The benefits and harm of chocolate for the body

The historical homeland of chocolate is considered the Central and South America of those times when there were still Indian tribes.

They invented a drink from the powder of cocoa beans, chili and water, the drinking of which was cultivated.

After the conquest of America, this delicacy became known to Europeans, who appreciated it.

However, at first the ingredients for the preparation of cocoa had such a high cost, that only people with sufficient income could afford it.

In the XIX century, confectioners came up with a recipe for hard chocolate, which is popular in modern times.

Useful Properties

Chocolate is a confectionery product based on cocoa butter.

It is it that gives the delicacy the characteristic taste and aroma of this product.

The health benefits of this product are great:

  • According to scientists, the use of one tile per week helps to rejuvenate the body and prolong life for about a year. And all because it contains antioxidants that protect the cells of the body from free radicals and prevent the development of diseases of the heart and blood vessels;

Chocolate consumption rate

According to scientists, a day you can eat about 30 grams of this treat, that is, about a third of the tiles.

This applies mainly to bitter chocolate.

As for porous and milk chocolate, because of the greater amount of sugar contained in them, the daily rate of their consumption should not exceed 25 grams.

Dark and bitter chocolate: benefit and harm

A bitter variety is considered most useful.

It contains the maximum amount of grated cocoa, but there are very few sugars, which explains its special taste.

It should be noted that the product, which contains about 40% of cocoa butter, is called black, and the capacity of 70% of this substance is characterized by bitter chocolate.

Useful properties of bitter chocolate are as follows:

  1. The high content of tacoferons promotes the appearance of a sense of joy, improves blood circulation, eliminates fatigue under physical and mental stress;

As for its composition, it includes:

  1. Cocoa beans;
  2. Sugar;
  3. Milk powder is fat-free;
  4. Glucose syrup;
  5. Vanillin;
  6. Syrup of ethyl alcohol;
  7. Invert sugar;
  8. Lecithin;
  9. Pectin;
  10. Flavors;
  11. Citric acid and so on.

How to choose black chocolate

As for how to choose a bitter chocolate, then there are certain standards:

  1. The content of grated cocoa should be about 60 – 70%. In this case, the presence of cocoa powder in the composition speaks of a fake, because they make such a powder from low-quality products;

This can include hot chocolate, the benefit and harm of which is determined only by what is included in it, that is, the ingredients.


Like any other product, bitter black chocolate has not only positive aspects, but sometimes it brings harm:

  • Since it contains a lot of cocoa butter, its calorie content is quite high – 100 grams of product accounts for about 539 kilocalories. Therefore, do not get involved in its use in large quantities, especially people with excess weight;
  • Poor quality of the product can harm the body. So, this product, based on low-quality cocoa powder, differs sour taste, which can adversely affect the acidity of the stomach and lead to gastritis.
  • White and milk chocolate: benefit and harm

    Milk chocolate is a product with a high content of cream or milk, as well as sugar and vanilla.

    The content of cocoa in it should be 35 – 50%.

    Sugars in this product are about 55%, soy lecithin is also often used in its preparation, which increases the shelf life of the product.

    As for the benefits of such chocolate, due to the theobromine content, it promotes brain activity, improves memory, and has a beneficial effect on heart function.

    The caloric content of the product due to its high sugar content is approximately 554 kcal per 100.

    Contraindications to the use of milk chocolate:

    1. Intolerance to any components of the product;
    2. Diabetes;
    3. Overweight.

    White chocolate consists of sugar, cocoa butter and milk (or cream).

    Grated cocoa is not contained in it, due to which the product is not colored brown.

    In good white chocolate should be no more than 55% of sugar, at least 20% of cocoa butter, more than 14% of milk powder and not less than 3,5% of milk fat.

    What should not be contained in it, so it's vegetable fats.

    Since grated cocoa, which gives this product useful properties, is not found in the white sort of this product, its use is very small.

    Many will be wondering how to make a delicious omelette in a pan, in this article, you will learn how to quickly and deliciously prepare an omelette.

    Calorie content of the boiled egg, not everyone knows, here:, you can find all the information on this topic.

    Basically it is used as a dessert.

    But still, thanks to the content of cocoa butter in white chocolate, it can serve as a source of vitamin E, as well as acids – stearic, arachine, oleic and linoleic.

    It is successfully used in the field of cosmetology.

    Tannins, methylxanine and caffeine – these substances, which are part of the chemical composition of the product, contribute to the healing of skin damage, have a toning effect.

    White masks create facial masks that help with skin rashes, stretch marks, small scars, acne, and to remove traces of furunculosis.

    In addition, such masks are an excellent prevention against the appearance of early wrinkles on the face, and in the cold season – they help protect the skin from frostbite and weathering.

    The harm of white chocolate – in its high caloric value (about 550 kcal), which can disrupt metabolism, cause allergies, promote obesity and even the appearance of dependence on this product.

    Therefore, when using it, you must follow the measure.

    Concise conclusion

    Summarizing, we can say that the benefits of chocolate for health are undeniable, and its harm is mainly related to exceeding the norms of consumption of this product and with the use of a poor-quality product made from cheaper and sometimes harmful products.

    Therefore, when choosing this delicacy, it is necessary to rely on world-class quality standards, not saving on one's health.

    After all, it is much more expensive, and it is much more difficult to restore it than to keep it in good condition.

    Video dessert

    In this video, you will be told about the types of chocolate, its benefits and harm. Eat right!


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