Supercets on the hands


Not heaped up training techniques create strong hands. They are created by hard work and intensive training. See for yourself and test this training for yourself!

Author: James Grage, BPI Sports Vice President

Life is not always fair. It is unfair to lose 20 kg of musculature earned by hard work and live with chronic pain (James miraculously survived in a car crash and was chained to a hospital bed for a long time), but justice is only one of a thousand words with the letter "C". I did not want to get seriously injured, but I'm not going to use it as an excuse for my inaction. Your life and your body is what you do with them, and today we are going to pump up a couple of fantastically cool hands!

This training, like any other, is complex not so much in the physical as in the psychological plan. Strength training largely comes down to your ability to interact with your body, focus on an individual repetition and make each repetition meaningful. This is the way to muscle growth. If you feel discomfort, which causes pain, then you force your body to adapt. And believe me, this training will make your biceps and triceps turn on all the adaptation mechanisms!

Training is built on two supersets and one triset. Each superset begins with an exercise on the biceps and ends with an exercise on the triceps. The final combined giant set ends with consecutive exercises on the triceps muscles.

I do not really like to rest; I like the movement. When I perform these supersets, the voltage is very high, and the pulse goes off scale, because I want to build muscle and at the same time burn fat mass. Too often I see people who come to the gym and just mark the approaches in their training diaries. So do not go, train with maximum concentration and intensity. Force yourself to leave the comfort zone, and if you find yourself in a dead end, take a break, rest, discard superfluous thoughts and return to hard work with new forces.

A short aerobic workout opens the workout. The warm-up lasts exactly as long as necessary in order to slightly disperse blood and mentally tune in for the upcoming training session. I use this time to visualize the upcoming exercises.

Then I warm up the biceps with the help of pull-ups with the back grip, and the triceps – with the help of push-ups. Exercises do not to fatigue, but to disperse blood on the muscles and prepare them for work. In the interval between pull-ups and push-ups I perform an easy stretching.

Do not take a workout with disdain. With injuries do not joke, unless your plans do not include a couple months of rest from training. There is no need to run ahead of the locomotive, because, believe me, any haste kills your training.

Supersets on hands – the program of trainings

Drawing the bar on the biceps and French press with one hand superset? Are you seriously? But while you do French press with one hand the other will have time to rest and this is not a superset.

program 6 weeks for chemists. Do not be deceived, only large enough weights and adequate rest and nutrition will help to build muscle. 1 beads once a week on the main program and 2 times on specialization, replays can be changed, say in one day 6-8 in another 8 -12 do not have to believe in the swaddled and enanthachen-tsipionchenym guys that it's their prete with protein, creatine. Read more, analyze. You are this, and do not copy other people's methods. Start from the base but do not tear the veins and calmly go to mastering the weights making small increases sometimes on the regiment lo And nachhat tips obtykannyh omnadrenov.

Each approach needs to increase the weight? Or pick up which is done 15 repetitions, but very hard?

And how many times a week need to pump the biceps and triceps?

Igor, I do not know how in this program, but usually the muscles require 7-12 days to recover (the muscles need not only to strain but also to restore, so that they grow). So I do not think that more than once a week

48 hours are needed for recovery from an average, if you need 1-2 weeks to recover, then you have a strong re-scratching, or a muscle injury

every day for 2 times

If possible – 7 once a week

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