Supersets for powerful triceps

Your hands stopped growing? Aim at each head of the triceps with these supersets, and you will achieve a sharp increase in strength and explosive muscle growth!

Author: Alex Nörs

You have already gained a lot of muscle mass, but for some reason it was at that moment that your progress rested on an invisible wall? Nothing so disappoints as the snail's pace of progress on the days of training hands, because we all want to add centimeters to the girth of the hands. And if you have already tried all methods – both necessary and unnecessary – to develop the titanic muscles of the hands, it may be time to think about using several biomechanical advantages.

We use the immortal council of "divide and conquer." Divide, that is isolate – as far as it is possible – every head of the triceps due to a strategic redistribution of the load – and dominate, that is, grow!

The triceps account for more than half of the muscle mass of the hands, and this muscle consists of three heads. All the heads participate in extension at the elbow joint and its stabilization. Let's carefully study the methods that will help you aim at each of these heads. Remember, you can not completely isolate a single head, but the position of the hand and the brush will help you shift the focus to one or even two of the triceps heads.

The long head of the triceps is the only head that starts over the shoulder joint. The long head is fully stretched only when the arm is stretched over the head. Pay attention to this, because the muscle can not shrink as much as possible, if it was not previously stretched. Exercises in which the hands are located along the trunk do not burden the long head too much, but movements above the head, such as the French bench press, cope with this task perfectly!

Even the French bench press – in which the hands are perpendicular to the body – to some extent, uses a long head. Performing the exercise on an incline bench, you can even more blend the emphasis on the long head. Not surprisingly, the press of dumbbells sitting also involves a long head of the triceps.

The most rational approach will be the beginning with bilateral (simultaneously with two arms) multi-joint movements. These movements will allow you to create a significant load; Unilateral and one-joint movements should follow them. If you want to really break this long head, do not extend over your head with one hand before the barbell bench press above your head!

The medial head of the triceps is the most active of all the heads during most strength training exercises. It works in all planes and under all possible angles as during the movement movements (bench press or bench press), and during extensions to the triceps. All that is needed to accurately hit this head is the old good intensity of training. However, this head is relatively small, but because if you are not King Kong, you can not reach the big scales in an attempt to isolate it.

There is still debate about whether the position of the hand affects the involvement in the contraction of the medial head. Some argue that the reverse – or lower – grip shifts the emphasis on the fibers of the medial head. Nevertheless, the constant use of the upper grip in triceps exercises also ensures a sufficient amplitude of motion; you should try to work out the muscle at different angles for a more harmonious development.

Most guys are not able to take a lot of weight in the exercises with a reverse grip, and therefore I recommend moving these movements to the end of the training session.

This head is most active in the final phase of the movement – when you fully straighten the arm. If you never straighten your hand to the end, guess which head you are cheating?

Movements with neutral grip (extension with dumbbells or a rope handle on the block) along with the upper grip are best suited for a targeted attack on this part of the triceps. The lateral head is active when performing multi-joint movements (push-ups on the uneven bars, bench presses with a narrow grip), and also during the French press on an incline bench.

We increase the intensity with supercells

Although you most likely perform many exercises in the form of simple approaches – doing one set and waiting for about a minute before the next one – you can increase the intensity by combining two exercises that target one head of the triceps, but attack it from different sides. By doing this, you increase the time under the load, which stimulates the secretion of anabolic hormones, in particular, somatotropin and testosterone.

In addition, a high tempo will help you quickly cope with the plan for training. By combining all three supersets, you can hit each of the targeted zones in the shortest period of time.

The first exercise in each supertetwork is multiunion, that is, the elbow and shoulder joints are involved in the process, and the second one is a one-joint movement. In multi-joint movements, I recommend using a relatively large working weight so that failure occurs between 6 and 8 repetition.

In the second exercise, work with less weight, in which you will reach a muscle failure between 10 and 12 repetition. Heavy weight in the first set will become a powerful trigger for the secretion of testosterone. At the end of the superset, you will need more time to recover, so that in subsequent approaches you can cope with the maximum possible weight.

Divide and rule. Try this approach and see if your hands begin to grow again.

Below are three supersets that will help you to accentuate all parts of the triceps. Choose the working weight with which you will reach a muscle failure in the planned range of repetitions. Repeat the sequence 4-5 times, minimizing the rest between supersets. After doing two exercises, rest 2 minutes before the next approach.

4 steps to the titanic triceps

Do you want to enjoy the best triceps workout in your life? Here 4 way is guaranteed to get a monstrous pumping triceps.

1. Get off the horizontal bench

Bench press with a narrow grip and extension, performed on the bench with 30-45 ° negative bias, will help reduce the involvement of deltoid muscles and slightly increase the load on the medial and lateral head of the triceps. The same exercises on the bench with a positive bias to a greater extent activate the long head.

Tightly gripping the fingerboard with your thumb, clenching the projectile into a fist, you include the brachioradial muscle (Musculus brachioradialis). This steals the proportion of the load in the triceps. If your palms and hands are not damaged, use a grip, in which the thumb is on the same side of the neck as the other fingers.

3. Use isometric retention and "pumping"

Fixing the arm in the position of maximum muscle contraction – the last centimeters of the trajectory of motion – increases the neuronal activity in the triceps region, and this translates into an increase in contraction. Another way to burn out the muscle is tempo pumping in the upper range of the trajectory, especially effective after failure, when you are no longer able to perform a full-amplitude repetition.

4. Use the techniques of high-intensity training

Negatives, or eccentric repetitions, refer to high-intensity training. The technique is based on the slow dropping of the projectile after reaching a muscle failure. You can also use the rest-pause method: take a relatively large working weight (say, the weight with which you can finish 8 repetitions) and do with it only 5 repetitions. Put the projectile on the stops, rest 15-20 seconds and resume the approach, performing another 5 repetition. Combine 4-5 of such work / rest segments, and you will get 25 repetitions with the weight of 8-repeated approach. This will be your ticket to rapid muscle growth!

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