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Swimming for weight loss: rules and a set of exercises

Swimming, without a doubt – is the best exercise to lose those extra pounds.

First, for this type of training you do not need to do strong physical activities.

Secondly, water is the best "simulator" that will save you from negative emotions.

So is there any benefit in swimming?

Is it possible to achieve a good result?

The benefits of swimming have long been proven.

Regular swimming has a positive effect on the human body:

  • leads to a reduction in body fat;
  • stimulates metabolism;
  • increases immunity;
  • Strengthens your muscles.

Required attributes for swimming

  1. Medical certificate, in which it will be indicated that you are not a carrier of dangerous infections or diseases, and your health allows you to engage in this kind of physical exertion.

Such a certificate may be required for you by most pool workers, but not all.

  • Swimsuit.

    It is important to choose a convenient set for classes, usually girls choose one-piece.

    Best of all, that there were no rhinestones and various ornaments.

  • Goggles.

    Some believe that buying glasses is not necessary, but it's wrong.

    First, they protect you from water, which is dominated by a huge amount of bleach.

    Secondly, you will see what is in front of you and where you are sailing.

  • A hat.

    They all have the same size and are mainly intended for adults, so you definitely do not have to worry about the size, but you can talk about quality.

    You can choose a cheaper option, it's a rubber cap or latex, but it's better to spend a little more and buy a silicone that will be comfortable and bring maximum comfort.

  • Personal hygiene items.

    This towel, washcloth, soap and slippers.

    Slippers should be chosen so that they do not slip during walking.

  • Swimming rules for losing weight

    To really benefit from training, you must follow a certain number of rules:

      1. Before you climb into the water you need to do a little charging, in time it can take 10 minutes.

      Just do not start to actively engage, but you need to gradually increase the pace.

    1. If you are new to this business, then your classes should not last more than 30 minutes.

    Only then, with time and gradually you can increase the time.

  • The cooling pool increases the calorie consumption, but for beginners the temperature should be in the range of 22-28 degrees.
  • If you want to achieve a real result, then it is worth doing regularly.

    It's only three or four times a week.

  • After staying in the water, there is always a feeling of hunger and you need to remember that at least the first hour you need to refrain from eating.
  • In order to use all the muscles during the lessons, you need to combine different styles of swimming, each of which has its own features and functions, now we will talk about them.
  • How to swim properly to lose weight, you can learn from the video.

    1. The most popular is crawl: during swimming, you need to do wide strokes with your hands along the body, and with your legs you need to do blows up and down.

    This style is best for those who want to lose weight.

    During this style, the muscles of the legs, arms, hips and even the buttocks are well developed.

  • Backstroke – it's almost the same as the crawl only much slower, which is good for beginners.

    Such a swimming will make it possible to form an ideal and thin waist and achieve good posture.

  • Swimming breaststroke – this is one of the slowest styles, but it will very well tighten the side and inner surface of the thigh.
  • Butterfly Style, it is similar to the flight of a butterfly.

    Hands during swimming should make alternately strokes, and legs wavy movements.

    This style is one of the most difficult and not for everyone can come up with.

    Girls who have chosen this style, it is recommended to supplement it with power exercises on the lower part of the body in order to achieve a harmonious silhouette.

  • It is possible to allocate the whole complex of trainings and exercises for growing thin in the pool

    Swimming, in contrast to aerobic exercise, passes with the very minimal burden on the joints. For the best effect, you should follow an individually tailored plan for you with an experienced instructor.

    But you can do it yourself, which in turn will not give a bad result.

    To begin with, you will need an average ball.

    You need to dive into the water on the collarbone and hold the ball in front of you and draw the eight with your hands.

    The most important thing is not to raise your hands above your chest and breathe properly.

    Such exercises should be performed about 10 minutes according to the 2 approach.

    It is necessary to do cross-stepping underwater, keeping your back straight and moving your hands very actively.

    Such an exercise should be done until the time you feel the tension in the muscles.

  • Jumping in the water.

    Simply simulate jumps, hands should be lowered along the body.

    The most important thing is to jump as much higher and at the same time as much as possible to spread your legs apart.

    This exercise should be done ten times and preferably three approaches.

  • Exercises for a good stretch.

    This exercise should be performed only sideways, standing at the side.

    It is necessary to make the slopes in the direction of the rim and at the same time hold your hand above your head.

    It is necessary to perform ten times on each hand.

  • Exercise "ballerina".

    This exercise will help improve posture and well affects the muscles of the back.

