The Bible of fitness for women: Everything you need to find the sexual body that you dream about!

When it comes to training with weights, most women are worried about not to pump too large muscles. We affirm that these fears are in vain!

Authors: Kathy Lobliner and Derek Charleboy, Bachelor of Science, Certified Personal Trainer

The normal level of testosterone in men is 200-1200 ng / dl (ng per ten liters), and for women the norm is 15-70 ng / dl. As you can see, testosterone levels in men are much higher than in women. Even the lowest testosterone level in a man (200ng / dL) is more than twice the highest testosterone level in a woman (70 ng / dL).

If we take the average level of testosterone in men and women, then men have 700, and in women 42,5. Thus, on average, testosterone levels in men are 16,47 times higher than in women!

Obviously, women do not have such hormonal support (testosterone) for a set of muscle mass, like men. Therefore, the fear to pump too large muscles and become like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a skirt is unreasonable. You probably think: "I saw very muscular female bodybuilders, who in their physique look more like men." The reason they look like this is because they are most likely to inject exogenous testosterone and / or other anabolic steroids.

When women use exogenous testosterone / steroids, they can have excess facial and chest hair, muscle mass increases, the fat distribution model changes from female to male, voice becomes lower, and other side effects can also occur.

The bottom line is that if you do not use exogenous testosterone or other anabolic steroids, you do not pump too much muscle, dealing with weights. This does not mean that you can not increase muscle mass, it will increase, but you will not look like a man, but get a fit figure and an excellent physical shape.

Studies have shown that men and women do not need to use different training programs. Women who want to acquire relief muscles and improve their physical shape, should also deal with burdens.

This means that instead of performing countless repetitions with light weights, as women often advise the media, you need to use heavy weights and give your body a real load! Although the implementation of approaches with a large number of repetitions (15-20 repetitions) has its advantages, this is not the best way to increase muscle mass. Here is an approximate overview of the results, depending on the number of repetitions:

This is very approximate data, because there are many intermediate options. For example, in many people, muscle mass increases only when 1-5 repetitions are performed, or 12 and more repetitions. However, this statistics gives an idea of ​​the weight that must be raised to achieve muscle growth: this is the weight with which you can make at least 6 repetitions, but no more than 12.

To achieve good results, men and women do not necessarily have to train in different ways, but what about a diet? Should food for women be different from that for men? Actually, no. Men and women have a similar metabolism, except that women burn more fat relative to carbohydrates. This is probably one of the reasons that women are well suited for low-carb diets.

Only the total amount of calories consumed should be distinguished. Women need fewer calories, because they have less muscle mass and more fat (relative to total body weight) than men. The amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats depends on the total amount of calories consumed.

In this article we will touch on the basic information about nutrition and training, and then tell you where you can get help and advice on these issues!

So, we found out that training for women should not radically differ from training for men. Then why do we constantly see women in the hall who spend hours doing cardio exercises and lifting the lightest dumbbells countless times? The reason is a lack of information or even incorrect information (in the media) about how to train women.

And what about the diet? One of the most frequently recommended breakfast options for women is yoghurt and banana. In fact, there's nothing wrong with eating yogurt and banana, but where are the proteins and essential fatty acids?

Women who want to increase lean muscle mass should get enough protein and correct fats (essential fatty acids) with food. It's time to stop listening to the media and misinformed people, it's time to become literate and start to achieve results.

Diet for Women: General Recommendations

Before moving on to the diets recommended for women who want to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, let's look at a few general recommendations on nutrition.

Control of calorie intake:

The most important factor in nutrition is the ratio of consumed and consumed calories. The total number of calories determines whether you will lose or gain weight. Consuming too much calories leads to weight gain. But if you do not get enough calories, the muscles will not grow.

Control of consumption of macroelements

Although the total amount of calories consumed is the most important nutritional factor, the protein / carbohydrate / fat ratio determines whether muscle mass or body fat will increase / decrease.

A diet in which 80% of calories is carbohydrates, 10% proteins and 10% fats, produces a result different from that achieved with a diet consisting of 40% of carbohydrates, 40% of proteins and 20% of fats .

Consumption of sufficient water

It is necessary to drink plenty of water daily. Try to drink at least eight glasses (64 ounce) of water a day.

