The benefits of cashew nuts: composition and application

Cashew or Indian walnut is a tree, the fruits of which are very popular in nutrition.

It grows Cashew in Brazil and has edible nut-like fruits, superficially resembling a comma.

These nuts, from the point of view of botany, are a fruit of two parts, one of which is called a pedicel or an apple.

These fruits have a red or bright orange color.

They have a lot of juice and they are very tasty, but they quickly deteriorate, so they can not be transported to distant countries.

During the year, you can harvest a crop in 25 000 tons of such apples.

They are widely used in the preparation of compotes, jams, juices, jellies and even spirits.

The second component – this is the same cashew, which perfectly tolerates transportation and it can be sold in all countries.

Nuts of curved shape have a hard shell.

Between the outer shell and the nut itself is another shell, and a poisonous one.

There is a harmful oil in it, which can cause a severe burn.

Therefore, only experienced people can cut such nuts, and even then they are sometimes burned with poisonous oil.

After roasting nuts, the poisonous oil completely disappears from their surface, evaporating.

Only after this procedure, nuts can be consumed.

For this reason cashews are never sold in the shell.

By the way, deadly oil has also found its application.

In the industrial economy, a mixture is obtained from the oil, which is impregnated with wood, in order to avoid its rotting.

Chemical composition

On the palate, they are very tender with an oily taste

Fat in them is less than in walnuts, peanuts or almonds.

However, proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, starch and other nutrients are greater.

The content of the following vitamins is also high:

Also there are in the Brazilian nutlets Omega-43 – unsaturated fatty acids, which allow to bring to normal the level of cholesterol in the blood.

If you constantly use cashew in small amounts, the human body can be completely replenished with the necessary useful substances.

Useful Properties

Cashew nuts, thanks to their useful and medicinal properties, are popular in medicine, in particular dentistry.

Japanese experts believe that in the core of nuts there are substances that can fight with harmful bacteria that destroy tooth enamel.

Even in Africa, a mixture of ground nuts is used in the treatment of a sick tooth and inflammation of the gums.

They are also useful for the reproductive system.

It can be concluded that cashew nuts have quite useful properties for women and men.

In the prevention of skin diseases, in particular eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems, the role of cashews is also great.

With the help of the decoction of the shell you can get rid of dermatitis, cracks in the skin and even from warts.

Regular use of these nuts, will help to normalize some indicators of blood.

Nuts help to get rid of various ailments and infectious diseases, strengthen the immune system.

Cashew nuts have the following useful properties:

In Brazil, cashews and decoction of nuts are used for respiratory diseases.

And also for influenza and other inflammatory phenomena.

Very much helps the nut with heart ailments, in the treatment of diabetes, in intestinal disorders and even dysentery.

As you know, nuts, especially peanuts, are very allergenic foods.

This does not apply to cashews, since they have very low allergenicity.

Where to apply cashews?

It is recommended by many nutritionists, as well as those who want to gain weight in exhaustion or who have low hemoglobin.

The most interesting thing is that this product is prescribed and to those who are going to lose weight – the nut perfectly satiates and absorbed in the body, which helps to reduce the amount of food consumed.

In this case, one should not eat a lot of such nuts, you can replace them with more calorie meals.

The calorie content of Indian walnut is about 600 kcal per 100 gram of product.

Cashew nuts are popular in cosmetology.

Their oil is widely used in cosmetics in the form of massage cream, face masks, body and hair.

For example, if you take 1 art. l. cashew oil and add to it a couple drops of rose oil, geranium or lavender, you will get a great mixture for sunburned skin.

Compared to peanut butter, this type of nut oil is more delicious.

In India, a dried shell of cashew kernels and a decoction of roasted shells are widely used as an antidote.

This remedy is considered a strong antidote when bitten by a poisonous snake, used in a small concentration, both inside and outside.

Casual injury

Brazil nuts do not do any harm, the other part of the nut is considered poisonous – anacardic acid and cardol, which is removed during cleaning.

Therefore, cashews are never sold uncleaned.

Children are not recommended to eat nuts in large quantities.

Allergies are very rarely caused, which can not be said about peanuts.

The only contraindication to their use is considered to be an individual intolerance to this kind of nut.

How to choose the right cashew?

Nuts can be bought anywhere.

In this article, you will learn what calorie content of borsch with beef.

They are very often sold already fried and salted, due to which their calorie content increases.

Sometimes you can see in the sale of cashews in chocolate or honey.

In general it is better to buy whole nuts, not shredded – so they better retain their properties and are more useful.

How to store cashews?

Do not store nuts in a warm place, since they will be unsuitable for eating.

If stored in a freezer, they will be usable throughout the year.

Several months can lie in the refrigerator, and in a dry, not hot place, in a tightly closed container – only a month.

Video dessert

In this video, you will be shown how you can cook with the addition of cashew nuts.

For me, so cashew with its delicate creamy taste is the best delicacy, which you can not pamper yourself for a day without a fear for the figure;) I myself love to cook oatmeal for breakfast with the addition of fruits and cashews (sometimes replace with almonds) – it turns out very tasty and nutritious, I recommend everyone to try =)

If the cashews have a caloric value of 600 kcal / 100 gr. in 2 times more than white bread, and recommended to those who need to gain weight, it is interesting, why are not you afraid for the figure?


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