    It is necessary to go into the water by the shoulders, keeping the back straight, bend the left leg in the knee and pull it to the buttocks.

    At this time, the hands should be on the belt, and we perform the slopes left-right for ten minutes.

  • Run.

    This exercise will help you get rid of excess deposits on the hips and buttocks.

    It is necessary to enter the water around the neck, straighten your back and draw in the pelvis.

    We bend the left and the right knee in turn, then the legs, you have to touch your buttocks with your heels.

    In water, you can only be held by hand. Repeat this movement somewhere nine times.

  • We pump the press in the water.

    Such an exercise will help you achieve an ideal press and a thin waist in a short time.

    First, lie on your back, and your hands to the side with your hands down. On the exhalation you need to pull your knees to your chest, and at the entrance to return to the opposite position.

    Such an exercise is performed ten or fifteen times.

  • Turns.

    Such an exercise will have a beneficial effect on your waist.

    You need to go into the water so that your feet do not reach the bottom. You need to raise your legs, bent at the knees and rotate them at 90 degrees relative to the body.

  • Exercise for slimming legs.

    In this exercise, you must simulate running on the ground, touching the bottom with the entire foot.

    Hands repeat the same movements as when running on land.

  • Therefore, for beginners, the so-called "training for beginners" was created:

    1. Five minutes of warm-up on land to bring the body into tonus.
    2. Five minutes of warm-up in the water.
    3. Five minutes to swim in the style of "krol".
    4. Break a few minutes.
    5. Five minutes swimming breaststroke.
    6. Again rest.
    7. Backstroke.
    8. And again, a break.

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    A visit to the pool is extremely undesirable for people who observe health problems in the following points:

      1. Infectious diseases, since infection can be transmitted to other visitors.

    1. Allergic reactions.
    2. Oncology, it is necessary to consult in a medical center, because often doctors advise to refrain from physical exertion.
    3. Cardiac arrhythmia (cardiac rhythm changes), problems of the cardiovascular system, it is very important to treat the stress in general, you need to undergo a checkup and get permission from a doctor.
    4. Violation of the integrity of the skin (open wounds). The risk of getting an infection is great.
    5. Ophthalmic diseases (keratitis, conjunctivitis).

    It is also advisable to consult a doctor, as there are various cases in which a visit to the pool will be possible.

  • Skin diseases (for example: lichen, eczema, fungal, infectious).

    They are dangerous for you and other visitors.

  • Now let's talk about those people who managed to get rid of excess weight by doing the pool. This will be a good motivation for beginners.

    But of course, everything is not as simple as it seems. I had to refuse from harmful food. Excluded from the diet carbonated water, fast foods and from sweet. After training, he began to drink a protein shake, he is sweet and after that he does not want anything sweet. But, in general, I do not limit myself to eating, however, I began to eat less.

    If you set a goal to lose weight in the pool, then do it. Just do not forget about the rules that must be followed and all the pools. For ten months my stomach has become smaller, and now there is no such great desire to eat as before. I do not eat much, but often.

    And every time I stand on the scales, I see the result. It gives me more strength, and I again go to the pool to swim. No wonder my coach told me that a year will pass and you will see how your state of health has changed, now I understand that he was right.

    I'm not going to give up swimming, and I'm doing it even now. I generally forgot about the pain in the back and legs. When I started swimming weighed an 143 kilogram, now 120, I think it's a very good result!

    In the summer I rested on the sea and decided my holiday at full strength. I started to spend a lot of time at sea. Floated 2 times per day for an hour and a half. As a professional, I did not know how to swim, so I did not particularly bother and swim, as I knew or invented myself exercises. At first I just walked in the water without hands somewhere a hundred times, in general, amused myself as best I could. The result of this all very surprised me! For two weeks I dropped six kilograms and it's effortless. Everything was tightened, the volume in the hips had gone. Just as I returned from vacation, I decided to enroll in the pool and continue my weight loss further. Maybe it's not as effective as going to the hall, but I do not want to throw it.

    I had not a very small tummy with a thin build. And somehow by chance I decided to go to the pool, and, you know, I liked it. For a short period of visiting the pool, my stomach just disappeared, he had a sporty look. In addition, my arms, back and chest muscles became stronger. The secret is that you need to spend more calories than to eat (just have less to eat). And swim at least 45 minutes without rest. Council – money for the coach is not worth spending, the Internet is full of good information that you can swim and learn yourself.

    A set of exercises in water for weight loss look in the video.

    Swimming is one of the most effective exercises for getting rid of excess fat. When swimming, you quickly get a good shape. I advise!

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    And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?