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The best exercises for losing weight at home and in the hall

Improper diet and sedentary lifestyle contribute to the accumulation of excess fatty deposits, which then is very difficult to get rid of. Therefore, the topic of losing weight is more urgent than ever. Today we will review the best exercises for losing weight at home and the gym.

As you know, in order to lose weight and bring your body in order you need not only eat properly, but also exercise regularly, performing physical exercise for weight loss. How to eat properly to lose weight you can read in the relevant article, and now we will consider the best exercises for weight loss.

To begin with, any exercise is a tool that can be used both for weight loss, and for the development of muscle mass and strength. It all depends on your diet and the nature of your physical activity. However, not all exercises for weight loss are equally effective. Some exercises better promote weight loss, as they involve more muscle fibers, and the more muscles work, the more energy is consumed.

For example, squats are much more effective for weight loss than leg extension in the simulator. So why waste time doing ineffective exercises? We have prepared for you the best exercises for weight loss, with which you will achieve the desired result much faster without losing motivation for training.

The best exercises for losing weight in the hall

Squats are a simple and at the same time very effective exercise for weight loss of legs and whole body, as during the squats the majority of muscles of our body actively work.

Static traction on the straight legs is another exercise for weight loss, which will help to get rid of excess fat and tighten the hamstrings back. Stanovuyu traction on straight legs can be performed with a barbell or with dumbbells.

Falls with dumbbells – with the help of this exercise, you can get rid of excess centimeters in the thighs and buttocks, and bring these tidbits of the body in order.

Foot press in the simulator is the basic exercise for the leg muscles, an excellent substitute for squats with a bar for those who have problems with the spine. A foot press will make your legs beautiful, tight and attractive.

Bench press lying – this exercise for the breast promotes the toning of pectoral muscles and triceps, as well as weight loss of the whole body, if the consumption of calories exceeds the intake.

Exercise for losing weight at home

Squats are a very effective exercise for losing weight at home. Squats at home can be performed both with your own weight, and with dumbbells or other suitable burdens in your hands. Complicated option – squats with jumping.

Jumping on the rope is an excellent aerobic exercise, which helps to lose weight all over the body. It will help you get rid of extra centimeters in the hip area and make you slimmer.

Bumps are an exercise for the legs, which can be performed at home. Will make your legs slim, and the pop up tight.

Push-ups from the floor – an effective exercise for weight loss of the whole body at home, with which you can tighten the chest, and strengthen the muscles of the hands and abdomen.

Plank is a static exercise that uses and strengthens not only the muscles of the cortex, but also other muscle groups. With this exercise, you will not only strengthen and tighten the abdominal muscles, but also get rid of excess body fat throughout the body.

Birpi is technically complex, but at the same time an incredibly effective exercise, which is a combination of several movements performed one after another without rest. Berms involve almost all muscle groups, especially the legs, abdominal muscles, pectoral muscles, triceps and deltoid muscles. Burpies help to strengthen the muscles of the whole body, develop flexibility, agility and coordination, accelerate the metabolism throughout the day, as well as burning a large number of calories. Undoubtedly, Bierpi is the best exercise for losing weight at home.

Running – aerobic exercise № 1 around the world. Running is not only useful, but also enjoyable. It is proved that running helps accelerate the recovery abilities of the body, and also relieves stress. Of course, it is preferable to run in the fresh air. However, if you do not have the time or opportunity to run in nature, running at home is also suitable. Just do not forget to open the windows! Let your house be filled with fresh air.

So we reviewed the best exercises for losing weight at home and in the gym. Remember that for effective burning of fatty deposits, the duration of training should be at least 20-30 minutes. The optimal workout time for weight loss is approximately 45-60 minutes. I wish good luck and the speedy achievement of your goals!