The correct fast diet 5:2

You dream of harmony, but you can not choose a power system that allows you to eat in the usual way, with little restrictions? Then study the methodology of fast diet 5: 2.

The Basics of the 5 Diet: 2

One American physician who participated in experiments on the effects of hunger on the rejuvenation of the body, life expectancy and quality, was struck by the results. He decided to bring this idea to all people, having developed, checking on himself and setting out in the book the basics of a fast diet 5: 2. Download it in the internet is no problem.

The name of the author of this technique Michael Mosley at the moment is very familiar throughout the world, and his food system is used by millions of people, from the stars of the fashion industry and the television screen, and ending with simple housewives.

Based on the name it can be seen that the diet involves dividing the week into two stages, in which the food is built differently.

So, 5-t days do not require special approaches, and most importantly, what is needed is a reasonable composition of their diet. The only thing that should be avoided is overeating. All the rest is in the usual mode.

In the remaining 2 days it is necessary to adhere to the following power system:

  • daily caloricity 500 kcal for women (for men 600 cal);
  • two meals, preferably in 12 hours;
  • drink – water 2 l, green tea;
  • there are any products possible, but it is preferable to give preference to those that have the ability to eliminate hunger for a long time (vegetables and fruits with high fiber content, meat, fish, dried fruits, nuts, beans);
  • it is desirable to reduce to a minimum the consumption of flour and sweet, canned food, marinades, salty foods, and also alcohol;
  • each of the two days is desirable to hold in the middle and at the end of the week (Wednesday, Saturday).

Thus, it turns out that these two days, in fact, are unloading.

Why does this work?

The effectiveness of the 5 diet: 2 is that the body, although it spends a couple of days in conditions of minimal calorie, but does not react to this fact as a stress. This is due to the fact that in the remaining five days he gets the whole habitual diet and does not lack protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. It turns out that the unloading days do not suspend, as in the case of low-calorie mono-diet, metabolic processes, but stimulate them. As a result, fat reserves begin to be used, and a smooth process of losing weight is launched.

Results of the 5 diet: 2

As a result of a diet for one week a person can lose up to 2.5 kg. To adjust the weight and quickly get a good physical shape is an ideal way. And in cases where it is required to seriously reduce it, you can repeat the course until the desired results are achieved. For example, this diet for 2 weeks allows you to lose weight on 5 kg, which is a significant indicator for people with a small amount of excess weight, and for those who have already acquired a certain degree of obesity.

Nutrition experts believe that such a diet does not harm the body and, moreover, helps to avoid the development of diseases such as diabetes, oncology, digestive disorders.

If you need to get faster and higher results, you can apply a scheme where within a week there will be three days off. However, such changes should be introduced at the 3 and 4 week of the course. After switching back to the 5 schema: 2.

The menu of fasting days of the 5 diet: 2

As already mentioned above, in 5 days of the week, food should be habitual. The peculiarities of making up the menu concern only 2-x unloading days. They can be carried out, adhering to the same diet, but you can eat and different foods in each of these days. It is important only compliance with the daily caloric intake in 500 kcal (for women).

Here are two exemplary options for making menus on unloading days.

1. Breakfast – curd pasta 50 g with a teaspoon of honey, one egg, 30 g of dried fruit, green tea. The total calorie content of such a diet is 240 kcal.

Dinner – Vegetarian soup from vegetables and beans (serving), stewed vegetables (100 g) with boiled chicken fillet (80 g), a glass of yogurt.

Thus, the menu includes almost all the necessary ingredients, and its nutritional value is preserved at the level necessary for the diet.

2. Breakfast – buckwheat porridge 150 g with boiled mushrooms 50 g, a slice of cheese 20 g and one cracker, green tea. The total caloric value is 210 kcal.

Dinner – seafood soup 150 g, boiled lean fish (pollock 100 g), nuts 20 g, a glass of natural juice.

Total caloric value approximately 290 kcal.

