The best exercises for the back

As you know, there are a lot of exercises for training your back muscles. Some of them are very effective, others do not bring the expected result. If you are not happy with the size of your back, then it is possible that you did not use the most effective and best back exercises. Today, within the framework of this article, we will consider the best exercises for the back, which will simply blow up your muscles and without which any back training is a waste of time and effort.

During numerous scientific experiments, in which various exercises were tested for all muscle groups, the best exercises for the back and other muscle groups were revealed. Now we will look at a list of super exercises for the back, which must necessarily be included in all training programs in the gym.

Undoubtedly, pulling on the bar with a wide grip is the most effective multi-joint exercise for the back muscles that only is. Pulling up, in comparison with other exercises, best use the latissimus muscles of the back. For maximum results it is important to tighten with additional weights. For example, you can hang a pancake or weight on your belt, or wear special weighting. In addition, the weight of the burden should gradually increase so that there is a progression of the load – one of the most important factors for stimulating muscle growth.

Just a little bit inferior to pulling up a wide grip. However, pull-ups are also not only the best exercise for the widest back muscles, but also the most effective exercise for developing the biceps. Therefore, it makes sense to use this option of pull-ups, if you are training your back and biceps.

Thrust rod in slope with reverse grip

Thrust rod in the slope, as well as tightening with burdening, this is the base for the back. In comparison with the usual rod rod in the slope, traction with the back grip in the slope is much more effective and works out the latissimus muscles of the back, as well as the trapezius and other muscles of the back. Therefore, be sure to use this particular version of traction in the slope for maximum return from your back training.

Of course, the working weight when doing traction in the slope by the reverse grip is much smaller than when performing the normal traction in the slope. Nevertheless, the load on the muscles of the back increases, so this version of traction allows you to better work out the latissimus and other muscles of the back.

That's actually what we considered the best and most effective exercises for the back. Other exercises on the back are quite inferior to this three leaders. From this it follows that an effective training program for the back must necessarily include at least two basic multi-joint exercises for the back – pulling up on the bar with a wide or reverse grip with weights + pull rod to the waist in the slope with a back grip. If your goal is to pump your back, then these two movements are enough. To further elaborate the top of the trapezium, you can add shags with a bar. I wish you success!


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