The best three day diet for weight loss


If you need emergency weight loss as soon as possible (before important events, holidays or a trip to the sea), you can resort to a three-day diet. This effective way of losing weight is a series of unloading days that contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, cleansing the body of toxins and toxins, normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. For 3 days using a mono-diet, you can get rid of 3-4 extra pounds.

Can I lose weight in three days?

You can lose weight in just 3 days by 2-4 kg, by resorting to one of the many diets that have proved their effectiveness with numerous reviews. To date, there is a wide variety of different unloading days: on apples, kefir, buckwheat, oranges, which can be selected based on their own taste preferences. However, before starting any three-day mono-diet, you should consult your doctor for contraindications to health.

The best three-day diet for weight loss: kefir-buckwheat, egg-orange, actor's, the method of Elena Malysheva. All of them are united by a low-calorie diet, contributing to the consumption of accumulated fatty deposits, fractional nutrition (5-6 once a day), the exclusion of salt, which retards fluid in the body, leading to swelling, spices provoking appetite and sugar. These mono-diets are effective in emergency weight loss for a couple of extra pounds for a few 3 days.

Interval diet or three-day on 9 days

The best three day diet for weight loss

Interval diet is an alternation of unloading days: rice, protein, vegetable. For 9 days with this diet can lose weight on 5-6 kg. This method of losing weight is often resorted to show business stars, such as: Taisiya Povaliy and Polina Gagarina.

The basic principle of the interval diet is a clear sequence. To change at own discretion the order of alternation of a food allowance on days is forbidden. You must start the method with the rice menu. It is necessary to completely exclude salt from your diet, which prevents getting rid of excess weight, leading to swelling. During the day, the use of 2-2,5 liters of clean water without gas is shown. You can drink green tea with the addition of 1 teaspoon of natural honey (exclusively in the morning). The last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Rice diet contributes to the purification of the body as a whole, removes accumulated toxins and toxins, as well as excess salt from the joints.

Protein diet accelerates metabolism, which contributes to the active burning of accumulated fatty deposits.

Vegetable ration establishes the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Menu interval diet for 9 days:

  • First 3 days: steamed rice (shown dry product norm – 1 glass). It is divided into 405 meals.
  • Second 3 days: chicken without skin (shown daily norm 900 gr). It is divided into 4-5 meals. To prevent problems with digestion, it is recommended to consume 50 gr bran per day while observing the protein diet.
  • Third 3 days: non-starchy vegetables (shown norm of 1,5 kg per day). Half of the vegetables should be eaten raw (can be in the form of a salad), the remaining half is allowed to boil, stew, bake.

Compliance with this method of weight loss can not be more often than 2-3 once a year.

Three-day diet from Elena Malysheva

Three-day diet from Elena Malysheva – express method of weight loss, which allows you to get rid of 3 extra pounds in a short time. The method of rapid weight loss from Elena Malysheva is based on a low-calorie diet. In this case, you do not need to torture yourself with hunger. Eat should be 6 once a day every 3 hours. In order not to break, it is better to cook all the dietary dishes on the eve, spread them out on containers that are convenient to take with them, for example, to work.

The daily menu of the three-day diet from Elena Malysheva consists of the following products:

  • Apple or orange juice – 1 liter (freshly squeezed or packaged);
  • Cucumber-tomato juice without salt – 1 liter (freshly squeezed or packaged);
  • Vegetable salad – 0,6 kg (cucumber, bell pepper, radish, broccoli, celery, parsley, cauliflower). Prepare a salad in any proportions of these vegetables to taste, fill with balsamic vinegar;
  • Vegetables for a couple – 0,6 kg (Chinese, white, Brussels sprouts);
  • Oatmeal flakes – 0,3 kg;
  • Seeds – 6 tablespoons.

The menu of the three-day diet from Elena Malysheva for one day:

  • 8: 00: Boiled fried oat flakes 150 gr. Fruit juice 0,5 liters;
  • 11: 00: 0,5 a liter of vegetable juice;
  • 14: 00: Vegetable salad 600 gr with seeds;
  • 17: 00: Boiled fried oat flakes 150 gr. Fruit juice 0,5 liters;
  • 20: 00: Vegetables for steaming with seeds 600 gr;
  • 22: 00: Vegetable juice 0,5 liters.

