Testosterone and weight training

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Have you ever thought about why so much talk about compound exercises? Or why should all the training programs be built around them? Meanwhile, many newcomers do not pay much attention to this type of exercise and prefer to wander in the wilds of all sorts of isolating movements. Their training lasts for hours, they move from exercise to exercise in the hope of finishing their muscles.

There is another extreme. The newcomer finds in the specialized journal a program of a professional bodybuilder and tells himself that it is necessary to do only this and not otherwise. I strongly do not recommend doing this in the same way, because beginners are far from professional athletes. I admit, I also stepped on these rakes at the beginning of my training path. However, pacifying self-esteem, I realized why it is so important to build training around compound movements.

Compound exercises are not just a foundation for erecting a strong building, it is also a powerful booster of the secretion of testosterone, an anabolic hormone that we all love so much. In these exercises, more than two muscle groups work, and movements occur in several joints (therefore they are also called polyarticular), which increases the production of testosterone.

Speaking about testosterone, I do not mean “pharma”, but endogenous hormone secretion in our body. Testosterone is a male sex hormone, widely known in the iron world due to the colossal influence on muscle growth. The higher the level of testosterone in the blood, the higher our potential in terms of gaining muscle mass and reducing the percentage of body fat.

Increased secretion of testosterone through exercise

How to increase the synthesis of testosterone during exercise? The scientists found out that for this it is necessary to keep in mind a few key points. First of all, it is proved that strength training enhances the secretion of testosterone, but the severity of the hormonal response depends on the number of muscle groups participating in the work, the intensity of training and the volume of the load. Simple lifting of heavy objects is not enough. To achieve the set goals, you need a really effective training program, which helps to recruit serious muscle mass.

The more muscles you stimulate during training, the more testosterone is formed in your body. This explains why training based on basic multi-joint movements is considered the key to increasing testosterone levels naturally. In a study conducted by Dr. Kremer (with co-authors), the subjects performed bench press and jumping with squats under load. Although both exercises gave a positive result, jumping with squats led to more pronounced growth of testosterone secretion due to more muscles involved in one exercise.

What do you think, what level of testosterone in the blood of weightlifters of the Olympians? This shows why one should not spend most of the precious time on bending the biceps and straightening the legs in the simulator. Instead, it’s better to concentrate on squats, deadlifts, shvung bench presses, etc.

What amount of workload is considered excessive?

However, this does not mean that everyone should go to the gym and perform insane amounts of repetitions and approaches in these anabolic exercises. It is necessary to find the optimal amount of training load, allowing to achieve maximum secretion of testosterone. If your muscles do not receive the required load, testosterone secretion does not reach peak values, and you lose a significant percentage of the anabolic potential of this exercise.

Although the high volume of the load significantly increases the secretion of testosterone, studies have shown that through 45-60 minutes of strength training, a sharp decline in hormone production occurs. Consequently, those who practice hours of sessions with an infinite number of exercises should reconsider their approach and ask themselves whether their training is indeed productive.

It has been experimentally proven that a larger volume of loading gives a greater secretion of testosterone, but the second component of the equation must not be forgotten. This is the intensity of the load as a percentage of a one-time maximum. Scientists compared two groups of trainees. Representatives of the first group worked on hypertrophy with 10 repetitions in the approach and a minute rest between sets. The second group concentrated on power work and performed 5 repetitions in the approach with a three-minute rest between sets. It turned out that in the first group the level of testosterone increased more than in the second. However, the second group also recorded a significant increase in hormone secretion.

If you want to realize the potential of a natural anabolic hormone formed in our body, I recommend that you take a look at your training program with a critical eye. Remove from her unnecessary exercises, which only inhibit muscle hypertrophy. Training should consist mainly of compound movements. Performing walking attacks, you will gain more muscle mass than by flexing and straightening the legs in the simulator.

Most do not want to communicate with compound exercises because of their complexity. Meanwhile, if the exercise seems too difficult for you, you definitely have to do it! In addition, watch your progress in compound movements and give this aspect of the training process a maximum of time and effort. When you see that the working weights are rising steadily, the likelihood of your muscles growing along with them is also great.


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