The benefits of consuming large amounts of water are, first, the saturation of the body with water, and secondly, the reduction of hunger, which allows you to consume fewer calories. Sometimes thirst is taken for hunger, so consuming enough water prevents overeating.

Give preference to fresh, whole foods, rather than processed and packaged. In the composition of packaged products often there are preservatives, especially sodium and saturated fats, these products also often contain a large amount of sugar, for example, high fructose corn syrup.

You will be surprised to see how quickly you can lose weight by simply taking food from home, instead of buying fast food or packaged foods. Besides, this is a significant saving!

Insulin is the hormone of "storage". When it is released, fat burning slows down. By controlling the secretion of insulin (for this you need to give preference to carbohydrate foods with a low glycemic index), you can slow down weight gain or reduce it more intensively. Stable blood sugar also helps to increase energy and improve mood. All of our diets are based on the principles of insulin control, which allows you to increase muscle mass and at the same time minimize or eliminate the increase in body fat.

In order to acquire developed muscles without fat, it is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of proteins that contribute to the creation of new muscle proteins. Perhaps you are not used to consuming as many proteins as prescribed in our diet, but once you get used to it, there should not be any problems, and you will feel great without feeling hungry.

Essential fatty acids (NLC) are a vital element for the functioning of the body. For a long time, fats were subjected to undeserved ostracism. This is a consequence of popular in 80x and 90x years diet for weight loss, which prescribed to consume as little fat as possible. But in fact NLC is necessary for the body and is an integral component of a healthy diet. NLC contribute to the process of burning fat and maintaining a slender body. Do not be afraid to eat healthy fats. NLC is not your enemy. Also include high-quality nutritional supplements containing NLC, for example, Scivation Essential FA.

For this reason, we recommend that women stick to a low-carbohydrate (but not carbohydrate) diet to reduce body fat and gain tight muscles.

Seductive forms: Exercises for forming sexual bends

What do women usually do in the gym? Cardio. And if they use burdens, then this is usually 2,5 kilogram dumbbell, with which they perform countless repetitions. As we have already explained, women, as well as men, need to lift heavy weights to increase muscle mass. Although the simulators give a sufficient load for muscle growth, nothing can compare with free weights and basic exercises. Next, we'll look at a few basic exercises with free weights that are part of the presented strength training.

The deadlift is an exercise for the whole body; this means that it stimulates almost all muscles. In this exercise, the legs, back, trapezius muscles, abdominal press, oblique abdominal muscles, etc. are involved. The deadlift is a compulsory exercise for the harmonious development of the body. If you do not, you will not achieve the maximum results.

Squats – this is perhaps the most effective exercise for the harmonious development of legs. Squats with a barbell are a complex exercise, which involves the entire upper leg, the quadriceps, the hamstrings and the gluteus muscles. As with the deadlift, not doing this exercise means not getting the maximum results. Squats are simply necessary for the formation of sexy, tight legs.

The falls are an excellent exercise for the gluteal muscles, biceps hips and quadriceps. The falls form the muscles of the legs and buttocks, giving them the outlines that you are striving for.

Pulling up the muscles of the back, biceps and forearms. In most halls there is a special training device for pull-ups, so if you can not lift your weight, this simulator allows you to raise less.

Push-ups on the uneven bars develop the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps. This is an excellent exercise for the development of the muscles of the upper body, especially the shoulders and triceps.

In most halls there is a special simulator for doing this exercise, so if you can not lift your weight, it will allow you to raise less.

12-week training program for gaining sexual muscles and forms

As already mentioned, women need to lift heavy and complex weights for the development of muscles. Employment with weights will not lead to the growth of too bulk muscles in women, because the female body produces many times less testosterone than the male. Women are beginning to engage in order to tighten the muscles and get a good shape, and the implementation of this program will achieve this goal!

This 12-week program involves reducing the number of repetitions and gradually increasing the load. The number of approaches to the exercise does not change, but the number of repetitions increases.

During the 1-4 week, the number of repetitions will be within 8-12, that is, at least 8 and no more than 12 repetitions per approach.

If you can not perform 8 repetitions, it means that the weight is too large and the load needs to be reduced. If you can perform more than 12 repetitions, then the weight is too small, and the load should be increased. Rest – 1 minute.

