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The best exercises for the muscles of the chest

The exercise rating is based on the ratings of the users of the website. A number of tips have been added to make the training of the muscles of the breast as effective as possible. If you do not exercise at least one of the exercises discussed below, we recommend that you correct this mistake immediately, also if you have a frozen shoulder here’s Exercises for frozen shoulder that can help you with it.

Exercise 10. Dumbbell laying down on a horizontal bench

Hint. To minimize rotation in the shoulder joints, it is necessary to bend your arms at the elbows at the bottom of the exercise. Take care that the shoulders do not fall below the plane of the bench – we must load the pectoral muscles, and not the muscles of the shoulders!

Exercise 9. Bench press lying on a bench with a positive slope

Hint. Many bodybuilders with a world-wide reputation, incl. former holder of the title “Mr. Olympia” Dorian Yates, prefer this exercise instead of the usual bench press because of its less trauma to the shoulder joints.

Exercise 8. Bench press lying on a horizontal bench

Hint. In bench press technology is everything! To reduce the traumatic load on the shoulders, it is necessary to maximally reduce the scapula and firmly fix the thoracic area.

Exercise 7. Dumbbell bench press lying on a horizontal bench

Hint. Many athletes lightly rotate the dumbbells at the top of the exercise. This method allows you to better load the muscles in the final phase.

Exercise 6. Dumbbell on a bench with a negative slope

Hint. At the top of the exercise, try not to rest, but to contract the muscles of the chest with maximum effort. It is necessary to reduce the dumbbells together (but not before the impact) and with all the power to strain the pectoral muscles.

Hint. In this exercise, the trunk is in an extended position, which positively affects the development of the muscles of the lower back and press. Resting at the top point (without breaking the technique), you can increase the duration of each approach. This will force the muscles of the press to resist the force of attraction!

Exercise 4. Slanting press in the simulator

Hint. In this exercise, the shoulder joints turn into an unnatural position (this is bad). Your partner must “lift” the weight, so that you have passed through the danger zone. When repeating, never return the weight to the stops.

Exercise 3. Dumbbell press lying on a bench with a positive slope

Hint. One of the advantages of dumbbells is that they allow you to use the most convenient grip. Here we can slightly turn our hands to reduce the traumatic load on the shoulders and improve the pumping of pectoral muscles!

Exercise 2. Plyometric push-ups with supports

Hint. In this plyometric exercise, it is recommended to use low supports. Provided that the correct technique is followed, the exercise ensures an accelerated development of power and stability!

Exercise 1. Push-ups on one hand

Hint. Extremely heavy exercise! If you can not do push-ups on one hand from the floor, use some kind of support (for the trunk to be in an inclined position). As a support can serve as a box or any other similar object. The main thing is not to violate the technique and gradually reduce the height of the support. Over time, you can press off the floor!