In between meals you can drink a glass of water without gas or a cup of green tea, but without sugar and other additives. Salt should be completely excluded from the diet. The menu and combinations of three-day diet from Elena Malysheva can be made at your discretion from the allowed products.

3 days on kefir and beets: menu, results

A three-day diet on kefir and beets contributes to weight loss on 3-5 kg, as evidenced by numerous reviews. Kefir and beet have a mild diuretic effect, which leads to the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body. Also for 3 days, using beets and kefir, you can not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase immunity, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and restore the balance of microflora.

The daily diet of this mono-diet consists of 1 kg of beets (in raw and thermally processed form), as well as 1 liter of kefir 1%. The daily value of the products shown should be divided into 5-6 meals. In addition to the main products, you can drink water without gas, tea and coffee, but without additives and sugar.

Menu for one day diet on yogurt and beetroot:

  • Breakfast: Salad of grated beets, seasoned with lemon juice 300 gr;
  • Second breakfast: 1 a glass of kefir;
  • Lunch: Baked beets 350 gr;
  • Afternoon snack: Smoothies of beet juice and yogurt 1 glass;
  • Dinner: Beet pulp 350 gr.

Buckwheat and yogurt

The best three day diet for weight loss

The three-day diet for weight loss on buckwheat and kefir is effective in that it allows you to get rid of 3-4 extra pounds in a short time, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and improve overall health. A three-day diet on buckwheat and kefir assumes fractional food (5-6 once a day). Completely excluded from the diet: salt, spices and sugar. The menu consists of 1 liters of kefir 1% and steamed buckwheat porridge (600 gr). During the day you can drink purified water without gas, green tea and a decoction of berries, but without any additives.

Prepare a dietary mess in the following way. Pour buckwheat groats (preferably not fried) with boiling water in the proportion of 1 to 2. Cover the pan with a lid, wrap it in a warm blanket or rug and leave to be infused until the morning.

Menu for one day three-day kefir-buckwheat diet:

  • Breakfast: Steamed buckwheat porridge;
  • Second breakfast: 1 a glass of kefir 1%;
  • Lunch: Porridge, filled with kefir;
  • Afternoon snack: Kefir with dill 1 glass;
  • Dinner: Buckwheat porridge.

In order to maintain the achieved result of weight loss with the help of a three-day kefir-buckwheat diet, the correct way out is necessary. The diet should be expanded gradually, otherwise the body after three days of stress will immediately postpone fat stores in case of a diet.

Rice, tomato juice, kefir, cottage cheese for weight loss

The best three day diet for weight loss

Brilliant stars of cinema and theater also periodically resort to emergency weight loss measures, especially before important performances. Especially popular among the millions of idols was a three-day actor's diet, helping to get rid of 3-4 extra pounds. Despite the "star", its menu is quite simple and accessible to everyone. Acting three-day diet: rice, tomato juice, yogurt, cottage cheese. Dietary poultry without skin, green tea is also allowed. Salt and sugar should be excluded from their diet. The amount of liquid consumed per day is also limited, which leads to getting rid of the liquid accumulated in the body and "drying" the body.

  • 1 day – during the day you can use 1 glass of boiled rice (without salt and spices), and tomato juice (preferably freshly squeezed without additives) in any quantity. Divide the diet shown on 5-6 meals.
  • 2 day – the use in any quantities of fat-free cottage cheese and yogurt 1% is allowed.
  • 3 day – Protein. You can eat lean poultry meat (turkeys, chicken meat) during the day in boiled, baked, steamed, but without skin, salt and spices. In breaks between meals you can drink green tea without sugar.

Contraindications to weight loss for 3 days

The best three day diet for weight loss

The three-day diet is a godsend for quick weight loss in the shortest possible time, for example, to an important event, holiday or holiday. However, by far not everyone approaches such a radical method of getting rid of excess weight. Contraindicated to adhere to a three-day diet during pregnancy and lactation, so as not to deprive the child of all necessary for the normal development of vitamins and minerals. It is also not recommended to adhere to rigid mono diets for people prone to depressive states, since strict dietary restrictions directly affect the nervous system.

Other contraindications for a three-day diet include:

  • Diabetes mellitus 1 and 2 type;
  • Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer;
  • Gastritis, pancreatitis;
  • Kidney and liver diseases;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • During rehabilitation after postoperative operations;
  • Any chronic illness during an exacerbation.

Contraindicated to observe a three-day mono-diet in childhood, adolescence and old age.

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