During 5-8 weeks the number of repetitions should be within 6-8, that is, at least 6 and no more than 8 repetitions for each approach.

If you can not perform 6 repetitions, it means that the weight is too large and the load needs to be reduced. If you can perform more than 8 repetitions, then the weight is too small, and the load should be increased. Rest – 90 seconds.

During 9-12 weeks the number of repetitions should be within 4-6, that is, at least 4 and no more than 6 repetitions for each approach.

If you can not perform 4 repetitions, it means that the weight is too large and the load needs to be reduced. If you can perform more than 6 repetitions, then the weight is too small, and the load should be increased.

This period of the 12-week program will be very difficult and will give quick results.

Technology is more important than self-affirmation

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of strictly observing the technique of performing all exercises. The technique implies the correct position of the body and the contraction of the abdominal muscles to isolate the target muscles.

For example, when lifting the bar on the bicep, strain the abdominal muscles and do not allow the rod to swing and swing. The tension of the muscles of the abdominal press allows one to assume a stable position and excludes the use of inertia. This will also contribute to the development of abdominal muscles and to prevent injury to the lower back.

Before loading a certain group of muscles, it is necessary to perform 1-3 warming approaches. For example, if you are going to perform bench press bench presses with a weight of 45 kg, do a warming up approach with a weight of 20 kg (only the neck) and then with a weight of 30 kg before performing an exercise with a weight of 45 kg.

Rest, but do not sleep between approaches

We recommend a rest between approaches 60-120 seconds. This length of rest will allow the body to restore some of the spent ATP, but the pace of training will not be lost. Remember that the goal is to hold in the gym 30-45 minutes. In this sixth episode, Diane invites you to conduct an excellent workout on the chest muscles at the Gold's Gym in Del Rey, Florida, where she will demonstrate both traditional and specific exercises on the muscles of the chest.

If you miss training, try to plan your schedule in such a way that you do not violate the regime. Training should not disappear! You have three to rest in a week. If you can not come to the training on Thursday, try to do it on Wednesday, and then go back to the normal routine.

Fat on triceps, hips and buttocks: Why do "problem zones" arise?

Most women have so-called "problem zones", that is, parts of the body where most of the fat accumulates, which is difficult to get rid of. Most women have thighs and buttocks, and some have triceps (back of the arm) and a "life ring" at the waist. After a diet to reduce weight and pulling these problem areas, you probably do not want to re-gain excess fat.

If you do not eat right, then gain weight and, most likely, in the same problem areas. Next, we'll look at why these problem areas arise and draw up a plan that will help make these body parts slender and sexy, and also increase dry muscle mass.

In simple terms, in some parts of our body there are more receptors blocking the splitting of fat than contributing to it. In men, this is the lower press and waist. Women have the same plus buttocks.

We will look at the physiological factors that are responsible for weight loss, and then move on to the cardio protocol and useful nutritional supplements for burning fat-slack fat.

Stocks of triglycerides – fat, from which we want to get rid of

Although all cells contain some fat, it is mainly stored in the muscles (intramuscular triglycerides) and fatty tissue (body fat). Fatty tissue is the main storehouse of fat in the body and this is the fat that we want to get rid of.

Fatty tissue consists of individual cells, called adipocytes. These adipocytes retain droplets of triglyceride (1 a glycerol molecule connected to three molecules of fatty acids) that serve as a source of energy for the body.

These drops constitute 95% of the volume of adipocytes. In order to use this storage of potential energy (60000-100000 kcal) and burn body fat (the goal to which everyone aspires), it must be mobilized by means of lipolysis (cleavage of triglycerides).

Lipolysis is the cleavage of triglycerides into a molecule of glycerol and 3 of a separate molecule of fatty acids (LC). When fatty acids diffuse out of adipocytes, they bind to plasma albumin (blood protein) for transport to active tissues where they can be burned. In order to lose body fat, it is necessary to burn fatty acids!

Transportation of fatty acids for combustion

In the transport of fatty acids from adipocytes to active tissues, where they can be burned, the main role is played by blood circulation. This is especially important with physical activity, when the need for energy rises.

