"Test pull-ups" – only for real men

Attitude to pull-ups is very ambiguous: for someone this is the most important, invaluable exercise, but someone avoids it in any way, and even condemns it. Whatever it was, but a bar in your house is an extremely useful thing that is not only effective in itself, but it will also be able to fully replace you with a bunch of other shells, sometimes bulky and costly. Such minimal equipment, and even the simplicity of the technique of doing make pull-ups a long-established force exercise, besides one of the main ones. There is an opinion that pull-ups are boring and monotonous. But this is a delusion, and you yourself can be convinced of this by participating in the program "Test pull-ups."

The basis of the program "Test pull-ups"

Everyone has already disgrained the traditional pull-ups. Yes, there are various ways to improve the exercise, they have developed historically, they are reliable and tested not by one generation. For example, you can use the extra weight of 3PM in pull-ups (the weight should be exactly what the athlete can do three full-scale repetitions). Such an exercise makes it possible to test the upper body of the body and find out what its physical state is. Naturally, this option should be included in the training program. You can also do pull-ups to the point of failure, and this will help you to know how strong and hard the muscles of the upper body.

But agree: only two types of exercises – what a boring exercise! The development of two physical parameters – and only. It's the same as getting a date with a girl from the cover of Playboy, having a chat with her on exciting topics and getting as a result a maximum friendly kiss. In other words, you had wonderful opportunities, but could not implement them.

In this regard, the development of multifaceted training for pull-up seems just necessary. And it's not even in Playboy's model, it's just really: ordinary exercises are pretty boring. It is clear that it is extremely important not to refuse from training with 3PM and from pull-ups to failure – these are the fundamental elements. But you need to add a little bit of creativity – and you will open much more new, pleasant, interesting. Moreover, you better know yourself both physiologically and psychologically. At the same time and have fun.

Yes, and the essence of training, in fact, is such that you prove to yourself your own worth – you win!

Probably, it is necessary to outline in the main outline which exercises can be considered pull-ups. At the top, you must place the chin above the crossbar, the position at the bottom point is characterized by the complete straightening of the hands. During pull-ups, a moderate swinging of the body is possible.

Pulling up is quite a difficult exercise, so it does not presuppose a rigid criterion for the aesthetics of movements. But it is better to avoid wide and sharp swings with your feet – this is only relevant in cross-fencing competitions. If you do pull-ups with cotton, then at the top point, always release the crossbar. And remember: sluggish hand movements are not the level of a good athlete.

You can pull up and at the end of the workout, then you will not need to warm up the body and stretch the muscles in advance. But still think: is it good to conduct an assessment of physical indicators, when you are already tired with occupations? Of course, it is better to perform pull-ups before training or on a day off from it. But in this case, the warm-up will be mandatory. Someone might be surprised: why knead before such a simple occupation – just something to pull. But do not be lazy, because a little workout will only benefit.

Here is an example of a warm-up: you can either pull up with extra weight, or perform concentric pull-ups. Both that, and another activates the nervous system, will give tone to the muscles of the back and biceps for further exercises. But both these methods differ not only in advantages – there are disadvantages.

If you use the extra load, you will need maximum effort. This method has long been known and tested, it can be used almost always: do you press bench, heavy squats before the race, or warm up before the program of our exercises.

How it is done: tighten with weights in two or three approaches, perform three repetitions (not too complicated – this should not be equal to the full 3). You can begin pulling up without a load – only your weight in the first approach. The second approach is to perform, for example, with weighed 30 kg and repeat three times. The third approach (also 3 times) is weighting 40 kg. In general, for three repetitions, the weight of the load should not exceed 45 kg. For weights, you can attach a dumbbell of appropriate weight to the belt.

What a drawback of this method of warm-up: you can quickly get tired before the exercise of the program itself begins. To avoid this, you need to do everything right: do not try to execute many approaches; Do not increase the number of repetitions – in one approach, do the exercise no more than three times; choose the optimal weight for you – usually this is as much as you can sustain for five or six repetitions.

