Technique and techniques of strong motivation for losing weight

Clear motivation is a huge help in the hard way to harmony, health and beauty.

With the fact that it is difficult to change the habitual way of life and not deviate from the intended goal, no one will argue.

But with the right attitude – it's real.

Motivation Secrets

Very many can not go this way to the end, they break up, having returned to their former way of life, only because they did not have a clear motivation at the very beginning.

Why do you need to lose weight?

A beautiful picture of "stroynyashki" in my head, emotional impulses – "I'm losing weight tomorrow, because I'm afraid to be alone"

this attitude will not be effective.

It is for this reason that so often advice from books does not help – they are too generalized, it would not hurt to add a couple "personally for themselves."

Write a complete list of what you can do if you lose weight.

From buying a new skirt, to calling envy of girlfriends.

Write the most important points on the card, and do not forget to reread these points more often.

Not bad if the record is read before food is received.

The motivation for losing weight can for you to become even this video, because in it you will see photos of people who succeeded:

Little tricks

The specific goal is excellent motivation, but forget the word "weight" for a while.

For example, "during June I will not eat cakes."

About kilograms of not a word.

Be careful, you can trap yourself here.

By forbidding your body everything and everything, you can easily break down and forget about the diet.

It is safer to enter a new diet gradually, you do not need to set several goals.

Provided that this kind of motivation for weight loss will encourage and inspire, you can use a visual technique – quotes and different phrases on the leaflets.

They can be hung on those items in the apartment, which most often come to their eyes:

  1. "You want to get fat, eat just one patty."
  2. "Eat little, move more!".
  3. "You look less into the kitchen, the pounds disappear at the waist!".
  4. "It is easy to lose weight, it is difficult not to eat!".

The same can be done with pictures that will strengthen the motivation for losing weight.

We must not forget that the skinny problems are no less than those of people with impressive weight.

Do not need to wait for that with extra pounds to go into oblivion and no more problems will appear.

Serious motivation is an excellent result

Try to convince yourself that losing weight is work.

Put an extra piece of cake into your mouth, chew the cutlet at two o'clock in the morning – it's easy, but then it's hard to burn the extra calories that appeared after that.

So how do you find the motivation for losing weight?

Helpers for choice can be invoked by the advice of psychologists based on individual characteristics of a person.

And experimenting with various gadgets and tablets, those who want to lose weight lose time, money, unfortunately sometimes health, but not just overweight.

You can choose a specific goal, with a certain implementation time:

  1. Lose weight before going to the sea. In order not to feel discomfort, dressing an open swimsuit, but, on the contrary, look beautiful and effective.
  2. Lose weight before some kind of exercise. At a wedding, a corporate meeting, a meeting with alumni, – at any celebration, you want to look so that you are thrown with approving glances.
  3. The motivation can be even an ordinary dress that you really liked, it was bought, but, unfortunately, a little.

Some are fixated on appearance, others – on health.

The third, zatyukannym household chores, in general, all the same.

And here everyone should have their own goals in order to lose weight.

And now watch the video and try now to translate some of the recommendations:

More "global" goals for motivation

  1. To lose weight, to get the long-awaited new job.
  2. Like others, do not feel uncomfortable with people.
  3. Improve health.
  4. Restore self-confidence.
  5. Lose weight for the sake of men. Goals here can be completely different: do not lose your husband, return the guy, draw attention to the man you like and so on.
  6. Return your old weight after birth. The desire to return the former attractiveness is almost all young mothers. Occupying yourself, your body, nutrition can even help to get rid of depression.
  7. Become an example for imitation. This is serious and responsible. It is a shame to turn off the path if, looking at you, you want to lose weight and keep health, for example, parents, son or daughter.
  8. Motivation can be a simple "I want". For active and purposeful – this is a very suitable motivation.

Excellent motivating video for you:

Finding the cause of excess weight

If there is a suspicion that excess weight has appeared due to medical problems – take a survey: it is worth to visit an endocrinologist, donate blood to the thyroid hormones.

Although, as a rule, "slow metabolism" and "hormonal imbalance" is much less common than the appearance of extra kilos from a "sedentary" lifestyle and high-calorie nutrition.

Just watch yourself to find the personal cause of excess weight.

Motivation should give you strength and self-confidence.

Periodically, "sit down" on short diets, but do not start gradually to eat properly and actively move, such a path can lead to the opposite results.

Therefore, you need to gradually rebuild the whole way of life, and you can start motivation for losing weight even with such a simple approach as a photo on the refrigerator.

In the photo you can be, and you can also another person.

The main thing is that it should encourage the implementation of the intended goals.

How to force yourself to start losing weight at home, if you constantly need to prepare delicious meals for the family? In this article, you will find ways and make up your own program that will lead you to fulfill your dream of a slender body.

The famous diet of Elena Malysheva has helped many people to become slimmer and change their lives for the better. What is its secret? Find out here.

The power of thought

The process of the upcoming meal people with excess weight represent quite differently than the thin.

For the full, the absorption of a large amount of food is a pleasure, and they feel the taste of this food, the fragrance.

Thin, looking, let's say, a large piece of cake, think about the severity in their stomach and discomfort that will necessarily appear if they eat it.

Let next to you will be as many slender people.

Scientists have found an interesting pattern – what kind of people in our environment are larger in physique, such are we.

Active communication with the "right" type of people, pushes our brain to create a new template for the "right" physique.

Continue the diet, go to the intended goal, can help one or more motivations.

The quantity does not matter.

If you do not find the main one for which you should start working on yourself, you do not need to get upset.

The goal for weight loss can be selected individually.

Finally a video with pictures and tips that will inspire you:

Until I analyzed my habits, from which I gained weight no diet was not effective for me.

I am inclined to fullness and struggled with her all my life. Then I'll lose pounds on 10, then I'll type again. Favorite reading of the story about losing weight with photos before and after. I think that's how I would spend my whole life reading articles about someone else's successful weight loss.


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