Poor blood circulation leads to accumulation of LC in adipose tissue, which can cause a decrease in the oxidation of fatty acids and increase the likelihood that the LC will again become triglycerides. Studies have shown that the areas of accumulation of hard-to-reach fat (thighs and buttocks) have weak blood circulation. Thus, to get rid of fat in the problem areas, you need to increase blood circulation.

What is the best way to increase blood circulation? Exercise stress! In addition, there are certain nutritional supplements that also improve blood circulation (more about them below). Strengthening blood circulation throughout the body contributes to weight loss, as it helps to transfer the LCD to where it can be burned.

Oxidation of LC – burning of body fat

When the LCD reaches the muscle tissue, they are transported to the muscle cell. Once in the muscle cell, the LC can re-connect with glycerol and form triglycerides for storage in the muscles or bind to intramuscular proteins to produce energy in the mitochondria. In mitochondria, fatty acids undergo beta-oxidation, that is, they are burned to produce energy.

We need the LC to be burned in the mitochondria. Increasing the need for energy through physical exertion is the best way to accomplish this task, but there are still nutritional supplements that will help strengthen the effect.

  • The cause of the emergence of zones with difficult fat is a high density of the alpha-2 receptors and poor blood circulation.

Knowing these facts will help you choose food supplements that contribute to the burning of hard-to-reach fat. The next chapter will deal with a cardio protocol for problem areas that promotes the burning of hard-to-reach fats, as well as some nutritional supplements that help burn fat in problem areas.

Cardio protocol for fat burning fat burning

So, we learned that noradrenaline and adrenaline (NA / A) activate receptors that stimulate lipolysis (fat splitting). Studies show that the secretion of NA / A increases with increasing intensity of physical activity. In addition, as the duration of cardio work increases, the use of fats increases, and the use of carbohydrates decreases.

Thus, for maximum fat burning it is necessary to perform cardio exercises of high intensity for a long time. The only problem is that cardio exercises can not be performed for a long time. So how can you solve this problem and maximize fat loss? We can do the following: perform 10-15 minutes of high intensity cardio exercises, and then 15-30 minutes of low intensity cardio exercises.

Interval training of high intensity is such training, during which you alternate a load of high intensity and a load of low intensity. For example, running at maximum speed at 100 meters, then 100 meters walking and then repeating.

It is impossible to run at maximum speed for a long period of time, because fast running, like other types of cardio exercises involve anaerobic energy systems, in particular, a creatine phosphate system that gives energy for short-term physical activity.

After a high load, you need to rest and allow the creatine phosphate system to "recharge". In addition, after a couple of runs at maximum speed you will feel tired. After 10 runs you will get pretty tired.

Creatine phosphate Creatine phosphate, which is also called phosphocreatine and is referred to as PCr (Pcr), is a molecule of phosphorylated creatine, which is an important store of energy in skeletal muscle and brain. It is used for anaerobic reduction of ADP to ATP for 2-7 seconds after intense muscle or neural stress, forming creatine in the process.

When you can no longer run at maximum speed, you can go or jog, because the load intensity is not as high as when running fast and aerobic energy systems are involved. Knowing this, we can draw up a cardio training program for maximum fat burning:

  • 15 seconds of cardio of extremely high intensity and 45 seconds of cardio of low intensity.

These cardio exercises can be performed on a treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, track, etc. Usually we recommend an elliptical simulator, since the load on it is low, and you can easily change the speed.

We also recommend performing cardio protocol for problem areas separately from strength training, or in the morning (if in the evening training) or on days when you are not engaged in the hall. For a start, we recommend performing this cardio protocol 2-4 once a week.

In addition, you can perform low intensity cardio exercises after training or on days when there is no training, if cardio for problem areas is performed on training days. This is not necessary, but it will help to accelerate fat loss. One day a week is recommended not to exercise at all.

Food additives for fat burning fat burning

For the final release of hard-to-get fat, you will have to adhere to an even stricter diet and train even more intensively. And here you will find useful special nutritional supplements.

Did you ever have such things that you trained and strictly observed the diet, but did not get the desired result? You start to lose weight, but there is a difficult fat that does not want to leave? Most likely, this fat is on your sides and on the hips. No matter how many attacks and squats you do, this fat will not go away. This fact has an explanation.