Concentric pull-ups differ somewhat from the previous ones, but they can also be used in a warm-up complex. Concentric pullings are valuable in that they help to increase traction without the use of an additional eccentric load. When doing, use only concentric thrust. Compensate the phase of reducing the eccentric load in such a way: after reaching the highest point of motion, unclench your hands on the crossbar and jump down – to the floor or to a special platform. Use of explosive force during exercise will help avoid overwork. Perform such exercises need to 3-5 times in the 3-4 approach.

If you do not understand the technique of concentric pulling, then watching the video on the technology will make it clear. Performing some repetitions, you can leave your hands on the crossbar, but then you need to avoid eccentric muscle contraction when descending.

Before you, five tests of the training program, developed by a specialist in sports medicine Todd Bamgardner. Do not be upset or surprised if it is not so easy to fulfill them right away.

The day consists of 1440 minutes. One of them is quite suitable for the first exercise of the training program. From the title it is clear what exactly it is necessary to do. This exercise is quite simple and will help prepare the body for the following types of exercise. For one minute, you need to do the maximum amount of pull-ups with a straight grip. The main thing is that during each tightening the chin crossed the line of the crossbar.

Exercise will be effective not only because of the muscular strength and endurance of the body, how many thanks to how the process is planned. When performing this exercise, lactic acid will inevitably be released, the amount of which must be strictly limited. Otherwise, the exercise will not produce the desired results.

To constrain the production of lactic acid, you need to pull up jerks and pause between them. So the first 50 seconds remain vivacity in the whole body. Completing the exercise (the last 10 seconds), you need to drive away all thoughts and focus on doing the greatest number of pull-ups. The minimum is 25 times, and exceeding the 30 mark is already a cause for pride.

2. Pulling up different types: with cotton, with a direct and reverse grip

For the next exercise, there is no timeframe, however, greater impact, speed and coordination of movements are needed. It is necessary to make 3 call on 5 repetitions (15 in total) as quickly as possible. First you need to perform 5 repetitions with cotton, which is far from as simple as it might seem at first glance. After completing the first stage, 5 should just be pulled back, and then, after changing the direct grip to the opposite, finish the exercise by pulling up 5 times.

The most important task is not to be frightened of letting go of the crossbar to clap your hands. Here, concentric pull-ups used for warm-up can help. Thanks to this type of pull-up, explosive power develops well. If this part is worked out well, then there will not be problems with the reverse grip.

Exercises that perform on speed, require a rigid control of the rocking of the body. If the amplitude is too large, much time will be lost. It is necessary to pull up quickly, but taking into account the position of the body. As a result, the exercise is as follows: as soon as possible you need to perform 5 pull-ups with cotton, 5 – with a straight grip and 5 – with the opposite. Ideally, this should take no more than 20 seconds. Less than 20 seconds is just a great result.

Although the name may recall the image of Simpatka Sylvester Stallone in memory, however, the exercise is rather complicated. It is necessary to hang on the crossbar, like an abyss, and quickly, without opening the arms, pull the whole body up, as if the salvation of one's life depends on it.

It is necessary to pull up until the dorsal muscles and biceps are no longer able to withstand the load. End the exercise is necessary when the hands become unable to hold onto the crossbar. Thus, it is possible to eliminate excess lactic acid. This exercise is a kind of pull-up to failure. But when performing, one more condition must be observed: pulling with the same kind of grip should be done no more than 10 times in a row. It is of no importance what kind of a grip to start from.

If the execution of 10 repetitions in the same way is beyond the forces, then do not be upset or scared. It is not necessary to pull up 10 times in a row. Hvat can be changed after each pull-up. If the total number of repetitions is 20, then you can safely consider the training successful.

The proposed exercise may seem impossible at first. But, as practice shows, if desired, everything can be achieved. This exercise is borrowed from the training of fighters of mixed martial arts, one of whose representatives is, for example, Dustin Peig, champion of the tournament "Ring of Combat" in the weight category up to 60 kg.

