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The best sets of exercises for losing weight at home

A lot of people can not force themselves to do fitness in sports clubs.

The following are the most effective sets of exercises for different muscle groups that will help you lose weight.

The basic rules of training for losing weight at home

As with any physical activity, in order to achieve the desired result, you must adhere to the basic rules of the exercise:

  1. Periodicity of classes should be from two to four times per week.

A smaller amount will not give the desired effect, more will become stress for the body.

Begin with a minimum, gradually increasing the frequency of classes.

All the complexes should be performed smoothly and non-stop.

  • Recommendations for the time of the training process should be observed.

    For weight loss, the ideal time for classes is 40 – 45 minutes.

    At the same time, it is important to note that it is absolutely impossible to begin with such long studies.

    Start is best with a ten-minute complex, adding to it for 5-10 minutes a week, until you reach 40-45 minutes.

    Do not exceed the recommended parameter.

    Excess loads can lead to a variety of diseases and serious changes in the body.

  • Perform each exercise correctly, following the instructions carefully.

    Very often, many beginners forget about the technique of execution, but it depends on it the final result.

    It is important to monitor this, because often the body begins to look for the simplest ways, especially if a person has not previously engaged in sports.

    Let's give an example on the basis of pumping the press.

    To perform the exercise a person lies down, turns his hands behind his head, then bends his legs in the knees and rests his feet on the floor.

    On exhalation the person lifts the torso and pulls it to the legs, keeping the elbows straight, on inhalation returns to the initial position.

    Very many, performing this exercise, forget about the need to strain the muscles of the press, while moving on exhalation.

    If you forget about this detail, you can perform 200 approaches per day and not achieve any result.

  • It is important to begin any workout with a warm-up.

    This will help warm up the muscles without injuring them during training.

    The warm-up can be replaced by jogging, which is recommended to practice in the fresh air.

  • There remains one more, but extremely controversial issue. Is it allowed to drink during the training process?

    According to the research of the University of Georgetown, you can not use fluids in training. This can cause hyponeathermia.

    This is a disease in which the kidneys are not able to allocate the proper amount of fluid to cover the athlete's water. The consequences are quite serious: dizziness, loss of orientation, severe spasms or headaches, in some cases can provoke someone and even death.

    In most cases, this state occurs after 3 – 4 hours of intensive training. In rare cases, this time can be reduced to an hour.

    That once again confirms the need to adhere to the recommended time frame of sports loads for an untrained person.

    Other studies argue that drinking water in training is necessary. Because during active exercises a person loses a lot of fluid, because of what dehydration occurs, and, accordingly, worsening of the work of the heart, which can not properly distill blood, as it thickens during training.

    Supporters of both positions provide a lot of valid evidence of their own claims, but so far there is no clear answer to the question. So what do you do?

    It is important to listen carefully to the needs of your body and follow the basic advice.

    Before training, you need to drink a glass of cool water, about half an hour before the start of the training process. This will make up for the proper amount of liquid.

    If you really want to drink during exercise, it is important to remember that you can not use cold liquid. It is allowed to drink only water at room temperature.

    Using water, you need to drink it with slow sips. In addition, you can not drink sweetened or acidified liquids, since this will trigger the work of the digestive tract, which is in a dormant condition during exercise.

    Important! You can use no more than one glass of water or your kidneys will start working in emergency mode.

    What can cause hyponeathermia.

    Before the training, the body needs to be warmed up properly. This will protect yourself from injury.

    How to conduct a warm-up before performing a set of exercises for losing weight? It should start from the head, smoothly moving down (from the neck to the feet).

    As a warm-up, the circular rotation of the joints along the 10 approaches in each direction is ideal. This way you need to warm up the whole body.

    1. It is important to start with the cervical vertebrae, making slow and not very deep circular rotations.
    2. Then proceed to the shoulders.