Women tend to accumulate fat in certain areas of the body (flanks and thighs) due to the presence of special receptors that prevent the burning of fat in these areas. Knowing this, PGN and its team of experts developed Trimfat for fat burning to get rid of fat deposits in problem areas once and for all! Further on how to find the smart sex body of your dreams!

Norepinephrine and adrenergic receptors

The fat reserves in the body are affected by a large number of different factors: from diet to hormones and receptor density (the number of receptors per zone). From the point of view of the topic of this article, we are interested in the density of receptors. Without delving into the scientific jungle, we can say that the receptor can be regarded as a lock, to which its key (hormone) comes.

The term "adrenaline" is widely used to refer to the excitatory catecholamines of the body, epinephrine (A) and noradrenaline (HA), which regulate lipolysis (fission of fats). Norepinephrine and adrenaline act on receptors, which are called adrenergic receptors and have subtypes of alpha (1 and 2) and beta (1, 2 and 3).

Activation of the alpha-1 and beta receptors gives a lipolytic effect (promotes the breakdown of fats), and activation of the alpha-2 receptor gives an antilipolytic effect (slows the breakdown of fats). Areas with difficult fat have a high density of receptors such as alpha-2, which prevents the burning of fat in these places.

In women, a large number of receptors such as alpha-2 is located in the hips and buttocks. That's why fat in these areas is so hard to get rid of! To burn difficult-to-reach fat, we must overcome the inhibitory effect of the alpha-2 receptors. The PGN Trimfat food additive has been specifically developed to combat difficult-to-reach fat deposits in addition to physical activity and a general increase in metabolism.

  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl): 50 mg

Vitamins of group B are necessary for the general metabolism in the body, especially for fat loss. We have included B vitamins in Trimfat to provide your body with everything it needs to maximize fat burning.

Cayenne pepper has been used for centuries in folk medicine to stimulate blood circulation, improve digestion and alleviate pain (locally). Cayenne pepper increases heat generation, expanding blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

The influx of blood to adipose tissue is very important for the transport of fatty acids for burning. Improving blood circulation facilitates the delivery of more fatty acids to tissues, where they can be burned. To get rid of body fat, you need to burn it!

Caffeine is a plant alkaloid belonging to the group of methylxanthines. It is found in coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa beans and other plants and is used throughout the world as a stimulant. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), slowing fatigue and improving mental activity.

Caffeine acts as an antagonist of adenosine receptors. Adenosine reduces the production of stimulating / excitatory neurotransmitters (i.e., noradrenaline (HA)). Therefore, blocking the adenosine receptor contributes to increased excitation, increasing the ability of HA to activate adrenergic receptors. This means that you feel the flow of energy.

Caffeine inhibits phosphodiesterase (PDE), which leads to increased levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate and an increase in the effect of HA on fatty acid lipolysis. PDE slows lipolysis, so the inhibition of PDE allows lipolysis to occur at an accelerated rate.

As a result, after consuming caffeine, the amount of fatty acids for oxidation increases. Caffeine promotes the removal of fats from the zones of their accumulation in the body for their subsequent burning, which leads to a decrease in fatty deposits.

Gordenin promotes the release of HA, and also slows its destruction, thus, HA exerts a stimulating effect faster and for a long time. Release of HA and prolongation of its action leads to increased energy and increased lipolysis.

Gordenin also inhibits monoamine oxidase-B (MAO-B) enzyme, which is responsible for the destruction of dopamine. Dopamine is catecholamine, involved in the regulation of appetite, mood and other functions. The prolongation of the action of dopamine contributes to a good mood and a healthy appetite, which is important for proper nutrition. Gordenin supports energy, appetite, mood and promotes fat loss.

Synephrine is an amine that is found in the fruits of bitter orange. This fruit has long been used in eastern medicine. Synephrine increases the rate of metabolism and heat formation without any side effects for blood pressure or the state of the cardiovascular system. An increase in metabolic rate means that more calories are burned. The effect of synerfine on metabolism is due to its ability to bind to specific adrenergic receptors, a-1. This causes an increase in the body's ability to metabolize stored fat, and also helps maintain a healthy appetite.