In mixed martial arts, wrestling competitions are divided into rounds for five minutes. During the round, it is necessary to apply and block attacks, try to execute painful grips and defend. Of course, only a true master who has a well-thought-out plan of action and good form can hold out in such conditions. The same requirements are presented for this test. A person who does not have the experience of competitions consisting of rounds, is unlikely to be able to imagine how long they can last five minutes. At the beginning of each minute, you should pull up 10 times. But first we need to deal with the rules in detail.

The essence of the test is that you need to pull at least once for 15 seconds during the entire training period. It is important to remember that if 10 initial pull-ups are performed at a fast pace, then you need to straighten your arms too quickly. Thus, you need to accurately plan the intensity and pace of training.

In most training programs, the main thing is to set a goal and move cautiously towards it. Excessive fuss and rush is unlikely to help achieve the desired results. For example, you need to perform 40 pull-ups. To do this, you must organize the load so that the chin crossed the crossbar line at least 40 times. And do not put unnecessary restrictions on time. It is important not to forget the moment: however well you planned the time, in real life it does not move quite the way a person counts in his mind. Therefore, it should not be surprising if, of course, 60 was succeeded, let's say, from clearly planned 45 repetitions. Here will help a simple trick: to pull yourself up for 5 seconds, mentally count to four.

The result of 60 pull-ups over 5 minutes – this is a cosmic scale success!

Nothing so charges with energy and confidence, as the spirit of competition. A hundred times to raise any weight is a serious task, which is not so easy to accomplish. Therefore, a particularly good option is training with friends to race, because they allow you to combine useful exercises with pleasant communication.

Nevertheless, 100 pull-ups are not typical races, where the winner is the one who performed everything first. There are two ways of holding such a competition, which unites the main condition: the winner is the one who will spend fewer approaches on 100 pull-ups.

The first version of the organization is best suited for training, in which alternate days for "push" (exercises for press) and "pool" (exercises for traction). The latter are perfect for testing. It is enough to simply alternate approach to the press with pull-ups. Based on the possibilities and strengths, you can finish the day of exercises with cravings with the proposed competition. Then the next day can be made a day off for sports and physical activities. In the second variant it is possible to determine the specific time for performance, this will warm up the participants' gambling passion. In order to have time to rest for the allowed minute between the approaches, you need to think carefully about the strategy. Pulling up at a very fast pace is exhausted, and when you are slow, you can hardly manage everything. Victory requires not only the work of muscles, but serious consideration of the actions performed.

Of course, the first attempt to perform a training program can fail. The easiest and most convenient way to increase the result is not to stop pulling on. A good service will be served by three principles of developing the upper back before performing the deadlift:

  • pull up with extra weight, start 6 with repetitions, and end with three;

The success of the training program directly depends on the increase in the absolute force when pulling with additional weight. The greater the absolute strength, the greater and the relative. By the same principle, you can increase the effectiveness of 100-kilogram bench press in the prone position. If for each repetition the weight is increased by 10 kg, then 100 kg squeeze will also be much easier. The additional weight when pulling exercises will have a beneficial effect on the index of tightening your own weight.

The second principle is the basis of "Competitions on 100 pull-ups". Improving the results is achieved by constantly working out the exercises.

To supplement the above approaches can only work for the maximum result. Increasing the 1 PM by effect is equivalent to performing several pull-ups. Constant repetitions and systematic increase in the load make a positive impact on the quality of performance, and on the endurance of the organism (and, accordingly, the duration of training), and on the successes in the fight against lactic acid. Every day, you can devote one of the proposed techniques, while it is important to regularly change the grip.

The importance of pull-ups as a kind of training today is beyond doubt. These methods of organizing and conducting classes will make it possible to realize their potential in this area. Moreover, this is a great way to pump up beautiful muscles, improve the grip strength, harden the muscles of the upper back, and also – reveal many of its capabilities.

Tell me the program for pulling on the mass?

Pulling up with cotton is like.

It's when you're breaking up from the top of the bar and clapping, like in push-ups.


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