Strength, Muscles and Fire: diet and sports nutrition for weight gain


Are you ready to grow? So, it's time to gain muscle mass! Increase the effectiveness of the training system "Strength, Muscles and Fire" due to a balanced diet and a well-considered strategy for nutrients.

Everyone knows that the secret to maximum performance in training is in proper nutrition. Many athletes continue to make the same mistake: they train with insane working weights, and eat like a ten-year-old child. The organism can not cope with this. To become large, you have to eat well, and you have to approach the composition of the diet with the mind!

Another cornerstone in the matter of muscle mass is the schedule for taking sports nutrition. Today the market is filled, literally, with thousands of drugs, which are created for those who aspire to muscle growth. A well thought-out nutrient plan will help you accelerate recovery, maximize muscle growth and regeneration, reduce muscle soreness after training, supplement energy reserves in training and outside the gym, and at the same time improve the general condition of the body.

Strength, Muscles and Fire: diet and sports nutrition for weight gain

The training system "Strength, Muscles and Fire" poses challenges for us. She's not for weaklings. This is an extremely aggressive program to gain muscle mass and increase strength; it includes insanely intense "fiery sets", after which you can only crawl out of the gym. It is at this point that the real battle for muscle growth will begin. Leaving the hall, you must be ready for this battle.

From this it follows that we need the right diet and a competent strategy of nutrient intake, which will provide the body with all the tools necessary for growth and recovery. It is impossible to create an ideal protocol that is suitable for everyone, but I will try to present to your attention a program that will help everyone. Before you sample a daily ration is just a sample. And you do not have to follow every letter of this algorithm.

The right approach to levying muscle mass

To grow, you must receive more calories each day than you need to maintain a stable body weight. If you eat 3000 calories a day and do not gain weight, then 3000 calories are the level of balance. Every day you receive this amount of calories, you maintain a constant weight.

In order to gain weight (muscles!), You simply need to eat more than you need to maintain a stable body weight. It's really as simple as it looks.

I foresee your next question . how do I know my level of balance? The answer to you is still unknown. For the present. But soon we will find out. To understand how the body responds to a certain calorie intake, you will have to go through trial and error. Here's what you need to do:

  • Start with 3500 calories per day. Get 3500 calories daily for two weeks. At this time, you have to count and fix the caloric content of the diet. Eat no more and no less.

At what pace should I gain weight?

Strength, Muscles and Fire: diet and sports nutrition for weight gain

A beginner bodybuilder who trains hard and eats well, during the first year of training in the style of hardcore should gain from 4 to 8 kg of muscle mass. Athletes with an average level of training and experienced bodybuilders will gain weight not so quickly. According to Casey Battu, a bodybuilder-natural can count on the following rates of muscle mass gain:

Increasing muscle mass, you inevitably store up and a little fat. Little. Remember, the muscle mass gain strategy should not turn you into a sumo wrestler, but you are allowed to recruit from 2,5 to 5 kg of fat mass per year. Someone will gain more fat, someone – less. If you are afraid of fat and malnutrition, you thereby severely limit the potential for muscle mass gain. Body building requires creativity, and for this you have to eat more. You can not achieve maximum progress if you cut your diet. It will be a long time before you see cubes of the abdominal press, but by that time you will become a real muscular monster!

Below is an approximate plan for levying muscle mass based on your level of physical fitness and the experience of muscle growth:

  • Newbies. Beginning bodybuilders who had not previously worked on a set of muscle mass, should set the bar at the level of a set of 1 kg of total mass per month during the first year. Ideally this will allow you to gain 8 kg of muscles and 4 kg of fat mass.

If your weight is less than normal, you should increase the amount of daily intake until you reach normal growth-weight indicators. Thin guys can put the task of typing from 1,5 to 3 kg each month, until the weight reaches the lower limit of the norm. The table will help you determine the normal weight based on the physique.

Example of a diet for a set of muscle mass

The following diet is given as a sample. Modify it to suit your individual needs.

  • 6: 00 – Rise! Immediately after awakening, we drink a cocktail of whey protein. Whey protein is absorbed quickly, and this will allow us to instantly fill the hungry body with amino acids and nutrients.

Keep in mind that for effective muscle mass gain, you should:

  • To lean on high-protein food. Try to eat at least 30-40 g protein every 2,5-3 hours. Increasing the daily intake of protein in combination with strength training will help you gain dry muscle mass.

Strength, Muscles and Fire: diet and sports nutrition for weight gain

Example of a nutrient intake program

The following nutrient intake program is provided as a sample and is intended for use with the above diet for muscle mass gain. Modify it to suit your individual needs.

At your choice – beta-alanine. Promising studies have found a synergistic interaction between creatine and beta-alanine. Take beta-alanine should be every 4 hours in a dosage of 750-800 mg. Against the background of taking beta-alanine, it is advisable to additionally take taurine. To learn more about the interaction of beta-alanine and creatine, get acquainted with the material "Tandem of creatine and beta-alanine: a secret weapon for maximum results."

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