The content of iron in products

Most of it is in hemoglobin and is 70%.

It transports oxygen to tissues.

Iron is necessary for a person to grow.

It is the conductor of nerve impulses.

Thanks to the combination of oxygen and iron, the blood is red.

The daily need for an organism in the gland is 1,5 mg.

Only 10% is completely absorbed by the body.

Products containing iron.

Products of animal origin:

  1. beans: beans; lentils; beans; peas;
  2. vegetables: cauliflower; spinach; potatoes; beet; carrot;
  3. Fruits: peaches; apricots; apples;
  4. berries: strawberry; raspberries; blueberry;
  5. nuts: walnuts; almond;
  6. dried mushrooms;
  7. cereals: buckwheat; oatmeal;
  8. bread: wheat and rye.

beef liver

This product has an invaluable benefit for the human body.

It is recommended to use it in boiled and stewed with vegetables.

The liver has both therapeutic and health-enhancing effects.

It is recommended that the sub-product be eaten by pregnant women, diabetics, people with anemia.

Antioxidants, which are part of the liver, remove free radicals from the body; does not allow the formation and development of cancer cells.

The use of the liver replenishes the strength of the body, and also replenishes it with useful substances.

It is not recommended to liver beef to people with high cholesterol, as it leads to the formation of blood clots, to the development of heart attack and angina pectoris.

Black caviar

The use of black caviar for the human body has been scientifically proven long ago.

This product is an excellent anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Reduces the risk of allergic diseases.

Recommended caviar for weakened people.

Its high caloric content saturates the body much faster than meat.

For people with impaired vision and immunity, black caviar is recommended as a general restorative.

It is good to eat it for people with coronary heart disease.

How to cook stewed frozen vegetables in a multivark, there is nothing easier by reading our article, it is also useful for your body.

The banana contains enough calories and vitamins, but what? You can read this, you can read here: http: //

Increase of mental capacity, stimulation of blood circulation, normalization of blood pressure, giving vessels elasticity – this is facilitated by eating black caviar.

Black caviar can harm the body if you eat a lot of it or it is stored incorrectly.

Acquire this delicacy better in a glass container.

Carefully give it recommended to pregnant women.


Buckwheat – a storehouse of micro- and macro elements.

All this makes it useful for the human body.

It is an excellent source of energy and vegetable protein.

On the nutritiousness this groats can concede only bean.

It can completely replace meat in a vegetarian diet.

Improves the digestive system.

Excessive consumption of buckwheat porridge can lead to the development of periodic headaches, general weakness and apathy.

It is best to eat buckwheat porridge as a part of complex dishes.

Symptoms of iron deficiency:

  • Pale skin, its dryness and roughness;
  • Constipation; dry mouth;
  • Cracks on the heels;
  • Feeling tired;
  • Cracks in the corners of the mouth;
  • Weakness of teeth;
  • Anemia (anemia).

Symptoms of excess iron in the body:

  • Liver failure;
  • Skin pigmentation;
  • Headaches and dizziness;
  • Heartburn, nausea, vomiting;
  • Constipation and diarrhea;
  • Development of tumor and infectious diseases.

Assimilation of iron by the body

There are many products containing iron.

But with this, people with anemia are many.

What is the reason?

The explanation for this is simple: the body lacks stomach acid.

To prevent this unpleasant phenomenon, it is necessary to divide the time of intake of protein and carbohydrates.

Reducing the consumption of coffee, cocoa and tea leads to better absorption of iron and increased hemoglobin.

There are products that do not contain anything in their composition, but contribute to its better assimilation.

These include: figs, cherries, sea kale, seaweed.

Proper heat treatment affects the absorption of iron.

It is impossible to immerse the vegetables in cold water when boiling.

You need to put them only in boiling water.

So they will not only retain iron, but also all vitamins and trace elements.

Knowledge of products with iron content will help in the preparation of delicious dishes with a high content.

A knowledge of its interaction with other vitamins and trace elements – in the assimilation of iron by the body.

Video dessert

A small video about the trace element of iron.

Useful products, and iron in them is contained, but some do not like. Though I understand that they are necessary.

Has handed over analyzes and they have shown, that at me in an organism of iron does not suffice. She began to read what it lacks, and was surprised, did not know that it is so important for health. Now I will reconsider my diet.


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