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Tabata: fat burning training for men and women

The revolutionary method of losing weight is tobacco. Unique exercises that can be done at home are developed by a group of researchers led by Dr. Izumi Tabata.

Thanks to the ideal option, you can do 4 minutes a day, achieve good results – burn 54 kcaloria.

What affects the burning of fat? Intensive interval training. It combines exercise with rest. That is, 20 seconds are engaged, then 10 seconds rest. Each exercise is designed for 8 approaches.

What do these exercises do?

  1. Strengthening of muscles;
  2. Full body lift;
  3. Increased stamina;
  4. Strengthening the heart and blood vessels.

The effect can be expected immediately after training.

  • increased metabolism;
  • reduction of volumes;
  • fat burning;
  • giving the figure reliefs.

Tabata is performed without additional adaptations and with deadly intensity. These exercises are popularly known as "military training". In general, the result comes after 5 training. For 2 months 10 kg is burnt. By the way, even if there are no workouts, on the 3 day after them, the fat still continues to melt.

How to conduct home training on the tobacco system: recommendations

This is the best complex for those who for some reason can not go to workout in the gym. If you are using this technique for the first time, then you need to start with small loads. But be sure during the exercises do not stop and act according to the intervals.

The most important thing you need to tune in is that you will succeed. The load is heavy, and you can quit at any moment. Beginners do not yet have good endurance, so it is necessary to do simple exercises first, so as not to harm yourself.

  • start with a simple technique;
  • use the 1-2 job;
  • reduce the number of approaches;
  • equalize the duration of classes and rest, for example, 15 seconds occupation and 15 seconds rest;
  • Finish the first workout in 3 minutes;
  • Do not exercise every day, there must be recovery days;
  • pay attention to the breath.

There are 8 standard exercises, which are performed during 4-x minutes. For each exercise, 20 seconds are given, for which you need to do at the fastest possible pace. After every 20 seconds, an 10 second pause occurs, and then the exercise repeats. So 8 times.

You are a beginner, then pay attention not to the number of repetitions, but to the stopwatch. After the completion of the complex, proceed to stretching. And just before the complex, perform a warm-up. If the whole complex of exercises will be repeated at the beginning from 3 to 5 times, then the effectiveness will necessarily manifest itself.

You should feel a burning sensation in the muscles. This is a guarantee that you are doing everything right. And do not forget at the end of training 5 minutes just to calmly resemble. If you are just starting to develop a technique, then start with light exercises. For example, with squats and jumps in the air.

What is needed for tobacco timer and music

A beginner athlete, can make one approach and get to the point of exhaustion. And experienced can increase the load. Therefore, a tobacco timer was developed.

What he does. He divides the lesson into 4 parts:

  1. Entry
  2. Voice command to the beginning of the lesson
  3. 20-second music pumping
  4. 10 second pause

It is downloaded or used online.

Countdown in four minutes, divided into 8 periods. When they end, a beep sounds. Also, for convenience use the timer application.

In order to be able to download special music of tobacco and adapt to the exercises, dividing into pieces with interruptions. Music is used any: jazz, classic, rock. It is necessary that the music is tuned to positive emotions and helped with the load.

A system of tobacco is called a protocol. Although 4 minutes, seem too simple to lose weight, in fact, there are great energy costs.

At the end of 3 months, the body will be able to increase the anaerobic load in 3 times. There is no special selection of exercises in the protocol of tobacco. The main thing is that the exercises are simple.

Classes begin with a warm-up. For the circulation of blood in the body use: walking, squats, slopes, lunges. And at the end of training, easy walking to calm the pulse. To eat before the lesson is impossible, except that for 2 hours before the start to eat a banana. Do you want a tucked up stomach? You can download it for 1 lesson. That is, for eight approaches. You can perform 1 exercise or 8 different.

Exercises for the protocol exist on:

  1. Legs. This: squats, flies, lunges, jumps, jumps, running on the spot
  2. Stomach. Pumped: upper, lower, middle, oblique muscles. You can bend in different directions. Twist standing and lying
  3. Back: lying down, with ups, downs, torsions
  4. Hands: mahi, push-ups, rotation, blows
  5. Buttocks: lying on your knees, squats

With the initial position of the hands behind the head, the upper press is pumped. You can lift the body to the bent legs, draw a figure eight, legs raised up, make a bicycle.