Vinpocetine improves blood circulation and blood flow to the brain. Just like cayenne pepper, vinpocetine is able to improve blood circulation and thus facilitate the transport of fatty acids to where they can be burned.

Yohimbine is an antagonist of the alpha-2 receptor. Catecholamine norepinephrine (NA) is released during stress and intense activity to increase the amount of energy through the release of accumulated nutrients (eg, fatty acids from fat cells).

NA activates both beta and alpha-adrenergic receptors. Activation of beta receptors increases the release of fatty acids from fat cells, and the activation of the alpha receptor inhibits the release of fatty acids.

Yohimbine blocks the activation of the alpha-2 receptor, which is responsible for areas of fat-free fat. Blocking the alpha receptor by yohimbine reduces the negative reaction caused by binding of HA to alpha receptors, and fatty acids are released from these problem areas and can be burned.

Yohimbine promotes fat loss, increasing mobilization and oxidation of lipids, as well as blood flow to adipose tissue due to antagonism to alpha-2 receptors. Thus, yohimbine acts immediately in two ways for burning fat: it blocks the action of the alpha-2 receptors and improves blood circulation.

Food supplement TFI Blend was developed to increase the release of fat from fat cells for its subsequent burning, especially in problem areas, improve blood circulation and increase fat oxidation.

The mixture of PolyphOrac contains: astaxanthin (1%), fucoxanthin (10%), grape seed extract, blueberry extract, raspberry powder, cranberry powder, plum powder, cherry powder, blueberry extract, strawberry extract, broccoli extract, spinach powder, tomato powder, carrot powder, onion powder.

We all know that antioxidants are extremely important for overall health and well-being. In addition, the results of a recent study indicate that antioxidants contribute to proper fat burning! This study showed that antioxidants can reduce the production of triglycerides by fat cells.

Fat is stored in the form of triglycerides in fat cells. In order for the fat to be burned, it must separate from triglycerides in the form of free fatty acids. The termination of the formation of triglycerides in fat cells will lead to a decrease in body fat.

It is believed that antioxidants contribute to reducing body fat, increasing the use of fat during exercise by activating and protecting carnitine palmitoyl transferase (CPT-1).

CPT, an enzyme that limits the rate of beta-oxidation of fatty acids in skeletal muscles and mitochondria of liver cells, is located on the outer membrane of the mitochondria and carries fatty acids through the membrane into the mitochondria, linking to them. Increasing the expression of CBT will allow the transfer of more fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they can be oxidized.

Additive BerryLean Blend contains a large number of antioxidants, which, according to the results of the study, contribute to the reduction of body fat.

Trimfat acts in all directions for fat loss: it increases the breakdown of fats, increases blood circulation, which facilitates the transport of fatty acids to the tissues where they are burned, increases the burning of fatty acids and blocks the alpha-2 receptors that are responsible for difficult fat.

The use of Trimfat will allow you to burn fat as fast as ever and finally, get rid of this fat in problem areas! Say goodbye to fat in the sides and hips forever!

Sports Supplements for Workouts

With the sports nutrition Scivation, the intake of pre-workout supplements has become an extremely simple task. Imagine that you can take synergistic ingredients that satisfy all your needs, and also get explosive energy and incredible stamina to bring your workouts to a new level.

Now imagine that you can fill the muscles with energy during training to promote muscle growth and effective recovery. If you dream about the same things as those who work for PGN or Team Scivation, your dream has come true. It's time to stop dreaming.

Scivation Xtend is one of the most advanced additives that have ever been created. It is suitable for taking before, during and after exercise. This additive has formed its own category – Nutrition during training.

What are the two main reasons for the poor performance of training and insufficient growth / progress for those who are engaged in bodybuilding and fitness?

This fatigue and increased destruction of proteins (catabolism). If you do not have enough strength and energy to increase weights and increase the complexity of training, there will be no growth.

If you do not control the level of protein breakdown and allow catabolism in the muscles, then there will be no growth. Without proper nutrition for training, there will not be such growth and such results as you could achieve with proper nutrition and supplementation.

We decided to develop nutrition for training and created products that when combined with each other increase the energy and productivity of training, reduce fatigue and reduce protein breakdown, while increasing protein synthesis (which is a key factor in the growth of muscle mass).

