Strength exercises for women

The first step in the world of iron and sweat is not easy, but the results exceed all expectations. Exercises, which we will consider in this article, will help you to create a beautiful figure and increase your self-esteem.

Author: Kessi Smith

Dear women, it's time to leave the glamorous fitness centers and pick up the bar. Put aside the chrome dumbbells (I know, I know, they "improve the tone") and start working with real weight. We need a quick result.

Heavy exercises are notorious among women. Let me reassure you: no, they will not make you "pitching." No, you will not look like Schwarzenegger. And no, the level of testosterone will not increase and the scalp on the chest will not appear. Working with the feasible weight – with the observance of the right technique – speeds up the metabolism, strengthens muscles and develops common strength indicators.

Even if you do not set a goal to perform at a bikini contest or at a powerlifting competition, you need to create such conditions for the body that its resource is not exhausted as long as possible. It is for this that heavy basic exercises are needed. They develop strength and muscles. They contribute to the strengthening of connections at the level of "brain-muscle". They cement willpower.

Age and level of physical fitness do not matter. These exercises will help you improve your health and discover new opportunities for your body.

The deadlift is one of the best exercises for developing strength. What can be more effective than lifting weights from the ground?

The technique of performing deadlift in the style of "sumo" resembles the technique of performing classical deadlift. Differences consist in a wider setting of the legs (with a turn of socks) and a narrower grip grip. Sumo's deadlift is ideal for women, as here the muscles of the legs are more involved, and not the muscles of the back. A wide setting of the legs and a low landing, as well as a shifted down center of gravity, turn the soum cravings into a perfect exercise for the hips, buttocks and legs.

Additional bonus. You no longer need to wait for her husband from work to move the furniture in the apartment. You can move heavy items yourself! Moreover, after stanovoy you will be on the shoulder of any kind of traction.

Exercise 2. Squats with a barbell on the chest

Squats with a barbell on the chest increase the overall physical level. The need to keep the weight in front of you (and not on the back) helps to strengthen the muscles of the press and the lower back, as well as the muscles of the legs.

Squats with a barbell on the chest have less pressure on the spine, which allows you to keep your back in a more natural position. If you have a weak back, you better go to the front squats. Despite the fact that squats with a barbell on the chest do not allow working with such weights as in ordinary squats, this exercise provides an effective study of many muscle groups.

Additional bonus. Power is given to large muscle groups. Developing them, you are approaching your goal. Moreover, if you feel confident in the gym, then you obey any dance floor.

Do you want to have a trained back so that the waist appears already? Do you want you to have a strong upper body? Do you want to be able to save your life if you accidentally break off the mountain and hang over the precipice? Then you need pull-ups.

As a rule, in women, the upper part of the body is poorly developed, and all the load falls on the buttocks and hips. Because of such a pear-shaped figure, we are hard pressed to pull up. Fortunately, there are various variations of this exercise, which are not inferior in effectiveness to classical pull-ups (if performed without assistance). It's about a simulator with a counterweight, an expander, jerky pull-ups. Any of these exercise options contributes to the development of strength and strengthening of the weak shoulder girdle.

Additional bonus. In the gym you will be a "real man". Often you have to see that women perform pull-ups?

Exercise 4. Push the rod from the chest

The push of the bar from the chest is not only an exciting, but also an effective exercise, helping to create sexual shoulders. If you have never done it before, you may need some practice. Once the technique is mastered, you can increase weights.

In the push of the bar from the chest, the body learns to expend energy: the movement begins with the detachment of the projectile from the ground and ends with the straightening of the arms above the head. The exercise primarily affects the shoulders, but the muscles of the legs, back and press are also included in the work.

Additional bonus. The push of the bar from the chest is well developed coordination. It can be performed by athletes of any level. In addition, in this exercise you will look really cool.

In this article, we consider basic exercises with free weights, rather than insulating exercises on simulators. You already understand that, do not you? A bit of skill, and the jerk of the bar will turn into one of the best integrated exercises in your program.

Despite the fact that it requires good coordination and balance, you do not necessarily have to be an Olympic champion. After pushing away from the floor, you need to sit under the bar and simultaneously straighten your arms up; keeping the projectile in this position, to rise from the squat. Muscles-stabilizers of the back will help maintain balance and control. Moving a heavy projectile above the level of the head develops speed, strength and power.

The jerk of the bar improves the stretch, strengthens ties at the "brain-muscle" level, and develops coordination for other, more complex exercises. After practicing in a snatch, you can say: "Taking the bar to the chest? Push the rod? No problem!"

Additional bonus. If you manage to master this exercise, then for sure you will be fixed the glory of "cool girl", "hard nut" or "queen warriors".

Hi, can you please tell me if there should be a force load on my legs if the type of figure is thin and no legs, and the thighs get fat in the first place. I just want muscle mass on my legs ..

Bench press is popular with young people. This exercise is quite simple, it perfectly develops the strength of the hands and pectoral muscles, forms a beautiful figure, especially the shoulder girdle. But when the bench press is performed by women, moreover with the goal that it is not easy to work out, but to become athletes and achieve high results when they gain weight in weight of 100 kg and many of them start to admire – that's already not clear. What should I admire and be proud of? Yes, strength is needed, forms are also needed, good muscles, etc. But do not lose the female form, which is so like the representatives of the stronger sex!

I will tell you how a girl who is engaged in weightlifting for several years, you do not even imagine how much protein and yet it is unclear what a woman should eat, and how many plow to gain 100 kg with muscles)) That's fat – easily) Sorry for the late response – I just have a sick theme))) Here's an example – the champion of Russia on bench press and not only – krasotulechka,__

And what about the influence of press on the figure of the girl?

By itself, the bench press on the figure has little effect, except that it slightly lifts the chest (depending on the size). More details can be found here.


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