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Sunset on the dumbbell bench

Sunset on the bench with dumbbells – technique of the exercise:

  1. Stand straight, holding a dumbbell in both hands. The palms are facing inwards. Before you should be a small platform or a horizontal bench. This will be your starting position.
  2. Put your right foot on the bench. Rise to the bench, transferring the weight of the body to the foot, while exhaling, exhale.
  3. On inhalation, step back slowly with your left foot, dropping to the floor. Attach the right leg, returning to the starting position.
  4. Repeat with the right foot the required number of repetitions, then do the exercise with your left foot.

Hint: this exercise is an alternative to deadlift with direct legs for those people who can not perform traction because of problems with the lower back.

Variations: like attacks, this exercise can be performed alternately, then right, then left foot. You can also use a barbell. Beginners can perform an exercise without a bar, using only their own weight.

I feel a weak load on my legs, I can not increase the weight, since I can not hold it in my hands. What do you advise?

how can this exercise be replaced?

Can I replace this exercise by squatting sumo with dumbbells?

tell me, can I do an ordinary squatting with dumbbells instead of this? As far as I understand, the squat uses the same muscles, right?

3 approach for 12 times for each leg?

during exercise crunches the left knee. There is no pain, but the crunch itself freaks me out and prevents me from concentrating. what could it be?

third week of training, knees stopped crackling. cartilage, apparently, was developed and again became elastic)

There is no bench. What exercise can I replace?

I use a wooden stool. The bench is, but the stool is more convenient

also there is no bench. replaced with a sofa)

At exercise I feel a weak load on legs or foots, it is necessary to increase or increase weight or so and should be?

Try to increase the weight. When performing any exercise, the load should be clearly felt.