The best exercises for weight gain. Iron TOP-5

As you know, the more muscle groups involved during the exercise, the more this exercise is suitable for increasing muscle mass and strength. This kind of exercise in bodybuilding is called basic or multi-joint, as they involve two or more joints. However, not all basic exercises are equally effective. Today we are considering the best exercises for weight gain, which you must include in your training programs for muscle mass.

As mentioned above, the more muscle fibers involved in the exercise, the more weight you can overcome, which is one of the key factors not only to stimulate subsequent muscle growth, but also to burn excess fat. We will not delve into the details, because in the framework of this article we are only considering the most effective and best basic exercises for massaging muscles.

The best exercises for weight gain:

  1. Squats. Undoubtedly, squats are the best basic exercise that uses 2 / 3 of all the muscles of our body, thanks to which it has such an amazing anabolic effect. Muscles of the legs are the largest muscle group, which in addition is very hardy. Therefore, the optimal range of repetitions in this exercise 10-20 repetitions, depending on the weight of the bar, the pace of execution, the number of approaches, etc.
  2. Deadlift. Along with squats with a barbell, deadlift is the most effective basic exercise for increasing muscle mass and strength. When you perform a deadlift, almost all the muscle groups of the body are included in the work, so that the deadlift is excellent for increasing strength and muscle mass. When working on mass, execute the 3-4 approach on 8-12 repetitions.
  3. Press of dumbbells lying. In contrast to the bench press lying down, the dumbbell press is not only a safer exercise, but also the best in terms of weight gain of the pectoral muscles and the entire shoulder girdle. It is important to choose the correct working weight so that you can perform the 3-4 approach on 8-12 repeats adhering to the correct technique and the full amplitude of the movement. When working with a lot of weight, ask your partner to hedge you.
  4. Pulling up. Undoubtedly, pull-ups on the bar are one of the best basic exercises for the upper body and especially for the back muscles, even if you do pull-ups with your own weight. Additional burdening makes this exercise even more effective in terms of increasing muscle mass and strength. It is recommended to perform pull-ups on the horizontal bar at the beginning of the back training. Make a total of 50 repetitions in 4-5 approaches.
  5. Army bench press standing. Multi-joint exercise to increase the strength and weight of not only the deltoids, but the entire shoulder girdle as a whole. Also involves a lot of muscle stabilizers. Perform the 3-4 approach on 8-12 repetitions at the beginning of the shoulder training.

On this, the best exercises for recruiting mass do not end. The list goes on and on. If you want to pump up muscles, be sure to include these and other basic exercises in your training program.

Always give preference to basic exercises with free weights (barbells, dumbbells), because they involve the most muscle groups, including the small muscle stabilizers, so they are more effective in terms of the growth of the mass and strength of both individual muscle groups and the entire body. And remember that all these basic weight exercises will only bring results if combined with the right diet for mass gain.


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