In both cases, when there is a feeling of insuperable hunger, you can slowly eat a small apple or fresh carrots, and also drink warm tea.

5 diet recipes: 2

In addition to the proposed diet, the 5 diet: 2 allows for a wide range of cooking and eating dishes that you like and have low calorie content, as well as a high ability to satisfy the hunger for a long time.

Here are a few such recipes.

  • Soup with crab meat and vegetables. Ingredients: 1 L of water, 100 g of crab meat, one potato, half carrot, 100 g broccoli cabbage, bay leaf, salt, olive oil.In boiling water, dip the diced potatoes and cook for 20 minutes. Then add the crab meat in the form of straws, cabbage broccoli and continue to cook for another 15 minutes. Add the seasoned carrots with circles in olive oil, bay leaf, salt and still cook over low heat for 10 minutes. After cooking, take out the bay leaf and let it brew for 30 minutes.
  • Rice with mushroom mushrooms and vegetables. Ingredients: 50 g brown rice, 150 g champignon, one carrot, 1 small beet, 1 tomato, 1 Bulgarian pepper, salt, olive oil. Brown rice soak in boiling water from the evening and insist until morning. All vegetables cut into thin strips, and champignons in half or four pieces. After that, the mushrooms are lowered into boiling water and boil 5 -10 minutes, drain them. On the heated frying pan with oil, put the beets and carrots and stew for 20 minutes, After adding tomato, pepper, mushrooms and even cook 20 minutes, salt. Put the stew in rice and mix. Let it brew for 10 minutes.
  • Cottage cheese with cinnamon and dried fruits. Ingredients: cottage cheese, low-fat 100 g, dried fruits in the form of prunes, dried apricots and pineapple, cinnamon, vanilla, honey. To whip. Add in it a teaspoon of honey and 40 g of crushed dried fruits. Sprinkle with vanilla and cinnamon. Mix everything.

All these dishes have a good balanced composition, and at the same time are not very high in calories. It is also important that they have a low glycemic index, which does not lead to increased blood sugar and does not cause an increase in appetite.

Reviews about the 5 diet: 2

Regarding the 5 diet: 2 reviews reflect the following pluses:

  • ease of the course in psychological and physiological terms;
  • good motivation to continue the diet due to the wide variety of possibilities and habits to eat in 5 days of the week;
  • if necessary, you can transfer the day of relocation (holidays, parties, etc.);
  • rapid sensation of the first results;
  • the absence of the "plateau" effect (when the weight does not change for a long time).

To the drawbacks of this system nutrition is attributed mainly to the emergence at the beginning of the fasting days, a feeling of hunger.

The advantages of the diet are obvious, and it should be noted that the organism can easily adapt to such a diet regime. This allows you to apply it for many years with minor changes (one day off).

Videos about the 5 diet: 2

Reviews about the 5 2 diet

Not a bad version of a fast diet that would move from a dead center, during my studies I recovered: then tea with cookies when not hunting to cook, then merry student gatherings, as a result of 83 kg with the growth of 173. On this diet, I threw off 3 kg, but I did not keep it rigidly, eat 2 times a day. No thanks to me I still need a stomach, I had breakfast (if you do not have breakfast all day long), dined and had supper a little. In general, the result is not bad)))) thanks for the diet))))

Hello! I want to leave a response about this article, because this technique helped me to achieve a good result in just a couple of months. I am a student, and as any student has little time for cooking, so I eat not so much and correctly, but very CALORIOUSLY. I tried different methods for losing weight, but there was no result. I came across this article, I began to do everything strictly according to the points, and when I saw the result I started to stimulate it)) The truth for the first week I threw off I did not drop 2,5 kg, but simply 2 kg, but I was still pleased with the result. And in the end for a couple of months threw off the order of 8-mi kg !!))) Thank you!

