The bench press on the horizontal bench

A neck press lying on a horizontal bench – the technique of doing the exercise:

  1. Lay down on a horizontal bench. Take the barbell with an average grip (so that during the movement between the shoulder and forearm an angle of 90 degrees was created) and lift it above the neck. This will be your starting position.
  2. On inhalation slowly lower the bar until the neck touches the neck.
  3. After a short pause, on exhalation, return the bar to its original position. Try to squeeze the bar using the pectoral muscles. Fix your arms above, strain your chest, after a second pause, start moving down again. Hint: Ideally, the downward movement should take twice as long as moving up.
  4. Carry out the necessary number of repetitions.
  5. Return the bar to the stand.

Attention: it is strongly recommended to use the help of a partner who insures you. If this is not possible, use light weight.

For obvious reasons, it is necessary to closely monitor the movement of the rod.


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