically everywhere. Moreover, in many cities in public places special complexes for training with body weight are equipped. In them there are horizontal bars of different heights, squares for push-ups, leg locks and other devices.

Secondly, fresh air. Staying in the fresh air promotes the secretion of hormones of happiness in the brain, allows you to feel closer to nature and to the society.

Are you one of those who work all day at a table in the office? Sedentary work at the computer exhausts both physically and emotionally. Your body becomes sluggish. Why, you ask to go to the stuffy gym, if in fact you want to change the situation and stay in the fresh air? This step will dramatically change your mood.

Thanks to outdoor activities, you will feel freer. In the open space, you will not feel the limitations that are inevitable in conventional gyms. Do not wait in line at the simulator, there is no tightness, there is no feeling that you are being watched, there is no psychological pressure.

Plus, the whole world is literally your sports ground. You will feel freedom and will be able to try a lot of new things. As the physical form improves, you can move on to more complex exercises without changing the hairpin in the cargo stack or hanging another pancake to the bar of the bar.

The components of training on the street

One of the main mistaken opinions about street training is that they are allegedly ill suited for the development of strength and muscle mass. The majority sees in them only a way to "bring the figure to shape" without any other advantages. In fact, the result determines not what you are doing in training, but how you do it.

Here are a few ways to progress and achieve impressive results with this type of training:

You will learn to be strong. Do not look at workouts with body weight down. Push-ups on the bars, various pull-ups and exercises on one leg will make you tense. Some exercises seem simple, but they test you for strength. You will quickly understand that they have to give all the best.

You will develop muscles. With new anabolic stimuli and unusual force tests, you will build up muscle mass. Add sophisticated training techniques, and the body will have no choice but to build muscle.

You will become more enduring. Needless to say, when it comes to outdoor activities, the first to come to mind are cardio (say goodbye to a boring treadmill), but you will develop anaerobic muscle endurance. You will raise physical working capacity and will recover faster after training.

You will develop peak power. With the help of an explosive training style, you will develop the peak strength of the whole body. Plyometric training involves the recovery and release of muscle energy. Be sure to include in the program jumping on the box and jumping with squats.

You will burn fat. Given all the advantages listed above, it's hard to deny that you will burn fat. In addition, your body will spend more calories due to increased post-training oxygen consumption. In a word, you will turn into a machine for burning fats.

Of course, it is tempting to say that you do not need anything other than a street sports field, but let's see how to train with the maximum efficiency.

You need some kind of beams. This can be bars in the playground or parallel bars – any bars on which you can press.

Parallel bars – great for push-ups. If you are unlucky, fit the beams on the playground or high wooden corners.

An elevated platform for jumping and leg exercises will also be needed. It should not be any special, just high enough, somewhere at the knee or mid-calf level.

And, finally, you will need an open flat area for the rest of the exercises.

Here is an example of a full-fledged workout with a body weight in the style of a vork. You can choose from a variety of options for frequency, duration and intensity. In particular, you can practice two or three times a week, break up the exercises on the upper and lower parts of the body and train every other day, increase or decrease the number of approaches depending on the physical form. The choice is yours.

Before each training session, make a dynamic stretching and warm-up to prepare the muscles for the upcoming work. Make an 2-3 approach to push-ups, squats with body weight and borings for 10 repetitions in each, run a kilometer or overcome this distance by a quick step.

Complicate training only when you master the previous exercises.

Perform from 3 to 5 the approaches in each exercise for 10-15 repetitions. Train in a circle, combine exercises in supersets for the muscles-antagonists (opposite pairs of muscles, for example, chest and back) or do the usual sets with minimal rest between them.

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