To work out the muscles of the legs, there is the following protocol:

  1. Legs together, crouch, without lifting your heels off the floor;
  2. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, turn your socks to the sides, straighten your back Squats with a lift to your toes and tear off the heels off the floor;
  3. Make a very wide stand. The severity of the body to bear with a deep squat on one leg, the other leaving a straight line;
  4. Leg falls forward with the transfer of the weight of the body. Widely dissolve your legs, perform jumps, alternately bending your knees, so that they reach the belly
  5. Mach right, left foot

So, the protocol of tobacco implies:

  • "The sprint phase" pass for 20 seconds;
  • "Phase of rest" for 10 seconds;
  • do 7-8 approaches.

Basic exercises on the system of tobacco for men and women

If a man is losing weight and he does not have muscles, then he looks unattractive. Women have problems: press, sides, buttocks. Men can create programs themselves, or engage in a special complex.

In the basic, starting complex for men involved: legs, buttocks, hips, press

  • I. p. Arms in front of the chest, legs shoulder-width apart. Sit down, stand up and take your straight leg to the side. We repeat 8 times in 20 seconds, not forgetting about the break between sets.
  • Standing still, feet in parallel. We take a step back with the left bent leg. We rely on the bent forward leg. Support – heel of the front leg. Then we change our legs.
  • We stand on our knees on the floor with our hands. We stretch into the bar. We pull the knee to the shoulder in turn.
  • I. p. Lying on the floor, back pressed, legs under 90 degrees. Slowly raise and lower the pelvis.

Exercises are performed for 8 series.

The basic complex for women is:

  1. Squats;
  2. Turns to the sides, hands are closed at the chest level;
  3. Push-ups on their knees;
  4. Scissors;
  5. Lying to bend her knees and reach for her toes with her hands;
  6. With hands on the back of the head, raise the upper part of the trunk as high as possible.

And this exercise can be performed by both men and women:

Standing, hands stretch along the trunk, jump, clap your hands over your head, then sit down, stretch your legs back, wring out, lie down and repeat everything in the reverse order.

The best exercises on the system of tobacco for beginners

Suitable exercises should involve different muscle groups. You can develop in:

  • incomplete squats with weight and slopes;
  • push-ups and jumps in the air;
  • squats with weight and lunges forward.

Now consider the very first complex.

In training 4 exercises:

  1. Running on the ground with a show of hands up. Elbows are bent, they straighten out at the top.
  2. Squat with an emphasis on one leg and lifting another bent leg, alternately.
  3. Jumping: legs are bred in the sides, connect. Hands work like legs.
  4. We take dumbbells when we squat, arms bent at the elbows, we bring up.

In order for the result to be achieved, you need to put the best out. But for this we need experience. You must decide what is most suitable for you. If you can make 8 approaches, then you are on the right track.

You can include the exercise "climber". Endurance is practiced here. There is a study: the chest, biceps, thighs, quadriceps, shoulders. With the support lying down, the back and legs create an elongated straight line. Hands are shoulder width apart. Tighten the press and pull alternately bent legs to the shoulders. The feet of the floor do not touch, they are on weight.

Planck. It makes it possible to tighten all the muscles. Here muscles strain: hips, press, buttocks, torso, provided the body is parallel to the floor. The duration of the exercise is 20 seconds.

We offer you to get acquainted with the opinions of the trainers:

If you do not know what exercises to start your training on the tobacco system, then we recommend using the following video:

Fitness centers for many in our time, gently say, can not afford. The emergence of the protocol of tobacco gives an opportunity to achieve everything that men and women dream about.

There are no financial costs, gyms. Very convenient program. During classes, muscle mass will always be in tonus, excess fat will go away, the heart will strengthen, endurance and resistance will increase. But there is one nuance – after training you really want to eat, so you need skills to control the proper balanced diet.

I'm definitely not going to stand on training) I managed to get 7 killo by taking a slimming remedy for my wife Modelform 30 plus. She at first on it has well grown thin, then and me has forced to accept) But I am glad that she has pushed me.

A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.

Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.