Swedish diet – lose weight without problems

It is believed that the Swedes love to eat. So why do not many of them look like people who are overweight? It's very simple – thanks to a balanced diet they can afford to sometimes relax and eat a piece or two of a sweet calorie pie. What is the secret? Let's find out.

What do nutritionists say?

In general, reviews about the Swedish diet, positive or neutral. Unfortunately, you will not be able to quickly lose weight on such a diet – you do not go hungry. And just start eating right, which means your body will receive all the necessary substances, because of what the work capacity will not decrease, and overall well-being will always be good. There are also negative reviews: but they are mostly from people who have lost very little weight, although they expected a much more tangible result. If you initially had excess weight, you can count on the loss of five to seven kilograms, the girls who wanted to only slightly adjust the figure, are unlikely to part more than two kilograms.

Contraindications in the Swedish diet

Despite the fact that this diet is certainly not considered to be strict, there are some restrictions on its use:

  • It is not recommended for people who do not tolerate dairy products, since the same milk is the main product, without which almost no breakfast is needed.
  • If you have a disease of the esophagus, you need to know about the possibility of carrying out any diets with your doctor. This is a very important point: even the most simple restriction in eating can be detrimental to your health.
  • Any other serious illnesses are also an excuse to abandon the diet or at least postpone it before consulting a doctor.
  • It is better for pregnant women and children to leave their diet alone, the same applies to breastfeeding mothers – these people need useful substances as never before, and to go on a diet and is not worth it (of course, if the fobley is not a doctor's prescription).

Swedish diet for 7 days: an example

It is worth remembering that the main purpose of this diet is to slow down the metabolism and help you lose a few pounds without harm to your health. That is why the food will be quite nutritious, and the number of meals will be reduced to three per day.

  • Day one. Morning should start with a glass of skim milk and a small amount of buckwheat (porridge should be boiled on the water and do not salt). In the lunchtime, you need to prepare a salad of fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions, eat it with hard cheese (about a hundred grams), washing it all down with a glass of warm skim milk. For dinner, you can eat boiled beets, grated (you can make sour cream dressing – sour cream, of course, should be fat-free) and three boiled potatoes. By dinner you can add a piece of bread with bran.
  • Day two. Breakfast remains the same as the first day, but for lunch, you can indulge yourself with 250 grams of low-fat boiled fish, two potatoes and lettuce, seasoned with vegetable or olive oil. For dinner, too, it is better to confine yourself to a salad, but a little different: 200 gram of cabbage and a little onion to mix with greens to taste and add quite a bit of vegetable or olive oil. A little later you can eat a couple of boiled eggs, and before going to bed, drink a mug of warm milk.
  • Day three. A glass of milk and a slice of bread with 60 grams of hard cheese is the best start to your day. Bread is better to choose with seeds or bran. At lunch, you can eat a little more: chicken fillet (about 250 grams) fried in olive oil, 100 grams of fresh vegetable salad, a glass of milk or apple juice (the second is preferable). For dinner, you can cook 150 gram of mashed potatoes and 80 grams of hard cheese. A glass of milk and a small slice of bread will finish the dinner.
  • Day Four. The morning should start with a couple glasses of apple juice and two loaves with seeds or bran. In the afternoon, try to cook yourself 100 gram of buckwheat porridge (on water and without salt), and to it – boiled meat (just a small piece). Closer to dinner or dinner (while you are hungry) you can eat a couple of apples or oranges. Dinner will look like this: 100 gram of rice with a salad of tomatoes and onions, which is added with vegetable or olive oil. Before going to bed, drink a glass of warm milk.
  • Day five. Breakfast will consist of a glass of low-fat yogurt and orange, lunch – from a meat cutlet and a hundred grams of boiled potatoes. A cup of green tea (naturally, without sugar) will complement your lunch. For dinner, buy 150 gram of strawberries (if your diet fell for the season of this berry) or oranges. Add another 200 gram of any fruit (except red grapes and bananas). To wash down a glass of apple juice (if possible – freshly squeezed).
  • Day Six. Breakfast is the same as the first day of the diet. In the lunch, cook the meat and add 150 gram of mashed potatoes, as a side dish. Add an apple or an orange. For dinner, cook 200 grams of long rice and a salad of cucumbers, cabbage, peppers and onions with vegetable or olive oil. Drink tea or milk – depending on what you want more.
  • Day Seven, last. For breakfast, boil 100-150 gram of rice, drink a glass of milk. In the afternoon, you can eat potatoes in a uniform (no more than 100 grams) and 200 grams of fish fried in olive oil (if you want, you can simply boil the fish). It is also worth eating an orange or an apple, drinking it all with orange juice. Dinner of the last day of the diet will be: a lean chop, a salad of fresh vegetables and a bit of rye bread. To wash down a glass of juice (apple or orange).

Very often in the description of the diet flashed the words "you can", "recommended", etc. This means that a couple of meals, if you absolutely do not want to eat, you can skip. Of course, it's not always worth it, but from a missing apple or garnish once in a couple of days, nothing will happen. So it is impossible to do, if serious loads are waiting for you – it's better to lean on cooked through strength.

Swedish diet "6 petals": example

Another diet that is not as popular as the previous one, but, nevertheless, has the right to exist and present to the public – 6 petals. In fact, it's just a combination of several types of mono-diet:

  • Day one: a fish. No more than 500 gram of dietary fish. It can not be fried, it is considered only stewed, baked or steamed fish. You can make a little fish broth, add some greens or seasonings, and eat this improvised soup.
  • Day two: vegetables. Any vegetables. You can eat them raw, cook or stew – the main thing is that the total weight of the eaten does not exceed one and a half kilograms. Vegetable juices with herbs, seasonings and salt (in very small quantities) are also allowed.
  • Day three: chicken. Select for the day 500 grams of chicken. It is desirable that it was breast without skin. It can be boiled, stewed or baked, in addition, if you wish, you can cook a light chicken broth.
  • Day four: cereals. This is any porridge on the water without salt and with a few spices. There you can also make grain breads, bran, water and unsweetened kvass. Total cereals should be about 200 grams in dry form.
  • Day five: cottage cheese. A half a kilogram of cottage cheese and milk.
  • The sixth day, the last one: fruit. Any juices and fruits (they can be baked – an excellent occasion to try new recipes). Weight eaten should not exceed 1,5 kilogram.

As you can see, Swedish diets are quite nutritious – almost everyone can use them, if they do not have serious diseases, in which diets are banned in principle. Quickly lose weight, they will not help, but as a method of eating once or twice a month – an excellent option.


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