Swedish diet for weight loss: minus 3 kg for 7 days!


Swedish nutritionists have developed a unique program for weight loss, which has received recognition around the world. And it's called the Swedish diet, which in just one week allows you to lose 3 kg of excess weight.

I got this diet my popularity not only because of effective weight reduction, but also because "sitting" on it you can completely cleanse your body of harmful toxins and toxins, which naturally can not but have a beneficial effect on the state of health .

Swedes are very fond of buckwheat, potatoes, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as dairy products. However, they do not refuse to eat meat, fish and eggs, they simply reduce their amount in the diet to a minimum.

The big plus of this nutrition program is that a person who "sits" on such a diet absolutely does not need additional intake of vitamins and minerals, since his diet fully includes their daily dose. If the diet suits you and you can safely stick to the menu below, then the diet can be extended for a couple of weeks. She will not give you any serious health problems.

Swedish diet menu for 7 days

It should be noted that all cooked dishes should be low-calorie, that is, cooked on the water (in the case of porridge) or steamed (meat, fish, vegetables).

The Swedish diet menu has the following:

Here and so, not hungry at all, you can lose extra pounds thanks to the unique Swedish weight loss technique! This diet has established itself throughout the world and has only positive feedback and results.

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