I tried all the diets that can only be, weight was always coming back for some reason, after entering the normal diet, and without fanaticism. And after trying calorie counting, I can assure this is the most effective diet, after which weight does not come back, pure math. For a month, I lost weight by 8 kg, despite the fact that the original weight was not so great, 72 kg. And do not say that I was starving. Recipes checked by calorie programs on the Internet, in the remaining five days I tried not to break down either, I kept about 1200 call per day. And now I'm used to such a diet, of course I can be pampered, but I'm already very hard from a lot of food. In total, for half a year I lost weight to 60 kg., And the weight does not grow any more. I advise this diet to all my friends, a little willpower and the result is really very happy.

As a student, it is very difficult for me to combine proper nutrition with my rhythm of life. As a result, I gained a few extra pounds. I wanted a quick result, which I would not have to wait for months. I read a bunch of articles and a bunch of reviews on different diets, eventually stopped at "5 / 2" and did not regret it! Difficulties during the diet did not arise, deterioration of well-being too, and the result did not keep itself waiting. I want to thank you for the useful article, I really liked this diet!

I started to master this diet – the first week, on the advice of a friend (she has been on it for a month and the results are even visible). I like it because you do not need to sit on cabbage leaves, but you can eat well (and the recipes are excellent). However, even fasting days are not so difficult, especially when you work for lunch, often, and without any diets, there is simply no time left.

With the 5 diet: 2, I lost weight 2 a month ago. I was going to go to the sea. I had only a week left before the trip and this week benefited me. Thanks to this diet, I was able to lose weight on 3 kilograms, the figure, like, is not big, but visually very noticeable! With the help of the article, I made for myself a daily diet, drank a lot of water, there was not even swelling! The sea was happy and thin! Now I'm going to lose weight again, but not for a week, but two!

The problem of excess weight torments me for a very long time, I tried a lot of various means, but the weight did not move from the dead center, and sometimes the diets led to the opposite effect, I recovered. A quick diet was advised by my friend, she lost a thin 7 kilogram in a fairly short time, I naturally did not really trust this technique, as it turned out-in vain. Already on the second day my scales showed a half a kilo less than usual weight, what can I say about the result for a week! The truth on this I did not stop, for two weeks I lost 8 kilogram.

I really liked this diet. I was looking for something to quickly reset a couple kg. My family and I want to go to the sea for the first time in five years. Of course I wanted to tidy myself up. On rice and buckwheat I did not like to sit, so I decided to look for something else. Here is our 5: 2 and for a week dropped two pounds. I want to sit still for a week, the more it is very easy in the sense that you do not starve.

I chose the 5 / 2 diet, because it easily fits into my image and rhythm of life. After childbirth gained extra 7 kg, nursed – even on top of about 3 kg. For 2-x days of release, I chose Wednesday and Thursday – my husband and child do not have a house at night, and you can starve for two days – it's not difficult at all, believe me. And there are no "tempters" near by! And on the other days (the main Saturday and Sunday), I practically ate everything that everyone ate. And when they ate everything. But I did some servings a little less than others. And of course, I drank a lot, it is necessary. In general, here are my achievements: for the first 2 weeks I dropped almost 4! By the way, on weight control I spend strictly every three days. So she decided not to worry every time. It's already 4-th week, With my 76, I've already dropped 5 kg! My joy has no limit. But I do not stop yet. And by the way, I'm very used to this diet.

I recovered before the delivery, oddly enough, for a reason – for a long time the first pregnancy was saved, unsuccessfully, then drugs to get pregnant again. Result + 20 kg. Before the marriage, I lost weight easily, once in 1,5 month I lost 18 kg without much effort. And here the weight does not move in any way, because excess weight was recruited medically. Fasting or a hard diet is not obtained due to pain in the stomach. I know such fasting days, periodically I arrange such holidays for myself, I transfer easily. Therefore, the diet 5: 2 came up perfectly, the most important thing is that the weight does not stand still, finally the first results have gone. I hope, in the new year I'll be in shape!


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