It's time to seriously think seriously about nutrition for training (before and during training) and to supplement your program Scivation Xtend!

The action of the additive Scivation Xtend is aimed at increasing protein synthesis, recovery and productivity. This was made possible by the ideal ratio of ACRP, L-glutamine and citrulline malate. ACRS is extremely necessary in training. In the metabolism of ACCR, the following functions are performed:

  • Basis for energy production

The Xtend additive was developed to give the body everything it needs for physical exertion. At loads, your body's need for various nutrients rises, and if these nutrients do not enter the body, the body must take them from other sources (for example, the destruction of skeletal muscles to produce amino acids).

Oxidation and the need for BCAA and glutamine during exercise increases. In order to meet this increased need, the body destroys the protein in the muscles.

The goal of strength training is to increase protein synthesis. In order to build muscle mass, protein metabolism (protein metabolism = protein synthesis – protein cleavage) should be positive. An increase in protein synthesis as a result of training with weights can lead to an increase in muscle mass. If we increase the destruction of proteins during training, we negate the entire anabolic effect of exercise and limit the growth of muscles.

BCAA supplements not only increase the synthesis of proteins, but also reduce their destruction. Applying Xtend during training, you create ideal conditions for the growth of muscle mass.

Thus, BCAA contributes to the increase in muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis and energy production in the muscles. This gives great advantages, which should not be neglected.

In the basis of the development of ADRC additives, as part of our nutrition for training, there is a huge amount of research. Among other things, citrulline malate, which is contained in Xtend, increases the production of ATP / energy, reduces fatigue and improves blood circulation and delivery of amino acids to the muscles, and glutamine contributes to more effective recovery.

If you use Xtend supplements during training, there is no need to drink sugary sports drinks for recovery. Xtend will allow you to recover faster and without the extra calories and sugar that can lead to weight gain.

The benefits of proteins and the needs of active women

"It's just ridiculous!". So I thought aloud, reading a popular book about diets for women. She terrified me. Yogurt, porridge, coffee and a glass of juice for breakfast. And where are the proteins? Of course, they are in yogurt, but they are not enough to maintain energy, to provide a sense of satiety and nutrition, which is required by an active woman.

It's time to put everything in its place. All these old fabulous diets need to be thrown into the trash! Just like in 60, we burned bras for equal rights, let's burn old books about diets and keep up with the times. Women need proteins!

"Proteins are needed to maintain muscle, provide energy and even reduce body fat," says Jen Hendershort, twice awarded the title of Miss Olympia, an international fitness champion and representative of the brand PGN Nutrition, the creator of Whey Sensible.

Unfortunately, proteins, as a nutrient, are often underestimated in diets for women. For some reason, many people think that women do not need proteins, but I tell you that they are necessary.

Proteins consist of amino acids – a building material for many tissues in our body, including muscles. Some amino acids are "irreplaceable," and this means that the body can not produce them on its own, so they must enter the body with food. During training, muscle tissue is destroyed. To restore this muscle tissue, as well as increase muscle mass and strength, you need to eat proteins that give amino acids for recovery.

If you do not get enough protein from your food, your body will not have enough amino acids, in particular, essential amino acids, for proper functioning and recovery after training. And where will he take the missing amino acids? That's right, from muscle tissue! All the labors in the hall will be in vain!

In addition, that proteins and amino acids are necessary for recovery, they perform other functions:

  • Maintaining the functioning of the immune system

Now that we know how important proteins are, let's determine how much protein a woman needs. The recommended number of proteins for adults who lead an inactive lifestyle is 0,8 grams per kilogram of body weight (0,8 g / kg) or 0,36 grams per pound of weight (0,36 g / lb).

It should be noted that the recommended amounts of proteins are the same for men and women. But what about active women, do they need more proteins than those who lead an inactive way of life? Definitely yes.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition recently published its current view on the problem of protein intake:

  • Extensive research confirms the fact that people who exercise regularly need more protein than those who lead an inactive lifestyle.

Thus, we see that an active woman should use 2 g / kg of proteins per day (approximately 1 g / lb). If a woman weighs 150 pounds, it means that she needs 150 g of protein per day. Ideally, the intake of proteins should be distributed throughout the day.