    To do this, place the palms on the shoulders and rotate the joints first 10 – 20 once in one direction, then the same in the other.

    To do this, stretch the arms parallel to the floor and first bend at the elbows, and then unbend.

  • Hands.

    Raise your hands to keep your hands slightly below eye level, and squeeze your fists.

    Start rotating the palms first into one, then to the other side.

  • Back and waist are warmed by movements to the left – to the right.

    The body turns around, and the legs and hips remain motionless.

  • Small of the back. For this, the joint will need to rotate with the pelvis, as if trying to twist the hula-hoop.

    Carry out approaches from both sides.

  • The legs are best kneaded by the usual squats.

    Keep them together, and the heels in this case it is important to press firmly to the floor.

  • Complex exercises for weight loss with cardio load learn from the video.

    Morning exercises for back flexibility

    Many people who have problems with weight have a concomitant disease – osteochondrosis. Also it is called a disease of office employees, because clerks are forced to stay in a sitting position for a long time.

    Because of osteochondrosis, the brain does not receive the right amount of blood, which causes frequent headaches, impaired vision and decreased immunity. In order to overcome this problem, to strengthen the muscles of the back, to correct the posture and make the gait beautiful, a five-step technique of morning exercises is useful.

    She develops the spine well:

    1. Tumbleweed. First you need to sit on the floor.

    Knees bend, pressing to the chest, keep the heels together.

    Grab your hands behind your ankles.

    "Hide" the chin in his knees.

    The back is curved.

    We roll on our backs and return to the starting position.

    In total, 10-20 repetitions are required.

  • Snake. I need to lie on my stomach.

    Keep your legs together, your chin resting on the floor.

    Hands take him behind his back, at the same time toss up his head and look at the ceiling.

    Breathing with the nose, deep and even.

    Return to the starting position.

    Total 10 repeats.

  • Makhi. You have to stand for the starting position.

    Legs spread widely from 70 to 100, see.

    Hands raise sideways parallel to the floor.

    Bend over to one side trying to reach right foot with right palm.

    The second hand is held perpendicular to the body.

    Hold for a little while and return to the starting position.

    Make 5 slopes in one and the other side.

  • Onions. For the original position, you must lie on your stomach.

    Keep your legs bent in your knees, and your arms are smoothly wound behind your back.

    Grasp the ankles.

    At the same time, slowly pull away from the floor.

    Raise your chest and legs at the same time as far as possible.

    Do this by inhaling.

    Exhale, returning to the starting position.

  • Fish. For the original position, you need to lie down.

    The spine should be relaxed and as much as possible pressed to the floor.

    It is necessary to extend the legs and connect the heels and toes, the palms under the neck.

    Hold for a while in this position.

    Gradually start to simulate the movement of fish from top to bottom and left to right.

    It is important that the whole body "vibrates", as if you are swimming.

    This exercise is done 2 minutes.

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    Complex exercises for rapid weight loss in the abdomen and sides

    The largest amount of fat deposits accumulates in the waist and abdomen. Next, imagine a complex that will help you lose weight in these problem areas.

    1. Scissors. It is necessary to lie down for the initial position.

    Loin to the floor and relax your neck.

    Raise your legs upward, at an angle of 90ᴼ and make motions simulating the scissors, alternating the pattern of motion: the left leg above the right, then vice versa – the right one above the left.

    Repeat 15 times.

    And only after that you can lower your legs.

  • Slanting muscles. It is necessary to lie down for the initial position.

    Keep your legs bent at the knees and pull them to the buttocks as much as possible.

    Then press the press, pull away from the floor, try to reach the right hip with your left palm, then change your hands and return to the initial position.

    All you need is 10 approaches.

  • Planck. First you need to lie on your right side.

    Legs bend in the knees and lean on the half-bent right arm.

    Perform movement from the floor upwards, straightening the arm and simultaneously straining the muscles on the stomach.

    All you need are 10 approaches with each hand.

