Strength training for fighters or how to develop mass and not lose speed

Recently, there has been an excitement for classes in martial arts. More and more people are beginning to attend halls, sections and schools, in which they are given all the necessary knowledge of self-defense. Men who are engaged in martial arts, in the depths of the soul for some reason believe that for the development of the mass you need to sacrifice speed. In fact, this is utter nonsense, which is not clear from whom and when it appeared in the minds of people. Now you will understand how you can develop muscle mass and do not lose the speed of impact.

Does weight training actually reduce the speed of a fighter?

Let's look into this problem to finally dispel a stupid and unjustified myth that has firmly settled in the minds of the CIS inhabitants even in the Soviet period. In the Soviet years, people were skeptical about everything that came from the west, including athleticism. Many believed that bodybuilders are sluggish and slow-moving people, and working with weights will only hamper the development of speed. Despite this, there are at least two vivid examples of the fact that working with heavy weights is not an enemy, but an assistant in the development of high-speed qualities.

  1. Masutatsu Oyama is the founder of Kyokushin Karate. Everyone is well aware and remembered about the speed of this man's attack, which he knocked out the horns of the bulls at the demonstration performances. But for some reason no one notices how he combined the bar lifts and work with his own weight.

What, then, is the reason for the fact that the speed of impact during power training falls? This is a common ignorance of how to properly build your training. Working with the weight of the exercise you need to make explosive, and not smooth, only in this way you will be able to maintain speed, develop it, and also increase the volume of muscle mass.

The basic principles of the development of mass and speed when working with projectiles

There are several important aspects that should be observed in order not to lose speed and develop mass.

  • When performing exercises at an explosive pace, only heavy weights are used – about 70% of the maximum.

The main mistake of most people is that they try to carry out explosive work throughout the mass period. You probably forgot that the body gets used to the stresses, so the complex and specificity of the exercises should be periodically changed.

3 type of training for mass development and speed

Modern schools of jujitsu, karate and hand-to-hand fighting have recently begun to practice three types of training for the development of mass and speed. Already in the first year of training, beginners of these sections increased the speed of their impact by 50%, while their muscles developed and did not differ from people who devote themselves entirely to fitness.

Let's analyze what these principles are and how to use them:

  1. Training for static weight retention – the essence is to strengthen the muscles that perform the fixation of the hand or legs during the impact.

Alternation and competent alignment of these types will allow to develop volumes of muscle mass and increase the speed of impact.

Muscular Scheme and Training Days

The complex for the development of mass and speed will last 6 weeks, and classes alternate in type 4 / 7 and 3 / 7. Thanks to this distribution on training days, the athlete's muscles will have time to rest to grow. Each group of muscles will become loaded once a week, and the scheme itself looks like this:

  • Training A – Breast, Triceps and Deltas

Press in this list is not specified, because it sways at the end of each workout.

Now let's look at exercises that will allow you to develop muscle mass and speed, as it is done in modern martial arts schools around the world.

Press is performed in two approaches to the maximum. All other exercises for mass development should be done in 3-4 approaches on 8-12 repetitions. Exceptions are the pyramids and pumping gastrocnemius muscle (not less than 20 repetitions).

The presented complex will help you develop muscle mass, while not losing, and even increasing the speed of the impact. Remember, they should not get involved, because after 6 weeks the effectiveness of the program will decrease, you will have to change it. Alternate exercises to constantly shock your body and stimulate muscle growth.

Is it worth using this training in martial arts?

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