If you eat five times a day, one meal takes 30 grams of protein (according to the example given above). Let's take this amount and make an approximate diet. I'm talking only about proteins and do not include carbohydrates and fats, because their amount will depend on your diet and goals.

1,5 measuring spoons

The fourth meal. After training

1,5 measuring spoons

In each of the above portions contains about 30 g proteins.

There is no reason why you can not get the right amount of protein every day! High-quality protein powders, for example, Whey Sensible from PGN, which contain few carbohydrates and fats, are distinguished by excellent taste and ease in cooking and will certainly appeal to lovers of sweet.

Proteins are very important in the diet of a woman. Women need the same amount of protein as men (taking into account the body weight). Active women are recommended to consume about 1 g of protein per pound of weight.

If you want to achieve good results in the hall and find the body of your dreams, eat protein foods and do not let anyone tell you that they do not need a woman!

Compiling a comprehensive program

We examined a lot of information. In order to make it easier for you, we have compiled several sample programs for training and taking food supplements.

  • MORNING: Cardio for problem areas
  • MORNING: Cardio for problem areas

After waking up:

  • Cocktail from 2-4 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend during cardio performance

Reception of supplements in the afternoon:

In 15 minutes before the start of strength training:

  • 1-2 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend
  • Cocktail from 2-6 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend during training

In those days when you are not engaged in the hall, Trimfat can be taken in the morning and in 6-8 hours. Cardio exercises of low intensity can be performed after training with weights or on a day when you are not engaged in the hall and do not perform a cardio protocol for problem areas.

  • MORNING: Cardio for problem areas
  • MORNING: Cardio for problem areas
  • MORNING: Cardio for problem areas

After waking up:

  • Cocktail from 2-4 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend during cardio performance

Reception of supplements in the afternoon:

In 15 minutes before the start of strength training:

  • 1-2 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend
  • Cocktail from 2-6 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend during training

In those days when you are not engaged in the hall, Trimfat can be taken in the morning and in 6-8 hours. Cardio exercises of low intensity can be performed after training with weights or on a day when you are not engaged in the hall and do not perform a cardio protocol for problem areas.

Monday: Strength training

Wednesday: Cardio for problem areas

Saturday: Cardio for problem areas

Additives: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

  • 1-2 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend
  • Cocktail from 2-6 measuring spoons Xtend during workout

Cardio for problem areas:

  • Cocktail from 2-4 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend during training

Reception of supplements in the afternoon:

In those days when you are not engaged in the hall, Trimfat can be taken in the morning and in 6-8 hours. Cardio exercises of low intensity can be performed after training with weights or on a day when you are not engaged in the hall and do not perform a cardio protocol for problem areas.

Monday: Strength training

Tuesday: Cardio for problem areas

Thursday: Cardio for problem areas

Additives: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

  • 1-2 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend
  • Cocktail from 2-6 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend during training

Cardio for problem areas:

  • Cocktail from 2-4 measuring spoons Scivation Xtend during cardio performance

Reception of supplements in the afternoon:

In those days when you are not engaged in the hall, Trimfat can be taken in the morning and in 6-8 hours. Cardio exercises of low intensity can be performed after training with weights or on a day when you are not engaged in the hall and do not perform a cardio protocol for problem areas.

We looked at a lot of information, I hope it helped you get an idea of ​​how to eat and train a woman to increase dry muscle mass and burn fat. For convenience, the following is an overview of the main points considered in this Bible fitness for women.

  • Exercising with weights, a woman does not pump too much muscle, and get rid of fat deposits and get dry tight muscles.

  • To burn fat, blood flow to the adipose tissue and transport of the LC from the adipose tissue are necessary.

That's it! It's time to apply the knowledge gained in practice to find the sexual muscles and shape that you have always dreamed of. It's time to make your body beautiful!

What should I do if my elbows are hurt while doing the exercises?

An interesting, informative article for those who want to find feminine forms. I liked the section about the diet, that you need to count the calories of foods eaten. It is very difficult. Not all products contain calorie content, and some manufacturers deliberately hide this information from the consumer. Therefore, this item is very difficult to implement, but it is worth the effort!

Excellent article, I will use the proposed training program! Thank you!

Hello, I read the program 200 for girls can use this program?



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