  • Twisting. For the starting position you need to sit down.

    Keep your legs outstretched in front of you, keep your heels and toes together.

    Perform turns left and right, keeping the muscles on your stomach in suspense.

    Return to the starting position.

    Total 10 repeats.

  • Table. For the starting position, lie on your back.

    Bend the legs in the knees and lift the tibia parallel to the floor.

    Lower your right leg, touch the toe to the floor (not lowering the foot), while straining the press.

    Repeat from the second leg.

    For people who have the bulk of the fat accumulated in their legs, the following daily set of exercises for slender legs, thighs and buttocks:

      1. Makhi. For the starting position, get on all fours.

      Take your right leg back (keep parallel to the floor) while pulling your left hand forward.

      Stretch "in different directions", as if trying to stretch the spine.

      Repeat on the other side.

      Total 10-15 repeats.

  • Screw back. For the starting position, it is necessary to stand next to the chair.

    Feet together, hands rest on a chair.

    Pull in your stomach and start pulling your leg back as far as possible without bending your knee.

    Repeat from the second leg.

    All you need is 15-20 repeats.

  • The falls. For the starting position it is necessary to stand, in the hands of a dumbbell (1-2 kg of weight is enough).

    Widely "step" the right foot forward, bend the knee and transfer weight to this leg.

    Go back to the opposite position and repeat on the other side.

    Then proceed to reverse attacks.

    With your right foot you "step back" widely, transferring weight to it.

    Repeat from the second leg.

    Front and back attacks should be done 10-15 times.

  • Squats. You must stand for the starting position.

    Heels and toes together.

    Squat on your feet while pulling your arms forward.

    Go back to the starting position.

    Important! Heel from the floor can not be torn off.

    Total required 25 approaches.

  • Ballerina. You must stand for the starting position.

    Keep the feet together, but do not press it.

    Rise to the toes, stop for a second and go back.

    The best complex for weight loss

    The face also requires a set of exercises. Next, the most effective of them are presented.

    1. Tilt your head and stay for a little while.

    All you need are 10-15 approaches.

  • Pull out the chin to the maximum possible.

    The neck remains fixed.

    Total for 10-20 approaches.

  • Take a large, but not a heavy book.

    Put it on your head.

    It is necessary to walk around the room 2-3 minutes, trying to hold the book on your head.

    Total for 25 approaches.

  • Pronounce the letters "AND", "Y" with a long, droning sound while straining your face muscles.

    Total for 20 approaches to each letter.

  • Exercises for tightened shoulders and arms

    The following are the most useful exercises that will help to cope with fat on the hands and strengthen the muscles of the shoulder joint.

    1. Push-up. For the starting position, you need to press the palms to the floor, spreading the width of the shoulders (it can be a little wider, if too difficult).

    The legs "stand" on the toes.

    Smoothly bend our elbows and fall down to the floor (do not go to bed).

    We keep the back straight all the time.

    Total for 5-20 approaches.

  • Push-up on the chair. For the starting position, you must hold your hands on the chair, legs are strongly retracted and rest against the floor, then repeat the movements from the previous exercise.

    Total for 10-20 approaches.

  • Triceps. We sit down on the floor next to the chair.

    Hands take us back and rest our hands on the chair.

    We lean our feet on the heels.

    Raise ourselves on the palms, start moving down and up.

    Run 20-25 times.

  • Side flaps with dumbbells. You must stand for the starting position.

    In the hands to hold dumbbells for 0,5 – 2 kg.

    Take your hands in your side at right angles.

    To stay for a while and return to the starting position.

    You must stand for the starting position.

    In each hand there is a dumbbell.

    We stretch out our arms in front of us, we stop for a second, then we draw our hands to ourselves.

    Total required for 25-30 approaches.

  • Pay proper attention to your body.

    In total 15-20 minutes a day – and you will start to lose weight, regain a good mood and a healthy appearance.

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