Super-effective breast training: bigger and wider in a month!

Do you want to improve the volume, strength and relief of pectoral muscles? We have a plan that will help you develop a powerful breast in just one month!

Author: Roger Lockridge

The training of the chest pursues several goals, and not only sets the tone for the entire training week on Mondays. It makes the underlying muscular arrays stronger, adds volume, thanks to which the entire top of the body looks much more impressive, and at the same time ensures that any T-shirt will sit as if under it you have knight's armor.

What kind of training of pectoral muscles should not be exactly, so it's too tricky! Do the proposed program once a week for the next month and enjoy a generous harvest of results! Do not forget to take photos before – you will want to see evidence of the effectiveness of your efforts when you complete this transformation of the chest!

Super effective breast training

Reduction of hands in the simulator (butterfly)

We begin with the exercises in the "butterfly" simulator for three reasons. First, you need to warm up properly, and the first approach from 20 repetitions with a fairly low weight should bring the muscles of the chest into tone. Secondly, the butterfly stretches the muscle fibers, so that in the future you can send more muscle to the muscles of the breast. Finally, you establish the most important neuromuscular connections that will increase the potential of your pectoral muscles in the rest of the workout.

As you can see, the number of repetitions decreases with each approach. In the usual situation, you would increase the working weight as the number of repetitions decreases, but not today. Instead, you will stretch the muscles a little longer at the beginning of the repetition in each subsequent set.

In the first approach, you perform the exercise in the usual style, in the usual rhythm with short pauses at the point of maximum stretching before the next contraction of muscles and the reduction of hands. In the next approach, you do already 15 repetitions, but at the stretch point you linger for 2 seconds, then take your hands off. In the final set, you linger in the stretch for four seconds, reducing the number of repetitions to 10. Continue to stretch and in between the approaches, which should last about 60 seconds.

Press the bar on a bench with a positive slope

If possible, in this exercise, place the bench with an adjustable back in the power frame and use a slightly smaller angle of inclination than usual. This will help to shift the focus to the upper parts of the pectoral muscles without unnecessary inclusion in the movement of the front deltas. It also helps you lift a little more working weight. If this option is not available, the usual inclined bench for the bar press is also suitable.

Select the weight with which you can perform 5 repetitions. At the bottom of the exercise, hold for one second before starting the bench press. When you are ready to squeeze the bar, do not stand with it – raise the projectile confidently, using an explosive force. But the movement of the bar down before the next repetition should be smooth and controlled.

Be sure to enlist the help of the insurer, but do not let him do all the work for you. If the bar seems too heavy, muffle your ego and remove a couple of pancakes – the ego does not build muscle, but the technical repetition of this in every way contribute. We advise you to pay attention to the shoulder blades; they must be brought together so that the pectoral muscles can do more work. And since in this exercise you work with heavy weight, between the sets rest for 2 minutes.

Dumbbell press on the horizontal bench

A classic exercise for the muscles of the chest, we will use solely for the purpose of stimulating hypertrophy. Dumbbells give you freedom of movement; You can rotate your hands in any direction to work as comfortable as possible. In addition, you can easily increase the amplitude of motion. In short, do not hold dumbbells in the same way as a barbell!

Take advantage of the benefits of dumbbells. Keep them at a slight angle, lower them as low as possible to work at maximum full amplitude. Cutting muscles, reduce dumbbells above the chest, but do not let them collide. The distance between dumbbells should be minimal, because only this way you can get the maximum reduction of pectoral muscles.

The counter of repetitions in this exercise is slightly higher, but to stimulate hypertrophy it is necessary to work at the limit. If you did 11 repetitions, you need to take the next pair of dumbbells from the rack. If you could not squeeze even 7 times, reduce the weight for efficiency. Between the approaches relax 90 seconds, do not forget to do stretching!

Maneuvering the crossover on an incline bench

Have you ever seen a guy with a pumped up upper chest? We have never met such people, so we return to the sloping bench! Training is in full swing, and it is already possible to connect simulators that help control the trajectory.

If you lower your arms on the lower block, your elbows should be slightly bent – but do not bend them at an angle of 90 degrees. Raise the weight for two seconds and pinch the pectoral muscles at the top. Lower the handles to the count of three, after which stretch the muscles one second before the beginning of the next repetition. Rest between the approaches of 90 seconds – this time should be enough for a full recovery.

Nothing compares to a good exercise with its own weight, performed at the end of the training session. When it comes to the muscles of the chest, out of the competition push-ups on the uneven bars!

Now the main goal is to send as much blood into the chest as possible and spend the forces that you still have. It is very likely that we will have to add burdens. You can use a weightlifting belt or a waistcoat with weighting materials – as you will be more comfortable.

If you can not make full-fledged push-ups with your own weight, ask the coach or partner to keep your feet and help to climb up. Or use a simulator with a counterweight, which allows you to change the degree of burdens in each approach.

In this final exercise, try to make as many repetitions as possible with additional burdens. When you rest against muscle failure, discard weighting agents and wring out a few more times. If you press in the simulator (gravitron), you can at this moment increase the mass of the counterweight. When you reach the second rejection, the approach can be considered complete. Now you have one minute to stretch the pectoral muscles, swallow water or BCAA and prepare for a new approach. Three approaches to push-ups on the uneven bars – and the training is over!

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